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Subject: Chalkhills #286

                  Chalkhills, Number 286

                 Thursday, 5 August 1993
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                         XTC live
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              Re: Mayor of Simpleton query
           Re: Little express has phone/fax #?
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                  XTC at the Old Waldorf

Subject: XTC live
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 93 14:55:39 CDT
From: Vince Layton <>

A few years back (after the release of "Oranges and Lemons"), XTC
visited Austin and played live before a small audience at a local
radio station. I couldn't get in(it turns out I probably could
have) but I did tape the mini-concert which aired live.

After the show, they visited a local record store to chat
with a nice crowd of fans. I was pretty excited(what a fanboy)
as I have only seen them when they opened for the Police
around 1980('81?). I had tickets to see them in a solo
show in Houston but they canceled at the last minute
because they weren't happy with the PA. I was crushed.
The club was a small dive named Paradise Island(home of
Houston's early punk scene).

I'm really drifting here. Did anyone else get a radio
visit in their town after Oranges and Lemons?

Vince Layton


Date: Fri, 30 Jul 93 9:48:23 EDT
From: Jeff Rosedale <>
Subject: gaffe

As you can see, I'm addicted to this list (not too surprising,
considering the XTC addiction).

        I wanted to clear up an error in my last posting.  Thanks to
that INCREDIBLE discography, I remembered events a little more clearly.

        I passed up BOTH the original Life Begins at the Hop single on
clear vinyl (I wanted the Homo Safari track, but not enough to pay what
they were aslking) AND the Nigel single with gameboard.

        Obviously, I am in a deep state of denial over this.

        Looking forward to others' responses...



Date: Fri, 30 Jul 93 07:20:37 PDT
From: (Albert Handa)
Subject: Re: Love At First Sight Solo

Putting a wierd or dissonant solo is actually a semi-common device.  In many
cases, it turns a cute song into a classic cute song.  My favorite solos are
on the Beatles Revolver LP, that feature dissonant piano in one, and a back-
wards played tape on another.  After all these years, I still can't think of
anything that would be more perfect.  But it is a matter of taste.

-Al Handa


Subject: Re: Chalkhills #285
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 93 12:29:09 PDT

Jeff Rosedale <> asks:
>        1.  What were the best XTC relics that you passed up (and
>possibly never saw again)?

Ooooooh, that's easy!  The XTC laserdisc video compilation.  I saw it
7 years ago at a Tower Records in LA (before I moved to California),
but decided I'd wait until I owned a laser disc player.  It turns out
I've been waiting a good deal longer...

>        2.  What were your best XTC Trophy finds?

A whole bunch of Drums and Wires t-shirts for about $5, discovered
about 10 years after the album was released.

>        3.  What XTC artifact have you purchased and repurchased the
>most times?

That stupid Drums and Wires album as well.  I have 4 LP versions (the
most exciting being the Canadian one that had the lyrics to D&Ws, as
well as White Music, Go2, and all the singles), and 3 CD versions,
having been taken twice by LIES on the liner notes...
Fred Hamilton                    


Date: Mon, 2 Aug 93 12:55:49 BST
From: (Brian Agnew)
Subject: Re: Mayor of Simpleton query

> > From:
> >
> >         Just out of curiousity, how *do* you tell the weight of the
> > sun?
> Figure out the distances and period of revolution of "Another Satellite"
> and the mass of the sun drops out as a constant.

Without wishing to be 'dweeby' or 'nerdy', the above will gove the
MASS of the Sun. An object only has weight when under the influence of
another body's gravitational field. Sorry.

By the way, Andy's guitar on the back cover of Oranges and Lemons
appears to have some scribbled logo/picture around the sound-hole. Is
this a customized guitar or is it a standard model that I could buy

Brian Agnew

Brian Agnew               Salomon Brothers International Limited
<>        ----------------------------------------------------
Business Technology Organisation                             Tel: 071-721-2685


Date: Mon, 2 Aug 93 10:16:55 PDT
From: "John M. Relph" <>
Subject: Re: Little express has phone/fax #?

brandon milner <> asks:
>        I'm new to this list and I wanted to subscribe to the little
>express. I have the address but I wondered...
>        - Is there a phone # I could call instead of writing? Writing
>          takes so long and I never know whether they get my mail etc.

Sorry, as far as I know they do have neither a fax nor a phone number
for The Little Express.  However, if you include an International
Postal Reply Coupon with your Self-Addressed Envelope, you are sure to
get a reply.  And in my opinion, it's worth the wait.

>Oh, And by the way how often does this magazine get published?

Every so often, which works out to almost twice yearly.  It's a very
nice looking magazine with loads of pictures and exclusive interviews
and letters from the band and people working with them.  Also, they
have made available a couple of cassettes of otherwise hard-to-find
XTC material, including _Jules Verne's Sketchbook_, _Windowbox_, and
most recently _The Bull With The Golden Guts_.  Buy or die.

>Last question...Does anybody have any of the "unplugged bootlegs"
>mentioned in the FAQ they'd be willing to trade for some stuff I have?
>please email me with any help you can provide :)

I have many tapes of the XTC Acoustic Radio Tour shows, but there are
at least as many shows that I do NOT have on tape.  And unfortunately
(for you) I do not have a dubbing cassette deck, so I can't copy them
for you.  I'm working on that problem.

        -- John


From: (Daniel Smith)
Subject: address & things
Date: Thu, 5 Aug 1993 07:20:04 +447400804 (GMT+4474007:04)

as i write this, chalkhills and children interesting....

i got post-mail from wes the other day.  he says howdy to all chalkhillians.
i send him chalkhills via post-mail now, since he lost his job w/digital, he
no longer has internet access. he also asked if marcus deininger could send
me his post-mail address in germany.

he did a funky little sketch to close the letter which could easily be
re-produced for everyone here, but, being as inept as i am, i dare not
attempt it now.

he also says the little express is A-1!  so git it if ya don't.

me too.

hasta la vista!



Date: Thu, 5 Aug 93 9:25:23 PDT
From: "John M. Relph" <>
Subject: XTC at the Old Waldorf

I received a tape of the recently mentioned XTC live performance aired
on KALX FM Berkeley, and here's what I got:

    XTC at the Old Waldorf, San Francisco, February, 1980.

    Real By Reel                                Helicopter
    When You're Near Me I Have Difficulty       This is Pop?
    Life Begins at the Hop                      Battery Brides
    The Rhythm                                  Instant Tunes
    Meccanik Dancing                            Crowded Room
    Heatwave                                    Are You Receiving Me?
    Scissor Man                                 Complicated Game
    Ten Feet Tall                               Making Plans for Nigel

Andy says:

    Running time is approximately one hour. I don't know how
    much the show was editted, either when it was originally
    broadcast or this time around.  I suspect not much, since
    Cabinet Tape broadcasts often include more dead air and
    inter-song dialogue than, say, Westwood One produced
    concerts.  But on the other hand, most Cabinet Tapes come
    suspiciously close to an hour.  Anyway, sound quality is
    quite good - FM stereo broadcast, no problems on this one,
    a little soundboard-y, with the vocals quite prominent and
    crowd noise nearly absent.

The sound gets a little distorted at times, although it may have sounded
that way in concert, especially when Andy screamed into the mic.  The
last three songs are from the encore.  Ten Feet Tall is great!  A
wonderful live version of this track.  Battery Brides and Scissor Man
as usual lend themselves to long improvisatory sections, and this
concert was no exception.  Battery Brides especially has a long and
interesting intro.  And XTC say they were no good live.  Who are they

        -- John


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