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                  Chalkhills, Number 285

                 Wednesday, 28 July 1993
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               multiple/lost opportunities
                       Re: ro-terry
                   Re: Chalkhills #283
               Deliver Us From The Elements
             Little express has phone/fax #?
                         The BOOK
                      stuff for sale

Date: Tue, 20 Jul 93 8:54:27 EDT
From: Jeff Rosedale <>
Subject: multiple/lost opportunities

This is fun.  Hey, what's wrong with "XTC changed my life"?!

        One more bit of XTC string to snip, and possibly an enjoyable
thought for hopeless fans:
        1.  What were the best XTC relics that you passed up (and
possibly never saw again)?
        2.  What were your best XTC Trophy finds?
        3.  What XTC artifact have you purchased and repurchased the
most times?

        I'll start with myself and try to be brief...

        1: I passed up the clear vinyl Nigel single with gameboard.
Thought $25 was too much- never saw it again.  Also Ball ad Chain 10"
on green vinly (I have it in black), This is Pop p/s 7", and some live

        2.  I'm proud of my Thanks for Christmas 7" which was a record
store's last copy- used for playing to the customers; the Hope and
Anchor live set which was mistaken for a "cut-out" title and sold to me
for $1.99; the Zeke Manyika 12" single with Dave Gregory playing
guitar; and Bags of Fun with Buster which a friend brought back from

        3.  Doublessly the most multiple purchase for me was Drums and
Wires.  I kept buying different versions and giving them away to
friends as a sort of messianic loop. I have bought at least 10 copies
in one form or another.

                Hope this generates some amusing thoughts



Date: Tue, 20 Jul 93 09:41:41 -0700
Subject: Re: ro-terry

Item Subject: Message text
Jeff Rosedale writes:

>         It's one of my favorite pieces of guitar work on an XTC album.
> While I adore Dave Gregory's melodic flights (Reel by Real) and Colin's
> innard-pounding bass chords (All You Pretty Girls), it's Andy who comes
> through with the twisted mocking persona in sonic terms that makes my
> head spin.  It's the three "sick chords" at the end of "The Rotary" on
> the Take Away/Lure of Salvage LP that will stay with me forever.

I think you'll agree that one of Andy's trademarks is his use of dissonance,
both musically and lyrically. It's just like him to take a song that bounces
along in a typical I-IV-V progression and then add entire sections built around
a diminished-chord variation. I first noticed this in "Respectable Street",
which even begins with a clanking, off-beat chord riff. If you want to have a
little fun, try to figure out the twisting arpeggios during the bridge
(beginning with "It's in the order of their hedgerow-oh-ohs..").

>         Why?  Perfectly normal people have sat with me and listened,
> wrinkled their brows and said "that's not music!", but I adore those
> chords.

Yeah, I know exactly what you mean. My wife loves XTC, but she still
freaks out whenever she hears the "guitar solo" in "Love at First
Sight", in my opinion one of the single most hilarious moments in pop
music: "Why the #%*$! did they have to RUIN such a cute little

>         What's wrong with me?  Why does this stuff stick to my soul?


- Jim McGowan


Date: 21 Jul 93 15:59:59 EDT
From: Michael Gervasi <>
Subject: Re: Chalkhills #283

Hello all. I am new to this forum and am
pleased to hear from XTC fanatics. I am in the sunny country of
Bermuda, and this keeps me in touch with the truly hip.
I just ordered some convention goodies from
the co-host (autographed Chalkhills bio book being
one of them) and was pleased at the prices.
Order some stuff if you can. You won't be disappointed.
The address in is the new edition of L.E.
By the way is anyone interested in exchanging lists
of audio and video of XTC for trading copies? I have a
good amount of both.


From: Tim Szeliga <>
Subject: Deliver Us From The Elements
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 93 9:23:16 CDT

> > From:
> > Subject: Mayor of Simpleton query
> >
> >         Just out of curiousity, how *do* you tell the weight of the
> > sun?
> >
> > --Craig E. Canevit
> Figure out the distances and period of revolution of "Another Satellite"
> and the mass of the sun drops out as a constant.
> New Iowa State Song: "Oh, Lord, Deliver Us From The Elements"


Date: Sat, 24 Jul 1993 20:09:47 -0400 (EDT)
From: brandon milner <>
Subject: Little express has phone/fax #?

Hi everybody,
        I'm new to this list and I wanted to subscribe to the little
express. I have the address but I wondered...

        - Is there a phone # I could call instead of writing? Writing
          takes so long and I never know whether they get my mail etc.

Oh, And by the way how often does this magazine get published?

Last question...Does anybody have any of the "unplugged bootlegs"
mentioned in the FAQ they'd be willing to trade for some stuff I have?
please email me with anyt help you can provide :)

Brandon Milner


From: dhgpa!
Date: Mon, 26 Jul 93 10:41 MDT
Subject: The BOOK

I've got me a copy of the XTC biography now, thanks to a quick response by
Leo to my where-can-I-get-the-book request (thanks again Leo!).

Chalkhills, it's the place where nearby people meet far away!

I'd recomend everyone who has the book on order to look for a place where
they still have it. I get the feeling it's 'sold out' and waiting for a
reprint (if there will be one).

-- Andre de Koning


From: Stewart Evans <>
Subject: stuff for sale
Date: Wed, 28 Jul 1993 15:29:45 -0700 (PDT)

I've decided that I'm tired of being a record collector, so I'm
getting rid of all these XTC rarities.  Prices don't include shipping
but if you buy more than a couple, I'll probably throw that in.  All
this stuff comes from my own collection, so it's been well cared for,
but it's not mint.

Wake Up 7" ($10)
Wonderland 7" ($10)
Making Plans for Nigel 7" ($10)
The Loving CD-3 ($10)
Life Begins at the Hop clear vinyl 7" ($12)
The Colonel 7" ($15)

Grass 12" ($10)
All You Pretty Girls 12" ($10)
Senses Working Overtime 12" ($10)
Great Fire 12" ($10)
Ball & Chain 12" ($10)

Go+ EP ($5)
Take Away/Lure of Salvage ($12)
25 O'Clock EP ($12)
English Settlement (orig. UK 2-LP version, $12)
Black Sea (US LP w/ green paper outer sleeve, $12)
Drums & Wires (US LP w/accompanying 7" EP, $12)
Skylarking (orig. US LP w/"Mermaid Smiled", no "Dear God", $12)

Email me ( for more info, or to buy something...

-- Stewart


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