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Subject: Chalkhills #263

                  Chalkhills, Number 263

               Wednesday, 24 February 1993
Today's Topics:
                  Wonderland Discography
                     The American XTC
                  observation & request
                   Re: Chalkhills #262
                   Japanese CD booklets
              Pulse! magazine rocks my world
                    The Little Express

From: (gen)
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 1993 16:37:28 -0500
Subject: Jellyfish

I was amazed to see someone else notice Jellyfish's amazing likeness
to Freddie Mercury does XTC. The first time I heard them I just
'bout freaked, and giggled. I think of Dread Zepplin, for some
reason. Heartily recommended!

d gent


Date: Fri, 19 Feb 93 05:41:33 PST
From: "PKO3-1/21J, 223-3413  19-Feb-1993 0830" <>
Subject: Wonderland Discography

In Chalkhills 262, James Robert Campbell asks about translations of
writings on the Japanese CDs.

Hear hear! I've wondered what these articles say, too, being the owner
of several of these fine CDs myself. Sure wish I could read Japanese!

- - - - -

Brooks McKenzie asks about the 3-pack collector's edition CD box
set: I personally don't have it, but have read that it contains
three picture discs for the albums Go 2, Drums and Wires, and
Black Sea.

- - - - -

I finally got off my duff and sent mail both to The Little Express
in Canada and to Shigemasa Fujimoto in Japan (for info on the
Wonderland discography). I get depressed if my mailbox isn't buzzing
with activity...:-)

Oh, I have a CD of English Settlement (American pressing). It's in
like-new condition. I'll sell it for $9.25 (includes 1st class postage),
or best offer.

Bye for now,



Date: Fri, 19 Feb 93 10:00:27 EST
From: Michael Conner (EC) <>
Subject: The American XTC

No need to look for retro-rock (ala, xtc) from such far away places
as New Zealand (for statespeople anyway).  The California band "Jellyfish",
is more what you're looking for, and with enough Partrigde-ish double
meanings to twist your head off.  With two albums under their belts, and
a hard to find 5-cut live cd, there's not a great wealth of material yet,
but you can into the "ground floor" fan base if you act now. (heh-heh !)
Seriously, this band is the most exciting new band from the U.S.  They are
fresh, but stay true to their influences (xtc, Queen, Brian Wilson, and of
course, like every other band you should listen to (so everyone sez), The
Beatles.  The first album, released in 1990, is quite a collection of
melodic, and harmonic tricks and treats.  Its' title is Bellybutton.
The new album is titled Split Milk
Check them out.


From: (Ken Strayhorn Jr.)
Subject: observation & request
Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1993 16:15:54 -0500 (EST)

Howdy -
        As an older listener (yes, the beard is grey) I've noticed
something about XTC that I've witnessed in other bands. I'm struck
with how many musicians, no matter what their playing styles, listen
to and really admire XTC.
        When I was in college in the early 70s, most musicians I
knew (and I knew alot, I was in music school) were listening to
two unknown bands - Little Feat and Steely Dan. Same with Elvis
Costello, the first time I heard his stuff was in a recording
studio and one of the techs was playing Costello over the intercom
during a slow period.
        The first time I heard XTC was in London. I was at a club and
Airstrip One was playing. They played bits of Drums and Wires and Black
Sea between their sets. I liked it so much I asked the roadie where I
could get the tape. This was in 1980 and I've been a fan since.
        However, it's been a real struggle to keep up with the band for
me. I've had the luck to live in rather remote places where radio stations
thought REM was way out, and MTV was not heard of. So, I have NEVER seen
and XTC video, didn't even know they existed until I began subscribing
to The Little Express. So, if any other fan would have a tape that they
would copy for me, I'd be glad to send money, or a blank tape, whatever
is easier for you. My email address is:
        Many thanks!
Ken Strayhorn
        PS I'm going to England in July for two weeks and plan to drop
by Swindon. Perhaps I could get a English CD or other tidbit for someone
if they could copy their videos?


Date: Fri, 19 Feb 1993 21:47:13 +0500 (EST)
From: Tobin Munsat <>
Subject: Re: Chalkhills #262

Concerning "..All the lies he'd ever spoken tattooed on his arm."
I thought that it just meant that he had only told one or two lies in his
whole life- or a sufficiently low number to tattoo on his arm.  I don't really
get any drug reference.  I think he's just an honest guy (who also hasn't
dumped a lot of women).  (Kind of like Feck in the movie "River's Edge"; he
_did_ kill someone once, but at least he recognized the importance and didn't
make a habit of it.)


Date: 21 Feb 93 11:18:15 EST
From: Steve Levenstein <>
Subject: Japanese CD booklets

   At the start of Chalkhills #262, a James Robert Campbell was
wondering about the Japanese XTCD's booklet inserts and the
translations thereof. My Japanese wife sez not to worry about
missing anything in the extra comments. It's a Japanese music
critic just giving some background info on XTC, mainly to inform
the first-time buyer of who these guys are and what they,ve done.
   So although it must be frustrating to see a whole page of talk
about XTC and not know what the guy's saying, don't lose any sleep
over it, it's just a re-hash of XTC history/discography that the
average fan already knows.
   Then again, if I pester the wife enough, she may consent to
translating one of these "critic's comments" pages. No promises,
but stay tuned to Chalkhills for a translation someday...
---> Steve

"...I hear the talking of the DJ, can't understand just what does he say?"
(from "Wall Of Voodoo": "Mexican Radio")


Date: 24 Feb 1993 02:36:34 -0400 (EDT)
From: Brookes McKenzie <>
Subject: Pulse! magazine rocks my world

 even though it is somehow connected with tower records (therefore instit-
utional and not to be trusted), pulse magazine is very cool. almost every
issue has some mention of xtc in it, although usually very small. the march
one has two - another desert island disc thing (i think it was mentioned
in an earlier chalkhills) with _skylarking_ listed as #5, as well as the
following quote:
   "The audience gets all sexed-up because they're getting to see their
idols...and the band is grunting through a bunch of show-biz cliches that
make the audience think they're having a groovy time.  It's prostitution."
        - Pulse! interview with XTC's Colin Moulding, April 1989
   that's not the only good thing about pulse; it also has things like
opera reviews and quick mentions of what's going on in various cities,
one of which (i think in december or so) listed _demo tracks_ in the
Tokyo section.
   it was definitely a good week for glossy magazines - _spy_ had its
music awards '93 ballot in the latest issue, and xtc is nominated in
three categories: best rock band, best single, and best video (both the
latter are for "Peter Pumpkinhead"). i'm going to write in xtc for all
of the other categories that are even remotely applicable (best rap act?[!]).

   anyway, that's all i know...thanks, james, for warning me off that
3 cd box set - now that i know what's in it, i can drool over better things
that i don't have (of which there are many!).

        - brookes


Date: Wed, 24 Feb 93 05:28:10 PST
From: "PKO3-1/21J, 223-3413  24-Feb-1993 0822" <>
Subject: The Little Express

Just last week I heard back from The Little Express - the North American
fan club out of Barrie, Ontario, Canada.

Their newsletter sounds great, so I sent in 10.00 for four issues.

Their reply back to my letter was a sheet of paper with photos
of the band, along with the downtrodden-looking Shakespearean
fellow from The Disappointed single, but this time the words
"Thank You" replace "Woe" :-) :-)

At the top of the letter was some handwriting: "Thanks, Wesley...
a new tape of demos by Andy Partridge will be available soon."

Signing out from XTC Central,



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