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Subject: Chalkhills #258

                  Chalkhills, Number 258

                Thursday, 21 January 1993
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                 And the nominees are...
        Question about Japanese 4-song "Demos" CD
              "Humble Daisy" interpretation
                   Re: Chalkhills #257
           XTC Music and Friends Convention '93
                 Gentle Giant/Early Music
               Re: lyrics of take this town

From: (United Press International)
Subject: And the nominees are...
Keywords: music, people, human_interest, entertainment_industry, misc_industry
Date: Thu, 7 Jan 93 21:20:53 PST

[Cross-posted from, and edited.]

        LOS ANGELES (UPI) -- The nominations for the 35th annual Grammy
Awards, to be presented in ceremonies Feb. 24 at the Los Angeles Shrine
        Record of the year: ``Tears In Heaven,'' Eric Clapton; ``Achy Breaky
Heart,'' Billy Ray Cyrus; ``Beauty And The Beast,'' Celine Dion and Peabo
Bryson; ``Constant Craving,'' k.d. lang; ``Save The Best For Last,'' Vanessa
        Album of the year: ``Unplugged,'' Eric Clapton; ``Ingenue,'' k.d.
lang; ``Diva,'' Annie Lennox; ``Achtung Baby,'' U2; ``Beauty And The
Beast,'' various artists.
        Song of the year, given to the songwriter (performer in parentheses):
``Tears In Heaven,'' Eric Clapton, Will Jennings (Eric Clapton); ``Achy
Breaky Heart,'' Don Von Tress (Billy Ray Cyrus); ``Beauty And The Beast,''
Alan Menken and Howard Ashman (Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson); ``Constant
Craving,'' k.d.  lang and Ben Mink (k.d.  lang); ``Save The Best For Last,''
Wendy Waldman, Jon Lind, Phil Galdston (Vanessa Williams).
        New artist: Arrested Development, Billy Ray Cyrus, Sophie B. Hawkins,
Kris Kross, Jon Secada.
        Rock song, songwriter award (performer in parentheses): ``Layla,''
Eric Clapton and Jim Gordon (Eric Clapton); ``Digging In The Dirt,''
Peter Gabriel (Peter Gabriel); ``Smells Like Teen Spirit,'' Kurt Cobain
and Nirvana (Nirvana); ``Jeremy,'' Eddie Vedder and Jeff Ament (Pearl
Jam); ``Human Touch,'' Bruce Springsteen (Bruce Springsteen).
        Alternative music album: ``Good Stuff,'' the B-52's; ``Wish,'' the
Cure; ``Your Arsenal,'' Morrissey; ``Bone Machine,'' Tom Waits;
``Nonsuch,'' XTC.


From: (John M Davison)
Subject: Question about Japanese 4-song "Demos" CD
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 93 3:39:45 EST

        Caould someone tell me what the Japanese 4-song "Demo Recordings" CD is
all about?  At first glance it looked like it contained all of the demo tracks
>from the "The Disappointed" and the "The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead" CD
singles plus an additional track.  Is this accurate?

John Davison


From: Douglas Foster McBride <>
Subject: "Humble Daisy" interpretation
Date: Mon, 18 Jan 93 14:50:16 CST

I'm not sure whether this has been discussed yet, but I was wondering
if any of you would share your interpretations of "Humble Daisy" with
me either here or through email.  The beginning of the song almost
sounds like an ode to the actual flower, but I get the feeling I'm
missing one of those patented XTC double meanings.


Doug McBride                                
  "Pandemonium doesn't reign around here, it pours."  -- Babs Bunny


From: "Rishi K. Agrawal" <>
Date: Tue, 19 Jan 93 19:17:54 EST
Subject: Re: Chalkhills #257

Someone mentioned something about a Top .... list.  Well, XTC's "The Ballad
of Peter Pumpkinhead" was #14 on WHTG's (106.3, "Modern Rock at the Jersey
Shore") Top 106 songs of 1992.

I don't know if anyone brought this up before, and I don't know if this
annoys anyone else, but I'm sick of hearing about other bands that "sound
like" XTC.  I think XTC has a good sound, but far from a unique sound, and a
lot of bands will obviously sound like XTC.  XTC has also been around long
enough to influence many bands.  If I want something that sounds like XTC,
I'm going to buy XTC.  I don't think there are many people on this list that
feel that XTC is the only supreme band and nothing else even comes close and
people probably like a variety of bands.  (Actually, it gets kind of boring
listening to a lot of bands that sound the same).

I know this letter has been rather badly written so far, but the point I'm
trying to make is that the subject for this mailing list is XTC.  I don't
really want to hear about other bands, even if they are similar.  I'm not so
desperate to find good music that I'll go about and buy what one person says
"sounds like XTC".  I've been told by one person that Talking Heads sounds
like Chicago (and that would certainly not make me want to go out and buy a
Chicago album).

Just a thought...

This is my signature.
     Rishi K. Agrawal


Date: Thu, 21 Jan 93 14:31:47 PST
From: Chalkhills Administration <>
Subject: XTC Music and Friends Convention '93
Organisation: Chalkhills Anonymous

After you have purchased your 1993 Calendar, find May 30th and place a
large X in the box (with perhaps a smaller t and c at the side).  This
is the proposed date for the next North American XTC Convention.

Even more riveting than Ross Perot, and certainly more musical than the
Republicans and Democrats (for that matter any political "party"), this
next XTC Convention promises to be the ultimate binge for all fans.

Invitations and ideas are being explored as we write, and will continue
to evolve up to the Big Day itself.  We do know that Chris Twomey (XTC
biographer, Chalkhills & Children) has accepted an invitation, and live
performances are being negotiated with a number of groups including
ex-Gentle Giant guitarist Garry Green whose current band Mother Tongue
has apparently rehearsed half a dozen XTC songs!  Other performers may
include members of the Simpletones (1991's brilliant Convention Band)
and of course the talented fans (that means you) who will bring along
their instruments for some audience participation.  Video
presentations, an Auction, a section where you can Buy, Trade or Sell,
along with commemorative T-shirts and Buttons are some of the events
and items being planned.

The organizers Jeff Day and Jim & Virginia Lovejoy are very eager to
hear from you, they have all the details as regards tickets, location,
accommodation, etc.  Don't delay in writing to them, and we look
forward to seeing you there!

Mail a S.A.S.E. to:

           CONVENTION '93
            P.O. Box 203
        Princeton, IL  61356


Date: Thu, 21 Jan 93 23:51 GMT
From: Gary Hanley <>
Subject: Gentle Giant/Early Music

     Reading through the new Little Express, and a few tidbits
caught my eye. First is the XTC convention in Ill. This is the
first I heard of it. Was it mentioned in Chalkhills before? I
assume it was - I must've missed it somehow.
    Also, two mentions of one of my "latest" favorite progressive
bands, Gentle Giant. The guitarist, Garry Green, and his band
Mother Tongue, will be playing at the convention - cool!  Also,
in writing about early music and Andy's current listening habits,
Paul Brantley recommends  in the Little Express giving Gentle
Giant a listen. I couldn't agree with him more! I was introduced
to Gentle Giant about a year ago with the album _Three
Friends_. I now also have _The Power And The Glory_, which
I picked up recently.  Gentle Giant is different, and it was hard
to get into them as first, but once it clicked, it clicked big time.
They are a very talented band, and I recommend them to
anyone who enjoys any type of progressive or early music.
Paul didn't mention _Three Friends_, probably because it
doesn't incorporate the early music style as much as the
others, but I'd recommend it as a starting point, since this
is the album the got me into them. Also, give it at least three
through listens before forming an opinion on it.

                                                 -- Gary


From: Masakazu Nakamasu <>
Subject: Re: lyrics of take this town
Date: Fri, 22 Jan 93 09:11:14 +0900

    My name is Masakazu Nakamasu, Yuji Chikahiro's friend, living in
  Onomichi-city, Hiroshima, Japan.
    I had heard XTC at first time when they released "Oranges and
  Lemons", so I'm a very new fan of XTC, but I've been mad about this
  marvellous pop band.
    After that time, I collected all of their albums, moreover bought
  their all bootlegs and boot-videos as far as I could find out in Japan.
    My favorite album is, ... hmm, it's very difficult to say because it
  always changes, ..., yes, "Mummer", especially original B-side. I like
  "Funk Pop a Roll" as Yuji, but my most favorite part is "Ladybird" -
  "In Loving Memory of a Name" medley. I feel it's very lyrical.
    Last week, I took the lyrics of "Take This Town" from Yuji, which I
  had said him I wanted to sing. Thank you, I can sing this song
  with my guitar.
    Sorry for my lack of English activity. I enjoy reading "chalkhills"
  sent from Yuji (because I don't have I.D. of Internet).

                                               Masakazu "Ni!" Nakamasu
                                               Nifty-Serve ID SGM02336

        [ Unfortunately, we can't send mail to Masakazu, because
          Nifty-Serve isn't gatewayed to Internet.      -- John ]


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