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Subject: Chalkhills #25

                  Chalkhills, Number 25

                   Monday, 22 May 1989
Today's Topics:
                        XTC on MTV
                   obscene abominations

Date: Mon, 22 May 89 09:09:30 edt
From: ektools! (Brian Martin)
Subject: XTC on MTV

This weekend I saw XTC on MTV's "The Week In Rock"
They questioned Andy about the student who held his
principal hostage while he played "Dear God" over the school PA.
Andy replied by saying something like, "Dear God must have been able to
say what the student could not crystalize in his own thoughts. And, anyway,
no one was hurt.  So, the worst thing that happened was tthe entire school
was forced to listen to Dear God. It's too bad it wasn't the entire album.
I shouldn't say that, I supose."
That's as near to authentic as I can remember...

They played about 15 seconds of a song I've never heard before, though.
Also they played about 60 seconds of Scarecrow People.

Good performance, wish they had done the entire set...

It seems that the record company is going to make XTC none if it kills
the American public...Just shows to go ya what can be done when the
company stands behind a group!

Brian A. Ma;rtin
"Sounds like a good idea to me!"


Date: Mon, 22 May 89 14:18:57 EDT
From: "Elizabeth H. Bonesteel" <>
Subject: obscene abominations

>From: mmlai!
>                   By the way, who speaks that line at the end about
>                   "that is the most obscene abomination..." ??
>That is an unidentied person calling in to a radio show to complain
>about a song called "Go Fuck Yourself With Your Atom Bomb".

Is it really an unidentified person?  Is it then a complete
coincidence that the voice sounds *exactly* like Woody Allen?

(Actually, I figured it *had* to be a coincidence; or perhaps they had
someone imitating WA - but an anonymous caller with a voice like



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