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                  Chalkhills, Number 248

                Thursday, 12 November 1992
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              "Paper and Iron" tab - Anyone?
                 drums and wires, sort of
          Planet Records in Kenmore Sq. (Boston)
                      New Bootleg CD
                       Merely a Man
                       Re: 3 points
                      Peter Blegvad
               New Bootleg CD, (correction)

From: John Newton <>
Subject: "Paper and Iron" tab - Anyone?
Date: Sat, 7 Nov 92 22:40:10 EST

Hey! My band is planning to cover "Paper and Iron" off of Black Sea.
Does anybody know the tablature to this one?

I've got the jist of it, but my chords don't seem to quite match up.
Others I'm interested in are: Burning with Optimisim's Flames,
Helicopter, Roads Girdle the Globe, No Language in Our Lungs.

There should be a XTC tab archive. Dontcha think?
Somebody was kind to post the first half of Nonsuch one time.
That was fantastic!

Thanx in advance!

= Bryan Poole = Boots Anyone? -
-  =
P.S. Who else thinks that Andy's solo at the end of Books Are Burning
     smokes Dave's hands down. Just my not so humble opinion. :)


Date: 9 Nov 92 12:52:00 EST
From: "GLAAB, TOM" <>
Subject: drums and wires, sort of

i don't know how i ever missed this before, and i'm sure it's come up
on this list, but what's with the virgin uk cd of drums & wires?

the jacket is essentially a copy of the lp and only lists the tracks that
were on the lp.  "bonus" tracks are listed on the disc itself.  but the
problem is that the disc lists 15 tracks, but there are only 14 there.
"life begins at the hop" is missing from the disc, and what is on the disc
is out of order from the listing.

i've only had this disc for about three years; how i missed this before i
don't know, but i _have_ always thought something strange was going on with



Date: Mon, 9 Nov 92 12:09:28 PST
From: Wes Wilson @PKO3 - 223-3413  09-Nov-1992 1358 <>
Subject: Planet Records in Kenmore Sq. (Boston)

In early October I was in Planet Records in Kenmore Sq. in
Boston; they had a pretty good selection of XTC vinyl: English
Settlement (UK import, sealed), Drums and Wires (w/free single),
Skylarking (w/Mermaid Smiled instead of Dear God), Drums and
Wires (cutout, but in great shape), for $4.99. They also had
the Grass single (10''? I think so).

Some of the items they had were a little worse for wear (as is
to be expected with used items), but I'd say they're worth
looking into. I was nearly broke when I went into the place
and so couldn't afford a single thing.

They are at 536 Commonwealth Ave. I think they take MC/Visa.

They have a good selection of vinyl, AND some CDs. I picked
up the promo for "Dear Madame Barnum" there.



Date: 09 Nov 1992 20:02:51 -0500 (EST)
Subject: New Bootleg CD

I just picked up a new bootleg CD entitled _XTC_K-Rocking_In_LA_.  It is
another bootleg of the Acoustic Radio Tour and includes their late May
1989 stops at KROQ & KISS FM in Los Angeles.  The sound quality is by
far the best that I have heard, topping both _Kings_For_A_Day_ &
_Acoustic_Tales_.  For those who have _Acoustic_Tales_, this is the same
show, however, there is no surface noise, (ie: popping or scratches), as
I believe the CD version of _Acoustic_ was originally issued on 2 EP's.
Also, it includes the full interviews conducted at both stations.  As
mentioned, the sound is excellant and the performances are some of the best
>from the Radio Tour.  The package is also pretty sharp, (aside from the
nude woamn on the cover!?!).  The fold out features several color photos
>from the _Nonsuch_ photo shoot.  I'd urge anyone to pick it up.

On a similar note, has anyone heard of the band doing BBC studio sessions
to promote the album.  Last go around, they did about six or seven tunes
>from _Oranges_&_Lemons_.  It's a real shame that there hasn't been an
Acoustic Tour for _Nonsuch_, some of the songs would have translated
very well to three acoustics.

I have still yet to see a copy of "Wrapped In Grey", has it been officially
released?  My local record shop is really good at staying on top of all
new imports, and they have yet to hear anything about it.  Im glad that
"Rip Van Reuben" is the bonus track, kind of reminds me of The Beatles'
"Martha My Dear".  One track that I'd like to see released as a B-side
is "The Man Who Murdered Love", a great demo from _Nonsuch_.  I recently
put together my own compilation of unreleased demos, and this one sticks
out as one of my favorites.  When putting the tape together, I noticed
that two of Andy's, actually make up "Then She Appeared".  The opening
guitar riff is from "RA RA For Red Rocking Horse" and part of the verse
is made up of "Goodbye Humanasaurus".  This reminded me that "Merely
A Man" seemed to evolve out of the _Jules_Verne_ track "Shaking Skin
House".  Has anybody picked up any others?

Oh well, sorry I was so long winded!



From: Ray Sherrod <>
Subject: Merely a Man
Date: Wed, 11 Nov 92 10:01:26 PST

    I was recently listening to "Oranges and Lemons" and particularly the
songs "Merely a Man" and "Cynical Days", and being the sort of person who
enjoys not only listening to the songs and enjoying the music, but also
listening to the words and figuring out how I feel about them, I really
studied the words to both these songs and came up with a reaction, which

    In "Merely a Man" Andy Partridge writes , "and you know it's true, that
with logic and love we'll have power enough to raise consciousness up and
for liftinghumanity higher".  All Andy is saying is that he has complete
faith in the human animal for getting the human animals out of all the
problems and pre- dicaments we have managed to create over the last several
millenia or however long it's been.  My question is this; why would a person
choose this way of thinking at all?  I believe it's fairly evident that if
mankind has done what it has done so far on the earth, it will most likely
continue to.  Granted, oncein a while people do some fairly selfless things,
but for the most part folks have shown themselves to be fairly corrupt, and
sometimes due to no fault of their own; it's just the way we are, and if I
could have put ,"it's just the way we are" in italics I would.

    Colin Moulding at least is on the right track in "Cynical Days" when he
writes,"my faith in human nature's getting pretty thin". For him, it's just
a "passing phase" and presumeably he turns to his wife or kids or someone
to help him get through his cynical days, and yet, I wonder if the "phase"
will return.  Again, Colin doesn't really want to have his faith rest in
human nature, but he doesn't know where it should rest, or if he does, he
has chosen not to write about it.

    Several issues ago someone wrote about Thomas Dolby's latest,"Astronauts
and Heretics".  If that person would be kind enough to record it on a
cassette which I could send in the mail, could that person email me please?
I am a poor college student and can't afford the fifteen bucks spent.

                                           Ray Sherrod



Date: Wed, 11 Nov 92 10:52:50 PST
From: "John M. Relph" <>
Subject: Re: 3 points

K!z!K <> writes:
>    Folks, if you didn't already know, "Rip Van Reuben" is the excellent
> demo track which found its way on a flexidisc for REFLEX magazine.

Has anybody actually SEEN this flexi?  If so, please send in the
details to Chalkhills (for the discography of course!).

I will agree that "Rip Van Ruben" is an excellent song.  I could see
that it doesn't quite fit in the Nonsvch framework, but it's a good
listen nonetheless.

I still haven't seen the "Wrapped In Grey" single.

	-- John


Date: Wed, 11 Nov 92 23:34:37 +0100
From: (Sylvain HANNETON)
Subject: Peter Blegvad

I recently purchased Peter Blegvad's King Strut and Naked Shakespeare.
I really like a lot the Naked Shakespeare. The music is so weird
(I like "Like a Baby" a lot) and the lyrics not very uncommon to say the
So i bought King Strut and I must confess I was a bit disappointed.
Ok the title song and others ("Chicken","Real Slap In The Face") are great
but the other songs lack this weirdness... I think that Andy and Peter
Blegvad is a good cocktail but with a bit of John Greaves it is excellent !!
Can anyone tell me if others Peter Blegvad albums are good ?
Now two XTC thoughts :
-XTC is far from being popular in france but at least there was a sticker
"Produit par Andy Partridge de XTC" (Produced by.... in french) on the
Naked Shakespeare LP ...
-When I hear King Strut and She's so Square's lyrics I am quite sure that
this Yardbirds sound at the beginning and the end (the rythm guitar playind
one chord louder and louder... it is exactly (I MEAN EXACTLY) the intro
of "Shapes Of Things") is from Andy's brain..
that's all for this comeback..


Date: 12 Nov 1992 19:12:32 -0500 (EST)
Subject: New Bootleg CD, (correction)

Just a correction to my previous message, regarding the new bootleg CD
>from the Acoustic Radio Tour, the correct title is K-Rocking In
Pasadena and is issued by Turtle Records, (serial # tr-234).




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