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Subject: Chalkhills #247

                  Chalkhills, Number 247

                 Friday, 6 November 1992
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                       Re: 3 points
                      Rip Van Reuben
                       Re: XTC GIFs
                       The Apostles
              Track Listing for Live XTC CD

Subject: Re: 3 points
Date: Mon, 26 Oct 92 13:21:43 -0800

> From: Derf <>
>   1 A friend of mine recently found a CD single of 'Wrapped In Grey'.  I
>     haven't heard it, but apparently it's got 2 new demos of Bungalow, and
>     a track called 'Rip Van Reuben'

    Folks, if you didn't already know, "Rip Van Reuben" is the excellent
 demo track which found its way on a flexidisc for REFLEX magazine.  Strangely
 enough, it's along side with what many people consider the WORST demo

  Now I HAVE to go out of my way to get this single just for "RVR".  K!z!K


From: Squibby's Cat <>
Subject: Rip Van Reuben
Date: Sat, 31 Oct 92 13:24:37 PST

So Rip Van Reuben is on the Bungalow single?  That's great, isn't this the
track that was on the flexidisc from Reflex magazine with a They Might Be
Giants song?



Date: Tue, 3 Nov 92 10:25:57 PST
From: John M. Relph <>
Organisation: Chalkhills Anonymous
Subject: Re: XTC GIFs

Mike Dallin <> wrote me to say:

>Might I also humbly request that
>you digitize some of the older and rarer single covers... basically, it
>is just as good to get the gif of the cover than to go out and buy the
>actual single (assuming I can find it)

I think this is a great idea!  After all, almost all of the songs from
the singles are now available on CD, it would be nice to at least be
able to see the covers of the singles, even if it is a low-res scan.

Unfortunately, I don't have access to a color scanner (or even a
greyscale scanner).  Any collectors out there with access to scanners?

	-- John


Date: Tue, 3 Nov 92 10:30:24 PST
From: "John M. Relph" <>
Subject: The Apostles

It was reported in The Little Express that Dave Gregory of XTC had done
some work with a band called The Apostles, and that he had done a string
arrangement for one of their songs.  I was browsing the used CDs in our
nearby, and I found the CD in question.  It's called _The Apostles_
(eponymously titled), and indeed, Dave Gregory is credited with string
arrangement on the opening number, "I Could Be Anything".  So I gave it
a spin.  Unfortunately one can barely hear the strings over the generic
rock music.  Maybe someone else would like it better but to me it's just
another collector's oddity.

The CD is on Victory (PolyGram) USA, catalog number 383 480 001-2.  The
copy I saw was a promo so I don't think it's been out long.

	-- John


Date: Fri, 6 Nov 92 14:16:13 PST
From: "John M. Relph" <>
Subject: Track Listing for Live XTC CD

Wes Wilson <> wrote to me asking the following

  Would you happen to know if the new UK Windsongs 1981 Black Sea Tour
  live disc contains "Life Begins at the Hop" and "Burning w/Optimism's
  Flames"? These two tracks were omitted on the Japanese version of
  this bootleg (Last Live Show).

He also says his decision to buy the new CD is based on the inclusion of
these two tracks.

I am hoping for significant sound quality improvement as well.  I have a
tape of the BBC College Concert, apparently taped from the original LP,
and the sound quality is quite nice!  I haven't heard "Last Live Show",
but I've heard "Black Sea Tour '81" and "This is Live!" and the sound
quality is pretty poor compared my BBC College Concert tape.  Also, the
people who mastered "Black Sea Tour '81" sped up the tape to fit more
music on the record, so Andy's voice sounds a wee bit high (squeak!).

If anybody in the UK happens to hear or read anything about the
forthcoming live CD, please drop us all a line!

	-- John


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