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                  Chalkhills, Number 246

                 Monday, 26 October 1992
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             JLA Issue with AP/Demo CD Nixed
                Re: XTC Convention report

Subject: ya ya
Date: Wed, 14 Oct 92 17:52:28 EDT

|> From:
|> Subject: Next CD single
|> Has anyone heard anything new regarding a new single from _Nonsuch_?  I
|> have recently seen promo CD singles for "Dear Madam Barnum", but have yet
|> to see an official CD single, (UK or domestic), or hear the track on the
|> radio.  I hope that this is not all we've seen or heard from the album.
   "Dear Madam Barnum" is getting radio play on the Lancaster, PA
   pop station "Power 97" 96.9.  Previously, "The Ballad of Peter
   Pumpkinhead" had climbed all the way past 30 in their top 40.
   Must be all of our Amish listening!  Maybe they like the band's
   very conservative/Puritanical/Middle Age dress lately!


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Date: 14 Oct 92 20:52:00 EST
From: "GLAAB, TOM" <>
Subject: dear madame barnum

>Has anyone heard anything new regarding a new single from _Nonsuch_?  I

    "dear madame barnum" was the second single that i heard.  i'm
in a real radio-poor area (outside of washington,dc) but WHFS in
annapolis picked up "d.m.b." a while ago.  i'd hoped for
"omnibus," but i'm awful at calling them...

    thanks, toby, for the convention report.  that's one of the
reasons i'm on this list :-)


From: Derf <>
Subject: 3 points
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 92 14:56:31 BST

  1 A friend of mine recently found a CD single of 'Wrapped In Grey'.  I
    haven't heard it, but apparently it's got 2 new demos of Bungalow, and
    a track called 'Rip Van Reuben'

  2 Before the summer, I bought the UK CD of 'The Big Express'. The back
    says that the 3 extra tracks are included, as does the CD itself, and
    it's even got the lyrics for them, but they're not on the CD!

  3 Someone mentioned a video compilation? how widely available is this,
    and what's on it?

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From: hvgtw!dhgpa!
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 92 15:41 MET
Subject: XTC-connections

Here are a few 'XTC-connections': excerpts from interviews/reviews in the
Dutch magazine OOR that have a link with XTC.  Maybe interesting for
Chalkhillians that are desperate for new XTC-like material (?) and have
plenty of money to invest?

By the way, I didn't ask OOR for permission to reproduce the articles so

Jeffrey Gaines (article by Geert Henderickx in OOR 17, 22 Aug):

[...]  'I have an enormous respect for the rich pophistory and my deep
admiration for certain artists shows in my work.'  What doesn't come forward
in his melodic music is his affection for the English new wave of for example
The Jam, Gang Of Four and XTC.  He first wanted to have the sound of that
last group on _Drums & Wires_ and _English Settlement_ for his own record.
In the end he, together with producer Richard Gottehrer, chose for a more
singer/songwriter oriented approach. 'The arrangement must always serve the
song.'  [...]

'New Start' (Review of the Copper Blue album _Sugar_ by Swie Tio in OOR 20,
3 Oct):

[...]  _Copper Blue_ contains some of the best songs that [Bob] Mould ever
made.  Beatle-esque jewels in a familiar bed of dazzling dentist-drills and
the man's baked potatoes-voice (_The Act We Act_, _Helpless_), but also
semi-acoustic dreamsongs as _Hoover Jam_ and _The Slim_ (about a nightmare!).
The also unamplified _If I Can't Change Your Mind_ has a more lightweight
character in the spirit of XTC (the group, not the pill), while the cynical
_A Good Idea_ (with Pixies-intro) is even an instant singalong (a hit to be?
not a bad idea).  [...]

-- Andre de Koning, broadcasting from the Netherlands, Europe.


Date: Fri, 16 Oct 92 09:58:13 PDT
From: Wes Wilson @PKO3 - 223-3413 <>
Subject: JLA Issue with AP/Demo CD Nixed

Does anyone know the issue number of the Justice League of America
(or is it Justice League International?) with Andy in it?

Too bad about the Somesuch demo CD being nixed. Bummer! I liked
the demos I heard from Nonsvch.



Date: Wed, 21 Oct 92 14:40:02 PDT
From: "John M. Relph" <>
Subject: Re: XTC Convention report

Toby Howard <> reports:
>- there's a new XTC album out on 9 November, on the Windsongs label (CD
>  will be WINCD 26). It's XTC live at Hammersmith Palais in 1980, just
>  before Xmas, and originally taped by the BBC.

I have long been of the belief that the BBC College Concert (one of
the many promotional releases of this Hammersmith concerts) is one of
the best sounding XTC concerts I have heard.  Now I don't have to pay
through the nose for the "Last Live Show" CD (if I could find it).

>  Next TV segment was XTC playing Books are Burning live on BBC2's
>  'Late Show'

Anybody have this on video?  Send in now!

>- Colin is curently in the USA, playing bass for an album produced by
>  T-Bone Burnett for his wife Sam Phillips. Guess who's on drums for
>  this? RINGO STARR!!!

I wonder if they'll meet or if they'll each record their parts

>- Dave confirmed that he had indeed played guitar on Jason Donovan's last
>  single.

What single is this?  Anybody have it?  (Send catalog information in
to chalkhills-request for the Discography.)

>- Funny story about Frank Zappa: a few years ago Scott Thunes and Mike
>  McNealy (sp?) from Zappa's band -- big XTC fans --

Mike Kennealy I think.  The story of them dropping by Ocean Way in
L.A. was reported in The Little Express.  I thought that Mike might
have played guitar on "My Train is Coming", an unreleased track that
Andy wrote for Phil Collins' film "Buster".  Or maybe it was River
Phoenix who played guitar.  Remind me to look it up...

	-- John


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