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Subject: Chalkhills #235

                  Chalkhills, Number 235

                 Tuesday, 11 August 1992
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                Re: From falsetto to synth
                     C&C book review
                  Buy it, Read it, Now!
                 the producers question?

Date: Thu, 6 Aug 92 16:33:46 PDT
From: "Dan Weir" <>
Subject: Froom

Will Kreth writes...

"O.K. - it took awhile, but I am now confident I know who
should produce the next XTC album.

His name is Mitchell Froom."

I second this with gusto.  Either that or get Rundgren again.  I heard someone
say (it might have been on line to meet Andy in SF) that it's unfortunate
they'll probably never work together again because they'll never match
Skylarking in their individual work -- XTC as artist, Todd as producer.  Time
will tell, I s'pose.

Anywayz, Mitch Froom is a wonder.  Apart from his production credits, he was
also in the Bay Area band, Gamma, which also featured meathead guitarist Ronnie
Montrose.  P-U.

The most obscene abomination,



Date: Fri, 7 Aug 92 10:24:32
Subject: Re: From falsetto to synth

Rick <> writes:

> Dave's synthesizer line in the middle and in the fade of "Then
> She Appeared" is almost identical with AP's falsetto line near the end of
> the bridge of "Senses Working Overtime"?

This I can live with, but the thing that drives me nuts is that every time
I hear that synth line it reminds me of the chorus of "Angelo" by The
Brotherhood of Man (you know, the bit that goes "Running away together ...").
Now I'm not suggesting that AP and crew are drawing their inspiration from
70s M-O-R, but the association does spoil the song for me!


Date: 07 Aug 92 21:07:31 EDT
From: Steve Levenstein <>
Subject: C&C book review

Okay, I got the new "Chalkhills and Children" book, and I've read
50 pages tonight. It's a gooood book, funny and interesting and
filled with stuff I didn't know about our boys. And the photos
are excellent, especially the lonnnnng-haired early 70's ones!
   The book contains a discography, too. Relatively complete, but
not near as good as that compiled by our own King Relph, or that
Fujimoto dude from Japan. I highly recommend the book (and the
discographies, too) to any and all XTC fans. Heck, as a story
of a music group, it is of interest to the non-fan also.
   In the words of John Relph: "Buy it, now!".
---> Steve


Date: 09 Aug 92 22:27:38 EDT
From: Steve Levenstein <>
Subject: Buy it, Read it, Now!

Well, I finished the book "Chalkhills and Children", and I can say
that it was very enlightening, humorous, and interesting.
A "must" buy for anyone who may have an interest in the band.
It clears up many of those "I wonder how that came about" kind of
questions, yet there are many other questions that the book doesn't
begin to answer. I'd like to know the details of the hilarious
"Johnny Japes and his Jesticles" side-project, and just what's
the real deal on the equally hilarious "drunken studio sessions"??
But those photos are just too much! You have to see Andy in his
"Peter Tork look-alike" phase to believe it! Seriously, I've got
to hand it to XTC for being honest with Chris Twomey and letting
him turn over all the rocks and tell it like it was.
Now I'm waiting for the sequel, or even the film version! (gg)
---> Steve


Subject: the producers question?
From: (Re Ine)
Date: Mon, 10 Aug 92 03:46:57 PDT
Organization: The Dark Side of the Moon +1 408 245 SPAM

I think it says someplace in the latest issue of Little Express
in an interview with Andy that their contract stipulates that
they must use an outside producer...
that cleared up the mystery for me, but no one seems to be mentioning
this reference, of the ones who get the LE...

Peter Pumpkinhead on 120 minutes... all i can say is, if Andy
says that BoPP is not about JFK, its about a certain pumpkin,
then why does he make a video which seems to be about JFK and
Marilyn Monroe?  And it really puzzles me, how much control
did the boys have over this thing, there are ambiguous words
like "conspiracy" all over the place, but would andy really want
that kind of thing in such a sparse way, with no chance to
substantiate it?
has he said?


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