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Subject: Chalkhills #234

                  Chalkhills, Number 234

                 Thursday, 6 August 1992
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                   XTC in magazines...
                  From falsetto to synth
                     Chalkhills #233
                   A vote for the Froom
                Re: XTC GIFs are available
                 another Biography source
                  Re: edited CD for tape

From: (Douglas Scott Bailey)
Date: Tue, 4 Aug 1992 17:21:40 -0400
Subject: XTC in magazines...

Over ye weekende, I picked up magazines two, and lo and behold _both_ of
them had at least some XTC content.

Magazine the Firste, _SPY_ (the August issue, with "1,000 Reasons not to
vote for George Bush" on the cover), has a _Nonsuch_ ad with clippings
reading, "George Bush doesn't get it."; "David Duke thinks it contains
communist codes."; and "William Kennedy Smith just wants to know if it gets
chicks hot." Very strange.

The second is an article in Tower Records' house organ _Pulse!_ which is
okay as articles goes, but does mention two (yes, _two_) upcoming releases:
one called either _Somesuch_ or _Nearsuch_, which is a collection of the
demo versions of all 17 tracks from _Nonsuch_; the other as yet untitled
and featuring outtakes from _Nonsuch_ (the article says AP and CM wrote 32
songs, so there are presumably 15 outtakes...hmmm). Also, Andy is cited as
being very regretful this album took so long to make and indicating that
the net one won't be so far down the road.

I'd really rather not transcribe the entire _Pulse!_ article, especially
since the magazine is free at Tower, but if there's a lot of demand I will.


		".bmob mota ruoy htiw flesruoy kcuf dna oG"
			*The Dukes Of Stratosphear*


Date:         Tue, 04 Aug 92 17:58:09 EDT
From: Rick <>
Subject:      From falsetto to synth

Anyone else notice what seems to be screaming in my face so that I can't
seem to think of anything else right now?

Namely, that Dave's synthesizer line in the middle and in the fade of "Then
She Appeared" is almost identical with AP's falsetto line near the end of
the bridge of "Senses Working Overtime"?

I don't have a keyboard at home to determine the key of each, but for you
sight-singing fans, it goes "mi-fa-sol-do(high)-sol-fa.." and repeats.
The synth in TSA ornaments the line; the vocal in SWO modulates it.

I didn't post this to be a know-it-all. I just want to get some rest tonight
instead of laying around dwelling on it. Thanks.

Feeling better already,


Date: Tue, 4 Aug 92 15:38:29 PDT
Subject: Chalkhills #233

Ref:  Your note of Tue, 4 Aug 92 12:47:32 -0700

Tim Szeliga observes that not everything recorded by XTC is
so altogether wonderful.  I doubt that anyone would disagree.
I wouldn't be so quick to keep all the Colin Moulding tunes,
however.  Maybe he hasn't written as many "clunkers" as Andy has,
but he hasn't written much that was particularly outstanding, either.

For every "Deliver Us from the Elements" he's done, there's a
corresponding "Crossed Wires" or "War Dance" or "King for a Day"
to provoke a yawn or two.

I agree that some of the albums (particularly Oranges and Lemons,
and to some extent Nonsuch) could use a good trimming, though.


Date: Tue, 4 Aug 1992 23:03:13 -0700
From: will kreth <>
Subject: A vote for the Froom

O.K. - it took awhile, but I am now confident I know who
should produce the next XTC album.

His name is Mitchell Froom.

Credits include: Elvis Costello, Crowded House, Los Lobos.

-The latest Los Lobos album - Kiko -  is amazing. Froom adds
just the right amount of color with his  _House of Keyboards_

Any seconds to this opinion?



Date: Wed, 5 Aug 92 09:30:56 EDT
From: (Don A.B. Lindbergh)
Subject: Re: XTC GIFs are available

> From: (Graeme Wong See)
> Yo XTCers,
> 	I've have made up some XTC gifs for those who are interested. John
> 6) Is my work in vain? Has anyone out there ever made or got any XTC gifs?
>    If so are they archived anywhere?

No way!  Thanks man, very cool!  I've certainly never seen any XTC gifs.
now if I could just find some Rundgren/Utopia..... :)



From: J Ross MacKay <>
Subject: another Biography source
Date: Thu, 6 Aug 92 8:09:54 EDT

It's a fun read for the True Fan, though some of it would probably seem
very dry to the uninitiated.  Many intimate details about the Boyz, their
background and development as musicians.  As far as I know it's only been
published in the UK, here's the info:

    Title: XTC, Chalkhills and Children, The Definitive Biography.
   Author: Chris Twomey
Publisher: Omnibus Press
     ISBN: 0.7119.2758.8

Thanks to a tip from a fellow Chalkhillian, I ordered my copy from:
                       MUSIC MACHINE
                       10367 Reisterstown Rd.
                       Owings Mills, MD  21117
                       (410) 356-4567

                       cost: $20.00 book
                            ( $1.00 MD tax if you live in MD)
                              $3.50 shipping

    (with whom I have no relation other than being a satisfied cutomer)
And in related news, the latest Little Express offers this tidbit of info:

  North American distributor of XTC merchandise -
                     8752 Monticello Lane
                     Suite 100
                     Maple Grove, MIN  55369
                     (612) 493-2200


Date: Thu, 6 Aug 92 13:42:06 PDT
From: "John M. Relph" <>
Subject: Re: edited CD for tape

Tim Szeliga <> opines:
>Am I the only one on this list who does not consider everything ever
>released by XTC to be sacred writ?  AP's biggest problem, IMHO,
>is his inability to select the best of his own work and withhold
>the dross.

Yes, that is one of his problems.  The other is his belief that his
main goal, that of getting the idea from his head to tape just the way
he imagined it, is correct.  The song that he gets on tape may be
improved, such as some of the `suggestions' that Todd Rundgren made
for songs on _Skylarking_.  But Andy doesn't want suggestions or
improvements.  He wants what he wants, and that's The Word.

> I think Partridge is not the best judge of his own work (not that I am
>either) just that I think that he has a blind spot, and recognizes it
>and thats why he is still looking for the perfect producer.

Unfortunately, he is looking for a producer, but he won't listen once
he has found one.

	-- John


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