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Subject: Chalkhills #233

                  Chalkhills, Number 233

                  Tuesday, 4 August 1992
Today's Topics:
                     Nonsuch Demo CD
                     Book and Ballet
                    edited CD for tape
                  XTC GIFs are available
                    Kings for a Day CD
                 "Chalkhills & Children"
                     GO 2 CD Blooper
                      XTC Biography
         argh, mayor b-sides, VOX doom warning..

Date: 28 Jul 92 18:06:22 EDT
From: Steve Levenstein <>
Subject: Nonsuch Demo CD

   Here's some news on the Japan-only Nonsuch Demo track CD.
My wife showed me the official ad on the inside front cover of
her Japanese "Crossbeat" magazine, July issue.
The CD (Virgin Japan catalog number VJCP-14044) cost 1400 Yen,
contains 5 demos including "Peter Pumpkinhead", and it's release
date was July 17.
   The June issue of "Crossbeat" had a 10-page feature on XTC
which included critiques of all the XTC albums by Andy himself.
   ---> Steve


Date: 28 Jul 92 18:14:06 EDT
From: Steve Levenstein <>
Subject: Book and Ballet

   The newest "Little Express" gave addresses where the new
XTC biography "Chalkhills and Children" could be ordered/obtained.
The Canadian location of the book's distributor is just a stone's
throw from my house, so I went there today! They only had one
sample copy, but I ordered one and I'll have it next week!
   Unfortunately I was too excited to note the price...

   Here's a first: last Saturday it rained here (yet again!), but
an unknown lady brightened the day by requesting that CFNY-fm
play "Ballet For A Rainy Day", and they did! I was hoping they
would let it run into (the also appropriate) One Thousand Umbrellas,
but they cut it off suddenly. Can't complain, tho', the previous
day I heard "Earn Enough For Us". Nice that the radio people
haven't forgotten the older XTC tunes!
   ---> Steve


From: (Tim Szeliga)
Subject: edited CD for tape
Date: Tue, 28 Jul 92 15:28:05 PDT

Am I the only one on this list who does not consider everything ever
released by XTC to be sacred writ?  AP's biggest problem, IMHO,
is his inability to select the best of his own work and withhold
the dross.  When I get a 60 minute CD, I listen to it a dozen times
and delete 15 minutes worth so that I can fit it on a 45 min cassette
side.  This works amazingly well with XTC.  People complain about
O&L, hell, I just include the beginning, up to President Kill, then
pick up again at Pink Thing, keeping the Colin tunes, and hey I've got a
~great~  tape.  Had to do the same with Nonsvch.
  AP, like Pete Townshend and Elvis Costello, seems to think there is
interest in everything he writes.  This compulsive need to record and
publish, during your productive career, every hum, tune and working
idea you have only entertains the completist collector, and detracts
>from the overall work, like a beautifully cut gem in an ugly setting.
Didn't we learn from Hendrix that no one but graduate students and unthinking
fanboys appreciate this completist attitude?
 Moulding publishes only a quarter of the tunes that Partridge, yet has
only a tenth of the clunkers (Bungalow).  Creativity and a critical sense
are not always found together.  Look at Lennon and McCartney.  Neither
acheived separately what they accomplished together.
 I think Partridge is not the best judge of his own work (not that I am
either) just that I think that he has a blind spot, and recognizes it
and thats why he is still looking for the perfect producer.

I'm rambling and have probably infuriated many readers, but I've been listening
since D&W and have had to delete tunes on all their work.  The resulting tapes
are among the favorites in my collection.

Tim Szeliga	 Org:National Weather Service / Hydrologic Remote Sensing
Voice: (612) 725-3259  			NOHRSC BBS:  (612) 725-3230  (8N1)
UUCP:	apple!netcomsv!frost!tim	Internet:
"He needs, without knowing, those old Renaissance formulas equating C-sharp
minor with longing, sudden modulation to E major with a glimpse of heaven.
How dare an obnoxious greaser four years younger than he turn the Civil War
tune "Aura Lee" into the Hit Parade standard "Love Me Tender," without a
wiggle of concern for the underpinning chordal message?  Either this language
~has no content~, or tonal tastes have festered, fixed for 100 years or more.
Both options terrify him."
                           The Goldbug Variations
                           Richard Powers


Date: Wed, 29 Jul 92 10:38:06 EST
From: (Graeme Wong See)
Subject: XTC GIFs are available

Yo XTCers,
	I've have made up some XTC gifs for those who are interested. John
has kindly archived them on his machine. John, could you give details on
how best to access them? Thanks.

	Anyway the list so far is ...

GIF file			Source
disapp.gif		- The Disappointed, CD single
loving.gif		- The Loving, CD single (8cm)
nsap.gif		- Nonsuch LP, Andy Partridge picture
nscm.gif		- Nonsuch LP, Colin Moulding picture
nsdg.gif		- Nonsuch LP, Dave Gregory picture
ppumpkin.gif		- Peter Pumpkinhead, CD single
senses.gif		- Senses Working Overtime, CD single (8cm)
bwaxf.gif		- Beeswax CD, front cover
bwaxb.gif		- Beeswax CD, back cover
appeared.gif		- Nonsuch LP, Then She Appeared icon
barnum.gif		- Nonsuch LP, Dear Madam Barnum icon
bburning.gif		- Nonsuch LP, Books Are Burning icon
bird.gif		- Nonsuch LP, My Bird Performs icon
bungalow.gif		- Nonsuch LP, Bungalow icon
crocodile.gif		- Nonsuch LP, Crocodile icon
daisy.gif		- Nonsuch LP, humble Daisy icon
grey.gif		- Nonsuch LP, Wrapped In Grey icon
monkeys.gif		- Nonsuch LP, The Smartest Monkeys icon
nonsuch.gif		- Nonsuch LP, Nonsuch icon
omnibus.gif		- Nonsuch LP, Omnibus icon
poppy.gif		- Nonsuch LP, Holly Up On Poppy icon
rook.gif		- Nonsuch LP, Rook icon
ugly.gif		- Nonsuch LP, The Ugly Underneath icon
wave.gif		- Nonsuch LP, That Wave icon
wdance.gif		- Nonsuch LP, War Dance icon
bigexp1.gif		- The Big Express, inner sleave picture
mayorf.gif		- Mayor Of Simpleton 12" single, front cover
mayorb.gif		- Mayor Of Simpleton 12" single, back cover
king4day.gif		- King For A Day 12" single, front cover
blackseaf.gif		- Black Sea LP, front cover
stratof.gif		- Dukes Of The Stratosphear LP, front cover

The sizes are ...

 235 appeared.gif    213 crocodile.gif   299 monkeys.gif     420 senses.gif
 203 barnum.gif      256 daisy.gif       219 nonsuch.gif
 226 bburning.gif    467 disapp.gif      253 nsap.gif        576 stratof.gif
 605 bigexp1.gif     208 grey.gif        244 nscm.gif        224 ugly.gif
 215 bird.gif        652 king4day.gif    259 nsdg.gif        230 wave.gif
 486 blackseaf.gif   			 223 omnibus.gif     292 wdance.gif
 234 bungalow.gif    223 loving.gif      223 poppy.gif
 239 bwaxb.gif       429 mayorb.gif      432 ppumpkin.gif
 191 bwaxf.gif       412 mayorf.gif      207 rook.gif

A number of points ...

1) The colour and brightness of the pictures will vary from monitor to
   monitor. I found that displaying them on a SUN the colour loose a lot
   brightness. On a NeXT they look great. On a PC it'll depend on your
   monitor colour gamut etc etc. Anyway the upshot is that if your GIF
   displayer can colour correct you may need to use it to get the best
   picture, but the data is all there. Here I use "xv" to display on a SUN
   and it has colour correction facilities. On the NeXT no colour correction
   was needed.

2) The dimensions of the pictures range from about 400x600 for the nonsuch
   "icon" pictures to about 900x900 for a LP cover. Sorry about that if you
   want to display that on a VGA screen. You can use xv again to resize to
   your dimensions and then save. I think they make a great backdrop or
   wallpaper for your screen!!

3) I'll be making more gifs "as time goes by" from the XTC material that I have.
   If you have any suggestions feel free to make them, I can only ignore
   them :-). If I have the XTC material to scan from I'll make it time

4) A lot of my material is not in pristine condition so some of the scans
   will not be in perfect working condition (reminds me of the scottish
   joke!!) but I do the best I can.

5) You'll find that I can't scan in a complete edge to edge of an LP
   cover because A3 scanning covers 297 mm. An LP cover is greater than that
   but I have tried to encapsulate all the interesting bits as best I can.

6) Is my work in vain? Has anyone out there ever made or got any XTC gifs?
   If so are they archived anywhere?

7) I won't be able to mail direct to people as we only have a 9600 baud modem
   and massive amounts of mailing won't endear me to root.

	Share and Enjoy ...


	[ Note: the names of many of the image files have been changed
	  in the Chalkhills Archives.  Also, due to space constraints
	  image files will only be available on a per-request basis.
	  Read the file in the images directory in the archives for
	  more information.    -- John ]


Date: Wed, 29 Jul 92 05:51:42 PDT
From: Wes Wilson @PKO3 - 223-3413 <>
Subject: Kings for a Day CD

Thanks to Dougie from Scotland I've gotten a copy of the
bootleg CD, Kings for a Day, out of Holland.

This CD contains two shows: one from WBCN (the first stop of the
Acoustic Tour '89); the other done later in the same day at
station WFNX (NOT WFXX as the Cd insert states!). I had the
WBCN show, but not the WFNX show, on tape.

It's just short of being 70 minutes long and contains not
only the songs but some dialogue as well with the DJs. "Blue
Beret" is included (thankfully!).

It's weird to have the WFNX material because I *heard* it
while driving in my car and I said, "Well, I'll never
hear 'Blue Beret' again...I should be at home TAPING
THIS!" :-)

The sound quality could be better overall, but it is
even throughout and if you just set your bass a little
lower, or your treble higher, you can compensate.

I *think* there are 16 songs altogether (some repeats).

The front insert is a weird photo of two young people
wearing weird glasses; the back of the CD has a photo of
AP reading "Tales from the Dark Continent." Looks like
the photo is from 1982 or so. On the back of the front
insert is a short paragraph about how in 1989 XTC went
to America and performed with just their acoustic guitars,
etc. The CD back has a track listing, but I don't think it's
quite accurate (doesn't list "Pink Thing").



Date: Thu, 30 Jul 92 15:57:29 PDT
From: Chalkhills Administration <>
Subject: "Chalkhills & Children"
Organisation: Chalkhills Anonymous

We have just received this "Important Notice" from The Little Express
concerning the Chris Twomey book:

		 "Chalkhills & Children"

    UK & rest of World:
    Omnibus Press
    8/9 Frith Street
    London W1V 5TZ

    Monarch Books of Canada
    5000 Dufferin Street
    Unit K
    Canada M3H 5T5

    Australia & New Zealand:
    Music Sales Pty Ltd
    4th Floor
    72 Bathurst Street
    Sydney, Australia

    AMERICAN FANS: Disregard the Park Ave, NY address printed
    in the newsletter and please direct all enquiries to:

    P.O. Box 572, 5 Bellvale Road,
    Chester, NY 10918
      or call toll free: 1-800-438-6874

    (Our very latest information is that Faber & Faber may
    become distributors in the States.)

    ORDERS:  We have not yet been informed of the retail
    price, so for those who decide to order a copy through us
    we will reply to your request with the exact details.


From: (Joe Lynn)
Subject: GO 2 CD Blooper
Date: Fri, 31 Jul 92 14:20:43 CDT

Has anyone else noticed that on the Geffen (US) CD of _Go 2_
the song "Battery Brides" is called "Battery Bridges" on
the back cover/liner notes booklet?

Are the non-US CDs like this?

(The title of the song is correct on the CD itself.), obviously with too much time on his hands


Date: Fri, 31 Jul 92 18:10:20 -0700
From: (Daniel S. Rice)
Subject: XTC Biography

	So, has the new XTC bio been spotted on these shores?  (The U.S.A.,
that is.)  I have not seen any sign of it here in Berkeley.  I am quite
anxious to read it, but ordering from England doesn't seem realistic.
Canada, perhaps?



Subject: argh, mayor b-sides, VOX doom warning..
From: (Re Ine)
Date: Sun, 02 Aug 92 11:41:13 PDT
Organization: The Dark Side of the Moon +1 408 245 SPAM

Argh, I am really irked at myself for not finding out sooner that there
was a chalkhills party in the bay area.  Unnnnn.....
The b-sides on the mayor of simpleton single are excellent, good,
and a cover.  Living in a Haunted Heart is a wonderful song,
Good Things is a good song, and Ella Guru is a Captain Beefheart
song, Ingrid.  Thats IMO....
I sincerely hope this is a false alarm, but here is an item about
Virgin records in VOX magazine.. don't know to what extent this
is new news...
Virgin has shed almost half of its 160 straong band roster....
after merging with Circa.  The move came as part of a major
restructuring operation by Thorn-EMI, new owners of Virgin,
...though 84 acts have been retained, 14 of these can be expected
to be given their marching orders over the next few months.  Long-
standing artists such as XTC must be wondering about their future
after mediocre sales of their recent albums.
They go on to talk to Richard Branson, that *%#$#@!!.


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