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Subject: Chalkhills #23

                  Chalkhills, Number 23

                   Friday, 19 May 1989
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                     Dukes influences

From: mmlai!
Date: Thu, 18 May 89 10:53:13 edt
Subject: Dukes influences

I've enjoyed the recent postings on the influences in Dukes songs.
Here's some of my thoughts on their first record:

25 O'clock:  The clocks at the beginning: Pink Floyd - "Time"
             The overall sound and melody: Electric Prunes "Too much to dream"
             Sir John's shout at the end: Chambers Brothers "Time has come"

Bike Ride to the Moon:  This is definitely Syd Barrett's Pink Floyd.

My Love Explodes:  This sounds like early XTC (but different instrumentation).
                   By the way, who speaks that line at the end about
                   "that is the most obscene abomination..." ??

What in the World:  Beatles '66-'67.  "Only a Northern Song", "Rain", etc.

Your Gold Dress:  There's sort of a Yardbirds guitar riff, but I can't
                  get much of a handle on this otherwise.

Mole from the Ministry:  As others have pointed out, there are bits from
                         "I am the Walrus" and "A day in the Life".  But
                         it also sounds remarkably like "We are the Moles"
                         by a 60's band called The Moles (who I think were
                         Simon Dupree and the Big Sound in disguise.)

Cover art:  Looks a lot like "Disraeli Gears", but more so!

Steve Barash
UUCP: uunet!mmlai!barash


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