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Subject: Chalkhills #229

                  Chalkhills, Number 229

                  Wednesday, 1 July 1992
Today's Topics:
                    Alec and Mod Lang
                  XTC video compilation?
            Bonus tracks on "Drums and Wires"
                   "AP" magazine offer
            "Peter Pumpkinhead" CD5 in USA (!)

Date: Thu, 25 Jun 92 06:07:30 PDT
Subject: Alec and Mod Lang

I called Mod Lang last week, to order Ye Olde Card Game NONSVCH, and
spoke with Alec, a fellow with a distinct British accent, about the
XTC goodies.

He says that one item not listed in the GOLDMINE as is a t-shirt
(or a sweatshirt, maybe?) with the NONSVCH castle on the first.
"Quite nicely done, really," I remembered Alec saying. "And
made even more a rarity since the band doesn't tour."

I passed on the shirt (I think it has long sleeves) basically
because of monetary reasons; still, thought I'd mention it here
in case anyone's interested. "Mod Lang's" number was posted in a
recent issue of Chalkhills.

Also, over the weekend I picked up a CD-5 single (U.S.), of

Peter Pumpkinhead (LP version)
Smartest Monkeys (LP version)
My Bird Performs (home demo)
Always Winter Never Christmas (home demo)

$5.99 at Newbury Comics...


P.S. If anyone can get the Peter Pumpkinhead VHS video, write me
and maybe we can work something out. I haven't seen it anywhere
in New England.


Date: Thu, 25 Jun 92 11:05:24 EST
From: ORear <>
Subject: XTC video compilation?

     Is there a video compilation available from XTC?  The 120 minutes
     video snippets got me interested, and somebody's post mentioning video
     for "Statue of Liberty" made me even more so.  Is there a compilation
     available (preferably legal, but not necessarily) in NTSC format?  If
     it's available in PAL only, then does anyone have a recommendation for
     a dual standard VCR?

     Greg O'Rear (


Date: Thu, 25 Jun 92 08:20:30 PDT
Subject: Bonus tracks on "Drums and Wires"

Ref:  Your note of Wed, 24 Jun 92 21:30:34 -0700

There were several different versions of the record.  Someone
already mentioned "Life Begins at the Hop" as a bonus track;
that song was on my record, while "Making Plans for Nigel" was
not.  The CD essentially has all the songs which were on any
incarnation of the record.  Which ones are bonus tracks for you
depends on which version you're used to.

Dennis Hilgenberg


From: J Ross MacKay <>
Subject: "AP" magazine offer
Date: Thu, 25 Jun 92 12:52:10 EDT

"AP" alternative press magazine has subscription/contest offer in their
June issue.

 - subscribe, for $24.95, and get a bonus XTC 8 cut compilation CD
                       (looks like it might be _Radios In Motion_)
   plus get entered in their XTC stuff contest.

 - or just enter contest:

   1st prize: band autographed _Nonsuch_ + complete XTC CD collection.
   2nd prize: band autographed _Nonsuch_ + poster.
   3rd & 4th prizes: other nifty stuff I can't recall (please forgive me).

   XTC Offer/AP Subscriptions
   1451 West 112th Street, Suite One
   Cleveland, Ohio  44102-2350
note:  I ain't got nothin' to do with these here AP folks.  I just thought
some of you chalkhillians might have a bit of gamblin' in your blood.


From: (Joe Lynn)
Subject: Producers
Date: Thu, 25 Jun 92 10:38:22 CDT

Ticket to RIDE <> quotes then writes:

>>we were going to call in John Paul Jones..
> Not JPJ from Led Zeppelin?  I am very ignorant about them, maybe JPJ
> is not even the LZ guy's name, or he could be the deceased one,
> nevermind, forget i said it...

Yup, it was the same John Paul Jones who was in Led Zeppelin,
according to _Chalkhills & Children_.


From: (shift)
Subject: stuff
Date: Thu, 25 Jun 92 13:57:49 CDT

hay hey hay...

well, i am submitting my first i mail it to here? it is a
little long, but it had to come out...

humble regards and daisies...



Date: Wed, 1 Jul 92 21:45:48 EST
Subject: "Peter Pumpkinhead" CD5 in USA (!)

What's all this then? Did Geffen, having reissued _all_ the albums on CD,
finally decide there was a market for a CD-single after all? For lo and behold,
I journeyed unto the local mall, and was well rewarded with the purchase of
an _American_ CD5 of "Peter Pumpkinhead." Does the Discography know about this?

It's Geffen GEFDM-21813, comes in a jewel box (for which, O Great and Noble
Gods of Packaging, I am deeply thankful), and contains:

	1. The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead (LP Version) [5.00]
	2. The Smartest Monkeys (LP Version) [4.18]
	3. My Bird Performs (Home Demo) [3.32]
	4. Always Winter Never Christmas (Home Demo) [3.16]

Was this already mentioned (and did I miss it), or is this a new development?
I hope it's a good sign: maybe it means the single is selling _lots_ more than
Geffen predicted. That'll teach them.

Doug (deeply batrachian)

"Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh..." [Sound of my skipping CD player attempting to play the
opening to "Runaways." Grrr...]


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