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Subject: Chalkhills #226

                  Chalkhills, Number 226

                   Monday, 15 June 1992
Today's Topics:
                   Two short questions
                 PP CD singles / CD boots
                   Re: Bad radio in DC
                        Re: Primus
           Re: Andy Partridge in San Francisco
                      MTV Unplugged
                 Andy Partridge in person
                  meeting Andy Partridge
                    Columbus interview
                       Chart Action
                   Japanese CD pricing
           Questions, both fact and opinion :-)
                   The Bungalow Effect
                     andy live in SF

Date: Thu, 11 Jun 1992 13:47:45 HST
From: Galen Tatsuo Komatsu <>
Subject: Two short questions

1.	What are the words being whispered in the background of "Across This
Antheap" (O&L)  I see "Ziggedy Zig Zag Just Look at 'em" in the lyrics, but
it doesn't seem to fit.

2.	What is the deal with Suzuki Saeko?  I've never heard her, just seen
her in a few magazines.  I'm curious at to what her "link" to XTC is.

Galen Komatsu


Date: Fri, 12 Jun 92 09:26:28 MET DST
From: "Materials Program Mgmt., Ayr (823-3189)" <>
Subject: PP CD singles / CD boots

>>  Yes there are 2 CD Singles for PP in the UK as follows:
>>  CD one:
>>            1.The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead
>>            2.Wardance
>>            3.Down a peg (demo)
>>            4.The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead (demo)
>>  CD two:
>>            1.The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead
>>            2.Wardance
>>            3.My Bird Performs (demo)
>>            4.Always Winter, Never christmas

   If anyone on the list would like to add these two disks to their collection,
   but has difficulty finding them (in the U.S.), send me e-mail, and I'm sure
   we could work something out.

   Similarly, a good friend of mine in The Netherlands has access to a limited
   number of some of the XTC boot CDs :-

   "Kings For A Day"
   "Acoustic Tales"
   "In Motion"
   "Making Plans For Andy"

   Each title is priced at $30, which I believe includes airmail postage and
   good packaging.  If anyone's in need of any of the above, again, send me
   e-mail and we'll see what the easiest way to work things out is.

   - Dougie_in_Scotland


From: (Jeff Comer)
Subject: Re: Bad radio in DC
Date: Fri, 12 Jun 92 9:00:11 EDT
Organization: NetExpress writes
>WHFS, of the DC/Baltimore area, bungled its way through an
>Andy interview.

From: Gen <>
>WHFS can't seem to do interviews worth a damn at all, anymore. But
>they can still get good artist in the studio to play. They used
>to be very strong XTC supporters; i.e. one could here non-single
>stuff played. They seem to have "Dear Madam Barnum" in heavy
>rotation this week.

I didn't hear the XTC interview, but other interviews I've heard have been
fairly decent. But I agree, their strength is getting some great acoustic
sessions in the studio. I still think 'HFS is a strong XTC supporter, even
if they never play anything that predates TBEx (other than "Cuba"). I don't
think I've heard *anything* from Go2 or White Music. However, I will surely
destroy my radio if I hear "I Resign as Clown" one more time! Thank God they
finally got off of "Pumpkinhead" before totally ruining it.

Jeffrey W Comer * * 703-749-2369 (v) * 703-749-2375 (fax)
Further proof Shakespeare invented baseball:
"And when he caught it, he let it go." -Coriolanus


Date: Fri, 12 Jun 92 15:46:10 BST
From: Toby Howard <>
Subject: Book

Chris Toomey's book "XTC: Chalkhills and Children" (Omnibus, pounds 7.95)
is reviewed in the latest VOX. Haven't got time to type the review in right
now, but it says the book is "dull, dull, dull", doesn't have nearly enough
detail, and not enough Partridge humour. One anecdote though:
the tale of

"would-be band member Spud Taylor trying to impress Andy with his home-made
synthesiser -- a metal box with a lever which made a mere two noises (a
gurgle or a buzz). "I was really disappointed," recalls Partridge. "I
thought: there's no place in this band for someone with a model of the tomb
of Lennin that gurgles."



Date: Fri, 12 Jun 92 9:17:20 PDT
From: "John M. Relph" <>
Subject: Re: Primus

Jon A.K.A. Derf <> writes:

>Primus are releasing a cover of 'Making plans for Nigel'. Oh dear.

Actually, it has been out for quite a while now, originally on a
Japanese CD (promo?) and more recently on a US CD single.  Not bad,
but not XTC.

	-- John


From: Caoimhin <>
Subject: peter/billy/mail/nonsuch
Date: Fri, 12 Jun 92 10:34:01 PDT

I think this mail got returned to me when i first tried to send it,
probably because i mailed it to
since then, I have finished finals and last night i bought nonsuch!
it is very good!  from what i hear so far, nothing is disappointing
the way cynical days, the loving, and hold me my daddy were. and everything
sounds "good" at the moment, so as soon as it grows on me, i think i wil
love it!  Have people been saying they think War Dance is bad?
I like it.... though it does sound a bit like a deliberate attempt
at a hit?  or a very accessible, familiar song?  I guess it probably would
not be a single due to its controversy (oo..)

Peter Pumpkinhead sounds a bit like Extrovert,  "...let's begin!..."
and That Wave a bit like Human Alchemy and other songs sung in a low
voice, but that's a silly comparison just due to my not having formed an
individual impression of it yet..

More when i am more familiar with the album... and at home! ahhhhhh....


From: Caoimhin <>
Subject: select
Date: Fri, 12 Jun 92 10:37:00 PDT

I just remembered... I picked up the June 92 SELECT, and there is a little
article on XTC and Nonsuch in the front.  It may warrant typing in?  Or it
may be silly, as I'm sure the media coverage will be up again now that there
is a new album... and this isn't GAFFA....
And my Nonsuch CD has the little insert of Andy rationalizing the musical
universe in terms of all the other XTC product.  But why does the Dukes
entry show Psonic Psunspot instead of Chips.....?
And what is the latin-looking inscription around the boys' photos?



Date: Fri, 12 Jun 1992 12:20:32 -0800
From: "jeremy j. b. nguyen" <>
Subject: Re: Andy Partridge in San Francisco

 >> I have heard from a non-Chalkhills XTC fan that Andy Partridge
 >> will be appearing in San Francisco...

>Since I live 40 miles south of L.A., I wouldn't now about stuff goin'
>on in San Francisco, but of course this could ALSO mean somethin' similar
>happening in L.A. in the near future......   :)  :)  :)

Unfortunately, a posted notice mentioned that SF was his only west coast

I was very impressed by Andy in person.  I suspect that >I< wouldn't have
been so friendly after two solid hours of shaking people's hands, answering
the same questions over and over, and signing albums, photos, posters,
shirts, hands...  He actually drew a little picture on our _Mummer_ cover.
I gave him some of my CDs which he seemed to appreciate, although I doubt
he'll like them very much.  They were inserted into a bag full of gifts
>from other fans.

Also visiting from Chalkhills were Karen Schipper, Jon Drukman, and John
Relph, with whom I spoke only briefly while there.

Does anyone have a real address for Andy that isn't a record company?

 ferret designer
 ex-chalkhills virgin (i think)


Date: 12 Jun 92 15:59:25 EDT
From: Joseph Holmes <>
Subject: MTV Unplugged

I met Andy for all of 90 seconds when he appeared at New York's HMV -- I was
fifth in line for the autographs. I told him that I'd heard XTC was doing an
Unplugged for MTV and he told me that it wasn't decided yet, but since MTV's
very existence was partly XTC's fault, he figured they had some sort of duty to
do it. Said with a grin.

Other than that we talked about our kids.


PS -- the woman first in line had a brilliant idea. She took a piece of hard
canvas board -- the sort that artists use for oil painting -- and a magic
marker. Andy drew her a charicature of himself and signed it. What a great

PPS -- Anyone want to offer to trade rare XTC vinyl for the poster Andy signed
for me? E-mail me please.


From: (John M. Relph)
Date: Fri, 12 Jun 92 13:24:46 PDT
Subject: Andy Partridge in person

  It all started when I came home one day last week and found a
message on my machine (which has Andy Partridge singing "No one here
available right now") from Becki MacDougal, asking if I wanted to
meet Andy Partridge.  Did I want to meet Andy Partridge?!  What kind
of question is that?  Obviously enough, it is a question which merits
a simple "yes" answer.  So I called her back and she informed me of
the Tower Records in-store appearence.  I duly posted the information
to Chalkhills which got quick responses from Jon Drukman and Karen
Schipper.  So Karen organized a carpool for the three of us.

  I called Kathy Davis (a Little Express reader) yesterday to make
sure she knew about the autograph session.  After all, she is the
person who sent me the promo copy of Nonsvch before it was in the
stores.  As it turns out, she had taken the day off work in order to
attend.  I told her about Becki and we made plans to meet.

  At 2.00 pm, I jumped in my car (you know how you always find things
to do at the last moment?) and drove like a maniac to pick up Karen.
I volunteered to drive because my car has a stereo.  Then we drove up
to Belmont to pick up Desi the Three-Armed Wonder Comic.  On the way
we discussed what we should have brought, what we did, what XTC stuff
we had got lately, etc.  I felt like I was making a pilgrimage,
bringing my meager but well-intentioned gift to place on the altar.
In fact, I was.  (Anybody see Wayne's World?  "We are not worthy!")

  So we got to Jon's house (nice studio, Jon) and thence continued the
journey to San Francisco.  Traffic was pretty smooth, no real hitches
getting across town.  Of course I had a tape of CUD in the deck (I bet
you thought I was going to say XTC!).  We found a parking place across
the street.

  When we got to Tower we found the line was already snaked around,
perhaps 50 or more people preceding us in line.  And just as we took
our place in line, we heard the first notes of "The Ballad of Peter
Pumpkinhead" coming from the house stereo.

  I looked around and recognized Kathy from the description she gave on
the phone.  Of course, she was the first person in line, having arrived
at 1.15 or so.  When I finally made eye contact we introduced ourselves
(from across the room) and she pointed out Becki, who in fact was the
second person in line!  There was at least one person with a Toronto
convention T-shirt, two people I recognized from KFJC record swops,
Greg Lisher from the Monks of Doom, and other folks I thought I
recognized.  I was also introduced to Jeremy Bornstein, fellow
Chalkhills subscriber.

  And after a few minutes, a voice came over the loudspeaker and
introduced Andy Partridge of XTC!  Mr Partridge and retinue came
through the back door amidst polite applause and cheering.  Surprise!
He looks just like Andy Partridge.  The Tower folks had set up a
backdrop with Nonsvch flats and a table, it looked pretty good.  And so
Kathy got to meet Mr Partridge.  She had quite a selection of stuff for
him to autograph including the UK Nonsvch LP.  And then Becki got her
chance.  She had brought her electric blue electric bass guitar, and it
is now an autographed Andy Partridge model!

  Kathy then made her way to our position in the queue and we talked
XTC, as we had quite a while to wait before we would reach the head of
the queue.  She had a scrapbook full of XTC interviews, advertisements,
and other printed trivia.  Jon and I got to discussing "Books Are
Burning", and how Jon was difappointed that it wasn't as powerful as
Dave Gregory had made it sound in the Little Express, and how XTC had
had three, no, four, no, five very powerful final tracks on their
albums: "Complicated Game", "Travels in Nihilon", "Snowman", "Funk Pop
a Roll", and "Train Running Low on Soul Coal", but that "Books Are
Burning" just didn't measure up.  I actually like it, but Jon seems to
think it could have been better.  I think that "Books Are Burning" is
the studio version of "This Is The End", which was a song that was
originally going to end "Oranges and Lemons" but was canned in favour
of "Chalkhills and Children".  Kathy seemed to agree in some measure.
And so we got to discussing "Train Running Low" because I had posted
that I thought the drum fills were Linn drum and Jon insisted that they
were human five-tom rolls, courtesy Mr Peter Phipps.  So I bet Jon one
American dollar (a gentleman's wager) that the fills were Linn drum.

  Nonsvch wound to a close and oddly enough we heard the opening
strains of "Peter Pumpkinhead" once more.  As we finally deduced, we
were hearing the second UK "Peter Pumpkinhead" single, with the demo of
"My Bird Performs" and "Always Winter Never Christmas".  And they
sounded good...

  A person just in front of us in line had a few copies of the Legion
of Superheroes comic with Andy Partridge in it (ya have to read the
Little Express to find these things out), and Andy nearly got down on
one knee to thank the fellow for his gift.

  And finally we reached the head of the line.  Karen stepped up first,
and she'll tell you all about it.  Then she introduced me as the person
responsible for Chalkhills, the electronic XTC mailing list.  I said I
had to admit it, I was in fact responsible for it.  Andy was glad to
meet me, and he shook my hand.  I had two things to get autographed,
one for myself and one for Bill Wisner, so I gave Andy the booklet from
my Nonsvch CD and he autographed it "HACK ON Andy Partridge".  I said I
did do that for a living.  I also asked him if I could buy him a beer,
but he politely refused (he was being led around by a troop of
handlers).  So I told him of the wager, and asked him the question,
although I was a bit tongue-tied and almost forgot the name of the
song.  And he said, "Oh no, those are live, Pete Phipps all the way."
So I pulled out a dollar and handed it to Jon, seeing as he won our
bet, and Andy asked to see it and wrote on it, "Train Running Low Buck"
and autographed it.  Definitely the best thing that happened all day.
Jon you lucky devil.  And then Jon stepped up...

  How exciting!  We retired to the parking lot afterwards, debating
what to do now that we had in fact done it all.  Kathy pointed out the
Tower Records sign which said "Only West Coast Appearence Andy
Partridge of XTC" so I took a picture of it.  Kathy gave me a little
gift, a rubber stamp of the "XTC" and frame from the cover of Nonsvch.
We decided to get together next month for an XTC silliness party.  Any

  I suppose that sums up what I have to say about my Andy Partridge
experience.  Ciao,

	-- John


Date: Fri, 12 Jun 92 14:25:42 PDT
From: (Karen Schipper)
Subject: meeting Andy Partridge

what a great afternoon!  i leave work at 2:00, not even
telling anyone where i'm off to. i can't believe i'm
doing this, and i'm sure all those "andy who?" people
wouldn't understand.  so i finally get to meet John Relph,
and he drives us to pick up Jon Drukman, then we weave
our way at illegal speeds (excellent job John) to Tower Records
in SF.

we get there about 5 minutes before they start playing nonsuch.
then andy comes in the back door, to a quiet round of applause,
which he waves down, and "aw shucks" away.  lots of pictures were
taken, and someone was video taping the first hour.  we meet
jeremy bornstein from chalkhills in line, and 2 other people John
knew from Little Express.  so after about 1 1/2 hours, we're the
next in line.  i felt like a little kid.  i shake his hand and
introduce myself.  then i give him my Little Express to autograph
and he goes "oh you brought the little express" and draws an arrow
pointing at Colin's face on the cover, and tells me they always
call this his Stan Laurel face, and asks "what do you think? looks
a bit like Stan Laurel?" then he labels Colin as Stan Laurel, and
signs his name.  then i opened the little express to page 9, to
show him a picture of Ian Stewart at the last XTC convention
playing their guitar.  I tell him that Ian is self titled "xtc
anal", andy laughed.  i told him Ian was in Ohio, and i didn't
think he was going to Ohio.  he confirmed. so i asked him to sign
my nonsuch CD for Ian. he signed it "twang on Ian!"

Then i tell him there is someone i want to introduce him to.
he goes "oh really" and looks interested. and i go, "you've
heard of Chalkhills", he goes "yes" truly, i can tell he's
interested.  being quite nervous, i go on to explain "the
international computer alias devoted to the discussion of
XTC"  he goes "yes, yes!" and i say, "i want to introduce
you to the guy who is the owner and creator of it" and we
turn around, and i wave John to come over and say "this is
John Relph" and i told him that a lot of fans have met thanks
to John.

i'll let John and Jon tell their part now.

it was all great.  Kathy Davis was there finishing off her
roll of film for us. can't wait to see them! and the other
highlight of the day was talking to Ian and telling him the
whole story!

karen (feeling about 11 years old right now)


Subject: andy live in SF
From: Desi The Three-Armed Wonder Comic <>
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 92 13:14:05 PDT

so, andy partridge - in store appearance at Tower Records in San
Francisco - only west coast stop!  could i miss a day of work for
this?  you bet.

john "the incredible relphster" relph and karen "goddess of xtc"
schipper picked me up and we headed up to SF, with Cud blasting on the
car stereo.

got to the tower, parked reasonably close, and headed in.  we got
there at 3, for a scheduled 3 to 5 appearance, and the line was pretty
sizable.  fortunately, there was an abundance of conversation to be
had, goodies to be gawked at and plenty of xtc on the store's stereo

while waiting in line, john relph reopened the old "is it live or is
it linn drum" debate concerning the drum fills on "train running low
on soul coal."  i maintained that it was a live drummer; john said
"linn."  we argued about it for a bit and then john had a bright idea
- we could ask andy when we got to talk to him.  john was so firmly
convinced of the rightness of his ideas that he bet me one whole
genuine american dollar.  i'm not a betting guy, but my reputation as
Studio Recording God was on the line.  i said, "if there's one thing i
know about, it's drum machines.  you're on."  we shook on it.

so, karen got to meet andy first and she asked him if he knew about
the computer list.  he said he did and karen said, "well, here's the
guy who runs it."  john went up, explained the bet and asked the
question while i lurked.  andy said, "oh, definitely live.  all the
grindy bits at the beginning are linn, but once it starts rolling it's
pete phipps all the way."  i smirked.  john got a dollar out of his
pocket and prepared to hand it to me.  andy said, "oh, is that the bet
then?  i'd best autograph the evidence!"  so he snatched the dollar
>from john's grubby mitts and wrote TRAIN RUNNING LOW BUCK on it,
underneath which he signed his name.  yowza!  not only was i a dollar
richer, with my reputation of Studio Godhood intact, but i had a nifty
little collectible autographed by one of my personal idols.

after john and karen had their gear signed, i got andy to autograph my
Big Express CD booklet.  i've tucked the TRAIN RUNNING LOW BUCK inside
the booklet until such time as i get proper framing implements (i'm
looking for a color scanner so i can make a GIF of it as well).  while
waiting for my autograph i said something like "i just wanted to thank
you for writing so many wonderful songs."  andy said, "gosh, my
shucks-o-meter is off the scale."  we shook hands.  he is an extremely
nice fellow!  an exemplary human being, even.

Jon Drukman (finely honed machine)              uunet!sco!jondr
The quick brown fox leaps over the lazy pop star.


Date: Sat, 13 Jun 92 12:30 PDT
From: (Jemiah Levon Jefferson)
Subject: Columbus interview

I think it'd be a pretty keen world if it were just women and Andy,
myself.  Snigger, snigger.


Date: 13 Jun 92 21:01:59 EDT
From: Steve Levenstein <>
Subject: Chart Action

   While I was in Tokyo, I received a free "J-Wave Tokio Hot 100"
chart on two occaisions when buying CDs.
   For "The Disappointed", May 10: #12
                           May 17: #10
                           May 24: #12

   Back home in Toronto, CFNY's "Thursday 30 Countdown" had
"Peter Pumpkinhead" at #9 this week, down one from #8 last week.
   May I assume that "Nonsuch" the album is selling briskly
thanks to these strong singles?
---> Steve


Date: 13 Jun 92 21:45:42 EDT
From: Steve Levenstein <>
Subject: Japanese CD pricing

Y'know, I feel almost "boorish" talking about "selling" XTC, and
although I did purchase some extra copies of CDs that some folks
won't see in their stateside stores for the express purpose of
supplying said CDs to them, I refuse to profit by doing so!
(sorry for such a long sentence!) And so I send my apologies to
John Purlia, whose e-mail address was deleted by me too soon.
John, I read the wrong price to you for the "Beeswax" CD.
Both "Last Live Show" and "Acoustic Tales" cost me 3400 Yen,
but "Beeswax" was only 2300 Yen. Saeko Suzuki's "Studio Romantic"
was 2800 Yen. How can I lie, the price is printed right on the
CD's paper spine cover (unique to Japanese CDs). John, I'm
holding a "Beeswax" (my only extra one, since the wife needs
one for HER XTC collection) for you, e-mail me if you still
want it, and sorry for the price shock/mix-up!    ---> Steve


Subject: Questions, both fact and opinion :-)
Date: Sun, 14 Jun 92 20:24:13 PDT

Hi!  First question:  What is _XTC_Explode_Together_(The_Dub_Experiments_
1978-1980)_?  I saw it at a local CD shop, and need to know is it worth
getting?  Is it not redundant (relative to the rest of the catalogue)?  Is
it rare at all?  Thanks for any answers!

Now a little background before my other two questions:  I'm not an "old time"
XTC fan; my first XTCDs were Skylarking and O&L, and I have since been on
a reverse-order tour of purchases.  I like *all* of their stuff, however :-).
I'm down to the point now where all I have left are the first two albums,
Go2 and White Music.  I'll buy them no matter what, but want to know:  Was
this keyboard player a songwriter for the group?  A *major* songwriter?  A
vocalist?  What can I expect from him (and from the lack of Dave G.)?  How
about Andy and Colin's writing on those albums?

Now question three:  (opinions)  As I stated, I didn't know the band's earlier
albums until the CD re-issues.  These re-issues have done something that seems
unusual, in my experience; they've stuck the bonus previously-unreleased
tracks right smack dab in the middle of the original LP running order.  Does
anyone think this damaged the albums?  I have to say, if this was done to some
of my other favorites albums (say The Beatles' Revolver), I think it might not
be a good thing.  On the other hand, Robyn Hitchcock's _I_Often_Dream_Of_
Trains_ did this, and I don't think it damaged the album at all.  Any
thoughts?  Should I try to get to know the albums in their original order (by
programming my CD player accordingly)?  Or does it make any difference?

Thanks and peace and all that love stuff.

p.s.	For those of you who have been to Disneyland, do any of you think
	Andy's _Travels_In_Nihilon_ is sort of like the Tiki Room on acid?
	Just curious! :-)


Date: Mon, 15 Jun 92 15:37:49 +0100
From: DLF <>
Subject: The Bungalow Effect

Prof. Noggy Newark writes:

>My colleagues and I at the Centre for Research into Abnormal Phenomena have
>recently been investigating a new phenomena known as _The Bungalow Effect_

>The poor victims then develop strange urges to walk into quiet rooms
>with many people in (such as libraries), or phone up random numbers and
>Has anybody else noticed this?

Yes.  As chief librarian bod at Harlow (Essex County) Library I have become
aware of this disturbing trend.  We have been so inundated by XTCites suffering
>from _The Bungalow Effect_ at the library that we have had to install a
screening device to prevent these poor sad insane urgees from entering the
building and subjecting our users to that hideous shout.  We play subliminal
XTC at the door and shoot anyone who smiles or taps their feet - you cant be
too careful!

Trying to get to know what these poor people are subjecting themselves to
I have listened to _Nonsuch_ and like it very much except for the word:
'BUUUUNNNNNNNG - A - LOOOOWWWWWWWW !!!!!'.  I have invented a new game
called XTC Roulette.  One puts _Nonsuch_ on and presses the _Random_ button!

Mr D. Foulger (Associate Chief executive Librarian)


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