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Subject: Chalkhills #213

                  Chalkhills, Number 213

                  Friday, 24 April 1992
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                Finding Promos and Singles
                 canadian nonsush release
                   Re: Chalkhills #211
                   Re: Chalkhills #212
                This Is Not The New Album
            The Difappointed in The UK Charts
               nonsvch is here, in my hands
                       Collector CD

Subject: Finding Promos and Singles
From: unkaphaed! (James Hartman, Sysop)
Date: Sat, 18 Apr 92 00:28:20 GMT
Organization: Unka Phaed's UUCP Thingy

AUGH!  Here in the hellish cultural backwater called Houston, Texas, I have
been quite unable to find either advance copies of the album or even the
current cassette single!  So, please, have pity on the poor mortals living in
places (some surprisingly large) who can't get their hands on the new tasty
treats in store for their ears...

This message brought to you by the "gee, I wish *I* had the new XTC" league,
their tongues firmly planted in their cheeks.
phaedrus@unkaphaed.UUCP (James Hartman, Sysop)
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From: Mark Laforge <>
Date: 	Sat, 18 Apr 1992 20:00:00 -0400
Subject: canadian nonsush release

For those who live near the border:

Intial batches of "Nonsuch" in Canada will have the silk-screened
cover.  It appears that Virgin Canada is presently having difficulty
getting CDs produced in a timely fashion and is importing CDs from
England (and sometimes the US) in order to have the CD available
around the proper release date.

Mark LaForge
p.o. box 156, adelaide st. station, toronto, ontario, canada  m5c 2j1
---------------------------------------------------------------------             (OR             (NOT mark.laforge@rose.uucp)


Date: Mon, 20 Apr 92 0:11:37 PDT
From: Chalkhills Administration <>
Subject: Re: Chalkhills #211
Organisation: Chalkhills Anonymous asks for a Thumbnail History. . .

> a sort of thumbnail sketch of the band's history.
>Personnel changes in relation to albums, especially.  Just want to know what
>the lineup has been and when it changed, which albums were done with drum
>machine and who the "session" drummers have been since the departure of
>good old what's-his-name

White Music, Go 2: Barry Andrews, Andy Partridge, Colin Moulding,
Terry Chambers.

Drums and Wires, Black Sea, English Settlement: AP, CM, TC, Dave Gregory.

Mummer: AP, CM, DG, with TC on "Beating of Hearts" and "Wonderland",
Peter Phipps elsewhere.

The Big Express: CM, AP, DG, with Peter Phipps.

Skylarking: CM, DG, AP, with Prairie Prince.

Oranges and Lemons: AP, CM, DG, with Pat Mastellotto.

Nonsvch: AP, CM, DG, with Dave Mattacks.


Date: Wed, 22 Apr 92 10:31:35 PDT
From: "John M. Relph" <>
Subject: Re: Chalkhills #212

As the flames seem to have subsided and only a few wisps of smoke rise
>from the charred hulk that once was Chalkhills, I'll take a little
time to wander through, trying to find the remnants of those things
that I thought comprised my life...

will kreth <> writes:

> Even with the clutter and tinny treble of some
>the songs (Omnibus- geez!) - the group sounds more intelligent and
>than ever.

I don't know why people are already complaining about "Omnibus", I
like this song, and I like the "clutter".  It's got a lot going on,
lots of strangeness to it.  Of course, I liked "Antheap" a lot as
well, so there you go.  Besides, the lyrics are part of the text for
Andy's "Church of Women" hymnal.

>And beyond that, this is MOODY album. Do YOU have only one mood to
>show to the world? Get real - what people wanted was another
>"psychedelic chrome dragster" (as Andy called "O&L") and instead we got a
>3am cab ride in the rain.

Certainly.  "Nonsuch" goes way up and then comes way down, even within
the same song.  "That Wave" sounds dark at first, but really rocks at
times.  "Omnibus" is almost totally an "up" song, while "Rook" is dark
and introspective, as befits its theme.

>"Nonsuch" is better than 95% of the dreck that passes for pop today.

I think that's the only reason to listen to XTC -- their throw-aways
are better than most pop hits.

>(P.S. -for someone who says he doesn't take drugs -any more at least-
>"That Wave" sounds deliciously druggy ;  )

More Dukes influence indeed!  As well as "Humble Daisy", and of course
"Then She Appeared", originally written for that obscure '60s
psychadelic band, Choc Cigar Chief Champion, recorded but never

J Ross MacKay <> asks 2 questions:

>   Is the REFLEX _Rip Van Reuben_ the same version as on WINDOW BOX?

I would be willing to bet on it.  However, I have no confirmation as
of yet.

>   Re: silk-screened cover.  Can anyone confirm that Geffen will not
>   have it, and Virgin will?

This has been reported by numerous sources, but of course the final
confirmation will be seen on the store shelves.

>   Any news on another import single?

None yet.

poldy <> adds to the scuffle:

>Not being a flamewar kind of person, I want to throw my 2 cents in:
>I don't think Skylarking is badly recorded.

I think it's wonderfully conceived and executed, but the instruments
are so compressed and limited and EQ'ed that they don't sound real.
They also become hard to distinguish from each other.  If I were to
judge music merely on the quality of its recording, "Skylarking"
wouldn't make it.  However, the music and the overall feeling of the
album is wonderful.  And also very consistent, so that one is not
jarred moving from one song to the next.  That was one of my
complaints about "Oranges and Lemons"; the mood and sound changed too
radically between tracks.  Even when the mood changes on "The Big
Express" I am not jarred, as the overall feeling or quality is very

One more thing.  I like "Nonsuch".  I can't wait until I get a good
quality recording of it.

	-- John


Date: Wed, 22 Apr 92 16:33:31 PDT
From: John M. Relph <>
Subject: This Is Not The New Album
Organisation: Chalkhills Anonymous

A friend reports that a new promotional CD is available from Geffen USA,
and it's called "This Is Not The New Album".  The CD contains "The
Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead", "Crocodile", and "Books Are Burning".
If you've seen this, please send the details to chalkhills-request.

	-- John


Date:         Thu, 23 Apr 92 22:03:54 EDT
From: Emmanuel Marin <MARINP92@frecp12.bitnet>
Subject:      The Difappointed in The UK Charts

You may all like to know that :
The Difappointed entered 45th last week in the UK charts, and is
currently 48th. (Source : NME)



From: William H Stoner III <>
Subject: Nonsvch
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 92 17:11:48 EDT

Hullo all,

Well I have had a promo copy of Nonsvch for about 5 days now and I must say
I like it quite a bit.  It is a mellow album but very good IMHO.  It reminds
me of Mummer crashing into Skylarking, and while it might not be the work of
genius we we're all waiting for it is better than O&L...

The description given by one of my record-store-working-buddies was:  "This
is what Skylarking should've sounded like had Todd not smoked so much dope."

It does lag for me in some places but it has that infectious XTCness to it
and it will grow on me.  High points: My Bird Performs (another "double-image"
song ala Pink Thing but this time by Colin), War Dance, Rook, Ballad of Peter
Pumkinhead and Dear Madam Barnum.

Does anyone have any more on the MTV appearance, when it will be shot/broadcast

PS Books are Burning
"and though you trust the light towards which you wend your way, sometimes you
 feel all that you wanted has been taken away, you will walk in good company"
 -Jane Siberry  "The Valley"      Sys.OP. OSU CIS,
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Date:    Fri, 24 Apr 1992 10:47:56 -0400 (EDT)
From: (Bartholomew D'Alauro)
Subject: nonsvch is here, in my hands

My radio station just got a promotional copy of Nonsuch today and boy was
I excited. I am sitting here writing this message listening to the album
for the very first time. I don't know, I should probably listen to it a
few more times before judging the songs, because i'm that these songs, like
all xtc songs take a number of listens before one can really appreciate them.
But I will comment on the packaging which is mostly red and has a quaint
Middle Ages theme to it. I did notice that it seems that Dave Mattacks is on
his way to becoming the fourth XTC member, for he plays drums on every track
except Rook and is responsible for the occasional sample throughout. Looks
like they may have finally replaced terry. More to come maybe afer a few more



Date:         Fri, 24 Apr 92 18:48:44 EDT
From: Emmanuel Marin <MARINP92@frecp12.bitnet>
Subject:      Collector CD

This Friday, I was wandering in a record shop, searching for some ANGE
(a French band), Jethro Tull or Nits LPs, at very Nice Prices (5$) but
no... seems it was going to be a bad day..

But, just leaving the shop I saw this ad :

 "Go and listen to XTC's new album NONSUCH on
Release : FRIDAY APRIL 24th
Watch out : A XTC Digipack CD (*) will be offer to any purchaser of NONSUCH !"
(*):if the limits of our stocks.

Well ! well ! well ! I simply ran to the VIRGIN MEGASTORE (which was, BTW,
half an hour from there !), and purchased NONSUCH...
When I asked for the CD Collector, I realized no one simply even knew that
XTC's last album was released (indeed I have seen everywhere before that it
was due only for Monday). When I went to the place of the shop where special
offers are organized, the guy did not know anything about it. He told me
to keep my bill (which proves I have purchased NONSUCH on Friday) and to
come back a bit later...

Well, here I am with my precious bill, hoping that on Monday there will be
at least one XTC CD collector arrived, and at least one XTC CD Collector
left !!

More news about this in a few days.

Emmanuel "Crocodile Rook (What a bad pun !)" Marin


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