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Subject: Chalkhills #202

                  Chalkhills, Number 202

                 Friday, 28 February 1992
Today's Topics:
                  Nonesuch[sp?] & stuff
        ICE: "Nonesuch" delayed 'til April. Sigh.
                        i'm bugged
                  re: jpnese connection
              whats scoop on little express
                    Oh no, late again!
                 Re: Three Minute Heroes

Date: Tue, 25 Feb 92 16:07:51 EST
Subject: Nonesuch[sp?] & stuff

david bregande <> says:

>Nobody here cares that on March 17 "Nonesuch" will
>be released.

March 17???  I must have been napping...or maybe I just didn't realize
how soon that was.  Just three weeks from today!!!

As for the interview, I have been waiting for the posting of part 2 to
confirm my suspicion that Andy is incapable of speaking in a public forum
without at some point referring to his own personal male reproductive
organ.  Thanks, Andy, for not disappointing me. ;-)

Liz (who can sing, but has no band)


Date: 25 Feb 92 17:03:27 EST
From: <>
Subject: ICE: "Nonesuch" delayed 'til April. Sigh.

Hello all,

	Bad news from the ICE newsletter. They now list "Nonesuch" as
being released on April 14. They don't detail why, perhaps Gus Dudgeon's
departure is to blame.

	-- Owen

PS: Karen, now the April 14th deadline is even EASIER to remember!


Date: Wed, 26 Feb 92 00:31:47 EST
Organization: fegmaniax anonymous
Subject: i'm bugged

so there i was. standing with a crowd of a hundred people or so milling
about waiting for the beginning of a robyn hitchcock show at the ritz in
new york city. i had been randomly babbling with some of the people who
were also around when the club started playng videos on their 100+ video
screens. and who should they play? well, by gum, it's the video for "making
plans for nigel", which i had never seen. so i sing along and make a spec-
tacle of myself and have some fun. and then? well, they play another xtc
video which i had never seen: "life begins at the hop". well, this is just
too good to be true. i start bouncing off people, whooping that "ooo ooo
ooo ooo ooo" that pops up in the verses. before long, i've got a small
group of people whooping with me, though they aren't dancing. well, no
matter - at least *i'm* having fun. *this* is pop kids and kidettes.
woj - inhibition is the distance between thought and action - cable ready


Date: 26-FEB-1992 21:01:11.38
From: ommadawn <>
Subject: re: jpnese connection

Hello, is this the correct address for submissions to the XTC mailing list?

>Interesting to read in the last issue of CHALKHILLS about the XTC
>Japanese connection.
>Can anyone tell me how it is that Andy happened to team up with
>various Japanese performers for their albums? (For example,
>Hiroyasu Yaguchi's GASTRONOMIC...) Did he go to Japan, or were
>these performers in England recording for Virgin Records?

I read in a Japanese magazine that it all started when Saeko Suzuki wanted
to have (part of) her solo album produced by Andy Partridge, and sent him
a demo tape which he liked.  Half of the album supposedly was recorded in
England, and the entire album was mastered there.

Hiroyasu Yaguchi's GASTRONOMIC was also recorded in England -- notice the
presence of Saeko Suzuki on the album.  They are not Virgin recording artists,
although interestingly enough Andy Partridge, Steve Jansen and Richard Barbieri
on Gastronomic are Virgin recording artists.

There was talk of another Suzuki solo album, this time to be fully produced
by Andy Partridge, but supposedly the preparation for Nonesuch killed it.
She makes music for TV commercials primarily, and in recent interviews she
mentioned that she has no plans for another solo album in the foreseeable
future.  Meanwhile Andy Partridge's voice graced the opening track for the
latest release by a group called "Moonriders," led by Suzuki's former husband.

(Incidentally both Yaguchi and Suzuki briefly performed for a group called
B-2 UNIT with Ryuichi Sakamoto; he has a solo album with the same name, and
Partridge contributes guitars on that album as well)

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	-Yoshi matsumoto


Date: Wed, 26 Feb 92 21:17:06 -0800
From: will kreth <>

(or should that be "s'mores code"?)

News from my contact at Geffen (who is very unawares of Chalkhills - and
hopefully will never read this - because they are a bit anal retentive about
supposed pre-release "secrets" - ha!)

The release date has been pushed back (you can sigh or groan now) to April
14th. The word is that Andy "..hated, hated, hated.." the current mix of the
album and they're still mixing (re: mixing) the Spring release thing.
Collective ARRGGGH! sound goes here.

The one thing I find interesting is the buzz that there are already several
rough mix copies of all the track, on top of the usual leaked demo versions.
This should lead to some interesting comparisions of versions once the
actual commercial pressing is available.

Like Marvin Gaye said - "..I heard it through the ..." (you know the rest).



Date: Thu, 27 Feb 92 11:05:31 -0800
From: Kevin Carhart <>
Subject: whats scoop on little express

I subscribed to the little express mid/late last year, and I've gotten
one so far, with the relph letter, some kind of monk who looked like
andy, article from swindon with monk habits from skylarking days i think,
have there been more since then?

My friend Joe and I have found Alan Sillitoe's Travels in Nihilon book
in the UCSB library!
details forthcoming

Played Robinson Crusoe by CUD and Making Plans for Nigel played by Primus,
on my show.  Pretty good!

That thing above is pretty incomprehensible, but i was trying to
identify what issue i was talking about: there's an article with
a photo with them in their nun/puritan costumes.

And oh yeah!  I saw Billy Bragg last night!  GREAT SHOW!


Date: 27 Feb 92 20:03:40 EST
From: Steve Levenstein <>
Subject: Oh no, late again!

   Fellow XTseers, I regret being the bearer of bad tidings, BUT...
the latest issue of the International CD Exchange has arrived.
   THAT'S good, but the news on Nonesuch's release date: NOT!
Uh huh, it's been knocked back to APRIL 14th (if you can believe
ICE, and their record is good). I feared as much, here it is the
end of February and still no single...
   Maybe the "long awaited" Little Express or a fellow Chalkhiller
can provide further news on this delay...
   At least XTC is still appearing on some radio station playlists,
"Mayor of Simpleton" was heard today!
   Maya tells me that the Japanese music magazine she subscibes
to (called "Music Magazine") has reviewed the Primus CD called
"Sailing the Seas of Cheese", and the Japanese domestic version
DOES contain "Making Plans for Nigel"! So if you happen to be
in a Japanese record/CD store, ask for "Puraimasu no Shee-Dee
kudasai!" We just might be in Japan ourselves soon, so we just
might buy a few copies of it...
   Shonen Knife's CD called "712" mentions XTC in the first cut
titled "Shonen Knife". To quote: "Rockin' Jonathan Richman, XTC
and more...".
   Well, I hope at least that Nonesuch won't be any further
delayed, it's been too long already since Oranges!
...later, ---> Steve


Date: Fri, 28 Feb 92 15:10:55 EST
From: david bregande <>
Subject: Lyrics

I am all too psyched about NONESUCH (nonsuch?) especially after reading the
new L.E. (when I read the words"Andy took over" I found myself shouting "Yeah,
Andy! It's about time!") I'm sure that lyrics will be contained on the new
record, but what about the older ones? I don't own the CD's to Black Sea or
Drums and Wires (I don't own a player) so I don't know if the lyrics are
included. How can I hook up with some?
Also, where do these fans in L.E. get those too cool T-shirts? I have been
screening my own, but I don't have the equipment or money to measure up.
If anyone out there has the knowledge, please relay.


Date: Fri, 28 Feb 1992 14:37:50 -0600
From: "Bird Rendell H." <>
Subject: Freur


I have yanked this off of without particularly
asking for permission. I just wanted to know if anybody has heard
of these guys?

> From: (Al Crawford)
> Subject: Two Overlong Reviews Of Old Freur Singles
> First a brief history. Freur first rose to fame (notoriety?) back in 1983
> with their first single, "Doot Doot". This was a minor hit both in the UK
> and the US.
> The next single to appear was this one, "The Devil And Darkness". It marked
> something of a change in both image and style for the group. Gone were the
> outlandish clothes and weird haircuts and in their place they adopted an
> antiquated, yokelish look. The sound too changed slightly, to a mutant
> synth-folk, "Love On A Farmboy's Wages" era XTC on hallucinogens.

I REALLY like XTC during their "Mummer" era. If this stuff is
anything like it, I will start looking for their stuff.


	[ If anyone would like the entire text of the review,
	  please let me know.  -- John ]


Date: Fri, 28 Feb 92 13:08:04 PST
From: John M. Relph <>
Subject: Re: Three Minute Heroes
Organisation: Chalkhills Anonymous

Last week I wrote:

>A weekly U.K music paper has noted that a new compilation from Virgin
>Records has been released as of February 17 called "Three Minute
>Heroes".  The compilation contains a track from, you guessed it, XTC!

Yes, it's definitely available, and the CD contains "Making Plans For
Nigel".  Surprise!  NOT!  Anyway, I think it's VTSCD 9 or something
like that.

	-- John


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