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Subject: Chalkhills #200

                  Chalkhills, Number 200
                       Number 200!?

                 Sunday, 16 February 1992
Today's Topics:
                   Re: Chalkhills #199
               Re: Peter Punkin and Nonsuch
               Re: "Nonesuch" title source.
                   Re: Chalkhills #194
                   Re: Chalkhills #194
                Album-title foreshadowing
                  Re: British Skylarking
              Re: "Nonesuch" title source...
               Valley of Andy talks to WFMU

Date: Wed, 12 Feb 92 22:21:03 -0500
From: (Trout.Complex)
Subject: Re: Chalkhills #199

I have a tape, called Ecstatic, of a live XTC performance. The tunes are:
Big Town
Real By Reel
When You're Near Me I have Difficulty
Life Begins at the Hop
Rhythm in His Head
Mechanic Dancing
10 Feet Tall
This is Pop
Battery Bride
Crowded Room
  LIVE!                                     This is what the entire thing
                                            says. I have changed no spelling.

Does anyone know where or when this was recorded? I'd be very interested
to know. The recording isn't very good, but there is a fair amount of
raw power in it. If you can find it somewhere, I highly reccommend it.

--John Rescigno
--Dept. of Psychology
--Clarkson University


Date: 	Wed, 12 Feb 1992 20:29:02 PST
Subject: Re: Peter Punkin and Nonsuch

>Is this true?  I asked a guy at a local rekkid store and he said that
>no radio promos had been released yet for XTC.  Maybe KROQ got one
>because of Dusty Street, who hosted their KROQ appearence on the
>Acoustic Radio Tour.

I listen to KROQ pretty often (just about every day on the way 2 and from
work), and I have yet to hear any new XTC material.

Also, Dusty Street has not been a KROQ dj for quite some time (more than 6
months at least).  She is now on one of the hard rock stations; I forget which



From: (Joe Lynn)
Subject: Urgh!
Date: Thu, 13 Feb 92 7:54:31 CST

In Chalkhills #199,  previous message, Jan Schiffman said:

> Date: 10 Feb 92 17:08:33 EDT
> From: Jan Schiffman <>
> Subject: Re: Chalkhills #198
> Regarding Urgh!, A Music War, The Butthole Surfers didn't exist yet
> and the Police played driven to tears, alone. Not to nit pick but I
> have the soundtrack. The idea behind Urgh! was to showcase all of the
> current alternative bands that were being distributed by A&M (right!
> IRS was distributed by A&M). The Butthole Surfers (Austin, Texas
> natives) were not together as of yet, Gibby was still playing
> basketball for Trinity College, I believe. As for a dontation of band
> members, when the Police played "Driven To Tears" someone played the
> synth, but is not credited on the album...I suppose it could have
> been Dave Gregory.

If you get the chance, rent the video for _Urgh!_.

The film opens with the Police singing "Driven To Tears", and ends with
an extended version of "So Lonely", in which a whole bunch of artists
(who were performing at the same concert) came on stage to sing with
Sting and the boys.  Andy, Colin, and Dave all came out to play, and
Andy shared the mike with Sting for the lead vocals.  I haven't seen
the video for a couple of months, but I recall about 30 people on stage
at the end of the movie.

And although "Respectable Street" is on the soundtrack LP/CD, XTC
actually sings "Generals and Majors" in the movie.

_Urgh!_ was a film that was meant to showcase the alternative bands of
the early 80s (well, 1980, anyway);  it was put together by Miles
Copeland, founder of IRS (and brother of Stewart Copeland), hence the
heavy IRS-leaning.  Not all the artists in the film were on the IRS
roster (XTC, for example);  IRS was distributed by A&M at the time,
who issued the soundtrack.

This is a must-view for Chalkhillians.

Joe Lynn


Date: Thu, 13 Feb 92 10:59:44 est
Subject: Re: "Nonesuch" title source.

     Interesting point about the reference to "Nonesuch" in C and C.
Maybe this is somekind of trend. On Skylarking, "Ballet for a Rainy
Day" starts off with "Orange and Lemon..."!
                                             -- Gary


Date: Thu, 13 Feb 1992 21:40:46 -0500 (EST)
From: Chap Godbey <>
Subject: Re: Chalkhills #194

About the Primus cover:

It's also on a promo disc (I found it in a used-CD store) for another Primus
song.  It's a horrible cover, but that's because XTC owns the song too much
and it doesn't fit the singer's nose (not voice, nose.)

However, Primus rules.  Go buy one of their records.  You'll feel better.


Date: Thu, 13 Feb 1992 21:43:20 -0500 (EST)
From: Chap Godbey <>
Subject: Re: Chalkhills #194

Oh yes...

"Making plans for Bison"  is definitely a straight cover...Shonen Knife
did indeed nick most of it.  They're cute kids, though.

Chap again


Subject: Album-title foreshadowing
Date: Thu, 13 Feb 92 18:09:49 PST (A Son of the Silent Age) writes:

>There've been lots of theorizings about "Nonesuch" being a ship's name or
>a record label, but couldn't it just be a bit of self-derivation?
>    I'm skating over thin ice, while some nonesuch net holds me aloft...
>Sound familiar?

Yeh, that was the first thing I thought of when I heard the new title,
especially since the title of the last album was paraphrased in a song
off of *its* predecessor ("Ballet for a Rainy Day" off _Skylarking_).
Maybe when the new album's out we can all scan the lyrics and vote for
what line will be used to name the next one. :-)


* "I'm sitting here, in the abandoned brain, * Edward Thomas Keller    *
*     waiting for take-off in it.            * *
* They say it's never gonna work again,      *                         *
*     but I can spare a few minutes."        *     The Whethermen      *
*          -Robyn Hitchcock                  *                         *


From: Ray Sherrod <>
Subject: Re: British Skylarking
Date: Fri, 14 Feb 92 10:17:17 PST

  I have a vinyl U.K. copy of Skylarking which has Mermaid Smiled on it.
In the liner notes to Rag and Bone Buffet, Andy says that the first batches
of the U.S. Skylarking were pressed with Mermaid Smiled.  Is this record
rare, or did the British substitute Dear God for Mermaid Smiled just like
the U.S. did?

                           Ray Sherrod


Date: Sat, 15 Feb 92 03:14:22 PST
From:  (Barbara Petersen)
Subject: Re: "Nonesuch" title source...

In Chalkhills #199, (A Son of the Silent Age) writes:

> There've been lots of theorizings about "Nonesuch" being a ship's name or
> a record label, but couldn't it just be a bit of self-derivation?
>       I'm skating over thin ice, while some nonesuch net holds me aloft...
> Sound familiar?

Hmmmm....  Perhaps we have a trend here -- take the name of the album from
a lyric on the previous album?  Since we also had, in the song "Ballet for
a Rainy Day", from "Skylarking" --

        Orange and lemon raincoats roll and tumble together....

Barbara Petersen


Date: Sun, 16 Feb 92 21:21:25 PST
From: John M. Relph <>
Subject: Valley of Andy talks to WFMU
Organisation: Chalkhills Anonymous

29 June 1991
WFMU, Uppsala College, East Orange
Jim Price speaks to Andy Partridge
Phone interview, edited for broadcast

Recording courtesy of Woj
Transcribed by John Relph
Part Four

				. . .

WFMU: Geffen Records has just released "Rag & Bone Buffet", a
compilation that Virgin had out six months ago.  What do you think of
this package?

Andy: My god, that's a very perverse collection.  And put together for
a very strange reason, too, because they're all songs that have never
appeared on CD for any length of run.  A couple of them have appeared
on CD and then disappeared for some reason or other.  But basically
it's safe to say that all of them have never been on CD and so it's
literally -- that's the reason that they exist, so they don't. . .
[Dog barks.]  That's my dog there, he's commenting on the same
subject.  There we are Charlie, that's the first time you've been
heard on WFMU.  Charlie, do you want to say something else?  There you
go.  That's Charlie Parker, my dog.  He's not too good on the
saxophone, I'll give him that.  He's got a great Monk piano style.
I'm gonna let him out, somebody's called at the door, he needs to tear
them to shreds.  Or at least give them a nasty lick.  "Life's very
tame, he's letting the dog out."  Where was I?

WFMU: "Rag & Bone Buffet."

A: If we didn't put this stuff on CD then it would have just
disappeared off the face of the earth because most companies don't
make vinyl anymore.

WFMU: So it's a collection from all periods, all sorts of odds and
ends, rarities, B-sides, odd mixes, that sort of thing, right?

A: It's stuff under other names, it's B-sides, stuff that was supposed
to be on albums, and then was chopped off at the last minute, because
of somebody's whim at the record company.  Things like "Punch and
Judy", that was going to be one of the tracks on "English Settlement",
in fact we even cut a running order with that on.  And the excuse for
it was very petty, I think the actual excuse was, "There's too much
music."  Sounds like a line out of "Amadeus".  "How shall one say,
XTC, too much music."  So they chopped it off.  Things like that, you
know.  They're songs that come from an incredibly disparate source.
Special projects, and pseudonyms.

WFMU: On the cover there are three metal sculptures.  Are those yours?
Did you make those?

A: They're actually piles of farmyard junk.  I asked somebody to bring
some boxes of junk from their father's farm into the photo studio.
And so they turned up with just all this desperate rusty muck.  Dave
Gregory and myself pulled out what we could and made the band.  In
junk.  An American said to me recently, "What's `rag and bone buffet'
mean?  What's `rag and bone'?"  In England the rag and bone man is a

WFMU: How long did it take to make those?

A: Oh about an hour or so.  But that's the best band photo session
we've ever done.

It's tricky to kind of talk about it, because they said, would you
talk to some people, about "Rag & Bone Buffet", but it's difficult to
have an overview because it's such a weird slice through such a weird
strata of our career.

WFMU: It really is.  [dead air]

A: In fact I can say no more!  It's a complete rag and bone buffet!
It's almost the perfect title.

WFMU: It's a must-have, though.

A: Well, if you like playing air guitar on would-be Christmas singles,
then it's for you.

WFMU: It's much more than that.  It's very long, it has a lot of
important songs.

A: CDs should be long. I learned the other day that the great rock and
roll swindle is not only the price of CDs -- in England they were
immediately twice the price of vinyl -- but also the fact that
everyone says eighty minutes is the most you can get.  A technician
told me last week that you could get four-and-a-half hours running
time on a CD but it's not allowed because "it would be bad value for
money for the record companies."  So just think what we're missing.

WFMU: Although I can't complain, because CDs tend to be longer when
they re-release our favourite artist's...

A: Sure, they dig up some more obscure stuff.  Well, I like 'em
because I like value for money.  I'm a sucker for double albums.  I
think all double albums are beautifully flawed.  They're like a
gorgeous woman with a huge mole on her cheek or a bald patch or
something.  They're totally stunningly beautiful but they're all
flawed and that makes them really attractive for me.  So many double
albums are just packed with stuff that probably should have died at
birth musically, but it's fascinating to hear it.

[To be continued]


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