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Subject: Chalkhills #195

                  Chalkhills, Number 195

                 Sunday, 26 January 1992
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                        big dipper
          "Nonesuch" - Due date and song titles!
                       Re: Tribute
               Shonen Knife's Love for XTC
                  Nonesuch news from ICE

Date: Wed, 22 Jan 92 18:31:54 EST
Organization: fegmaniax anonymous
Subject: big dipper

Steve Levenstein <> sez:
>   I bought a cassette called "EVERY BAND HAS A SHONEN KNIFE WHO
>LOVES THEM', which is a tribute to the Osaka, Japan based band
>called "Shonen Knife".

and one of the better tribute albums to be released to, if you ask me.
interesting artists, interesting songs and a subject band that just
screams fun at you (shonen knife was a trio of japanese girls who made
some the weirder pop music that japan has offered the world).

>   Anyway to get to the point, there is a song on the album called
>"Making Plans For Bison". [...] This song is done
>on the tribute tape by "Big Dipper".

an older guitar pop band that has done reasonable well on college radio
as of later by becoming more melodic. i wouldn't call it a sellout, but
i sure as heck didn't recognize them when i saw them open for the connells
a year ago.

xtc content? _the big express_ roolz.

woj - inhibition is the distance between thought and action - cable ready


Date: 23 Jan 92 09:23:35 EST
From: <>
Subject: "Nonesuch" - Due date and song titles!

Hi everyone,

        Hot news from ICE Magazine (The International CD Exchange):

        XTC's "Nonesuch" (that is apparently the correct spelling) will be
out on March 17 in the US. Songs on the CD are ...

        <drumroll, please>

        "Wrapped In Grey"
        "The Disappointed"
        "Holly Up On Poppy"
        "The Ugly Underneath"
        "Then She Appeared"
        "Humble Daisy"
        "Madame Barnum"
        "War Dance"
        "Peter Pumpkin"
        "Smartest Monkeys"
        "Books Are Burning"
        "My Bird Performs"
        "That Wave"

        Apparently, "Wrapped In Grey" or "The Disappointed" will be the first

Owen Gwilliam - .. or .. CompuServe: >CSI:OTG

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Date: 23 Jan 92 21:56:40 EST
From: Eric Singer <>
Subject: Re: Tribute

Wes Wilson writes:
>Regarding the xtC tribute tape, I am now able to record some songs.
>Just myself singing and my guitar. Are people sending tapes to
>anywhere yet?

I restate my offer that if someone else will organize this thing and collect
the tape submissions, I can compile and master it and get tapes duped for
cheap.  Any volunteers, contact me via Internet at <>
or on CompuServe directly to <70323,3013> and we can discuss.

Ready, willing, and able,
Eric Singer


Subject: Shonen Knife's Love for XTC
Date: Thu, 23 Jan 92 15:41:55 -0800
From: -------------------------------------------------------------------

     A little bit of trivia regarding Shonen Knife's interest in XTC.

    Atsuko (The drummer, I believe) was asked a question regarding what her
  favorite hobbies are. This is her reply:

   "I like stuffed animals.  Eat bananas. and listen to XTC."

   I always adored Shonen Knife (In fact, they put on one of the most
   enjoyable and LOUD shows I've ever seen.) and this little reply makes
   my heart even sweeter.

   Now only if Andy could cover a Shonen Knife song.  (He MIGHT HAVE.
   He used the "David Dreams" alias for the JIMI HENDRIX tribute album)


	[ Actually, David Dreams was Dave Gregory's nom-de-guitar. -- John ]


Date: 26 Jan 92 19:04:31 EST
From: Steve Levenstein <>
Subject: Nonesuch news from ICE

   Without further ado, let me quote directly from Page 12 of the
February 1992 issue (#59) of the ICE (International Cd Exchange):

      "The new XTC album NONESUCH is finally on the
      schedule for March. Either WRAPPED IN GREY or
      THE DISAPPOINTED will be the first single.
      Other song titles include HOLLY UP ON POPPY,

   So, looks like about 70 minutes or so, perfect for a CD, but
will they squeeze 'em all onto a single LP? From the titles, it
sounds like an album of mixed moods. Good on the boys that they
finally finished "War Dance". Those who have heard the free tape
given out at last September's XTC Convention already know Colin's
song "Bungalow", albeit as a finely polished "home demo".
   ICE gives March 17th as the USA release date for "the long
awaited return of XTC". Indeed!!!
   ---> Steve


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