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Subject: Chalkhills #193

                  Chalkhills, Number 193

                 Monday, 13 January 1992
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                   Re:  Chalkhills #192
                    RE: Sunny Jim...?
                      new album news
                   Re: Chalkhills #188
                  XTC-Beatles Connection
                    They made it!!!!

Date: Thu, 9 Jan 1992 15:11:42 -0600
From: Mike Berger <>
Subject: Re:  Chalkhills #192

>Date: Thu, 9 Jan 92 12:02:32 PST
>Subject: Sunny Jim...?
>Someone asked a while back about the meaning of "Sunny Jim" in
>1000 Umbrellas.
>Well, the same term is mentioned in the Cud song, "Robinson
>Crusoe" (produced by Dave Gregory).
>Did we ever get an answer on who or what "Sunny Jim" is?
>Curious in Cleveland,

"Sunny Jim" was a breakfast cereal that was named after a fictional
character.  He was a popular trademark in the early 1900's, and was
made famous by a number of advertising jingles.  It became popular
as a term of address or nickname.  It appears in literature from
1903 through the early 1970's at least.


Subject: RE: Sunny Jim...?
Date: Thu, 9 Jan 92 16:19:24 EST

Curious in Cleveland ( writes:
> Someone asked a while back about the meaning of "Sunny Jim" in
> 1000 Umbrellas.
> Well, the same term is mentioned in the Cud song, "Robinson
> Crusoe" (produced by Dave Gregory).
> Did we ever get an answer on who or what "Sunny Jim" is?

  I believe this is a reference to Sunny Jim Corbett (sp?), a British
  Olympic athlete who, I believe, brought home a gold medal for long
  jump, or something.  I think he's an early twentieth century figure.
  An British fans on the list care to correct my misinformation?

  So when XTC says "Sunny Jim couldn't jump it...", it just means that
  all those teacups sure would take up a lot of space.

To John Relph:

  What happened to this year's survey?  Was it sacked for too few
  responses?  It would be a pity that Chalkhills is bigger and better
  than ever and no one responds to the survey.

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From: J Ross MacKay <>
Subject: new album news
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 92 7:18:49 EST

In a belated Christmas card from June & Peter at The Little Express  they

           "The New XTC lp is scheduled for release March 23/92.
            Title will be NONSUCH".

They also said: "We've been hopelessly behind schedule since the convention!
... We are trying hard to get the next issue of L.E> ready".


From: (Scott A. McIntyre)
Date: Thu, 9 Jan 1992 14:01:33 GMT
Subject: Re: Chalkhills #188

I'm looking to get a copy of Dear God on CDsingle here in the
far as I know, it was never released here (possibly due to the religiousness
of the Gov't?)....I have it on Tape from a Skylarking I got in the States,
but I'd prefer a CD copy...




Date: Fri, 10 Jan 92 12:04:01 PST
Subject: XTC-Beatles Connection

I see a strong link between Beatles' sounds and what XTC has done
recently. Examples:

o	The Dukes' song, "Mole from the Ministry" is very Lennonesque
        a la "I am the Walrus" Beatles; check out the vocals on
        the chorus, and the Strawberry Fields Forever fake fade-out
        at the end.

o	Andy and Colin did a cover of Strawberry Fields Forever
        (simply called "Strawberry Fields") for the 1967: Through
        the Looking Glass" tribute.

o	Andy produced The Lilac Time's AND LOVE FOR ALL album a
        few years back, and the title track has a reference to
        the Beatles' in the lyrics. I think Andy plays the
        "I Should Have Known Better" harmonica lead-in in the
        Lilac Time song.

o	The cover of ORANGES AND LEMONS is very Yellow Submarine-
        inspired, I think.

o	Andy wears John Lennon style "granny" glasses.

o       On "Earn Enough for Us" the song is very much structured
        like a Beatles song in that, in the main verses it
        talks about the goodpoints of being married and having
        a family. However, in the chorus it talks about how
        rough this can be. McCartney and Lennon often worked
        this way on songs, with Lennon providing the downbeat,
        realistic viewpoint in the songs, countering McCartney's

o	"Big Day: is very Beatles-esque. It reminds me of Blue Jay
        Way, or something...

o	Like John Lennon, Andy openly writes about his doubting
        the existence of God, about being anti-war and anti-gun,
        and about love power.

There are more examples, I think. Hey, next thing yoyu know, ther'll be a
"Colin is Dead" rumor (The Walrus Was Andy!)...


Date:         Mon, 13 Jan 92 16:37:15 EDT
From: Emmanuel Marin <MARINP92@frecp12.bitnet>
Subject:      They made it!!!!

Made what ?

They are for the first time, if I am right, on the front cover of a rather
known French magazine (Les Inrockuptibles, from which I had already copied
here an old interview).
There is another interview, but since it is even longer than the older one
and I definitively haven't got the time, don't expect another translation :(

Important points (the interview is rather general) :
A new compilation is due to be soon released 'The Tiny Circus Of Life'.
The new album coming in March, will be called 'Nonsuch' and Andy don't
give much details about it except that the cover will represent a beautiful
'Nonsuch' was ready two years ago ! And due to producers, etc... etc...
Anyway, now, Andy's desire is to produce almost two albums per year !

Oh, before to end, an information : Andy's fave producer is ...
Todd Rundgren !!! Etonnant, non ?

That's all , folks !



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