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Subject: Chalkhills #188

                  Chalkhills, Number 188

                Thursday, 5 December 1991
Today's Topics:
     Shriekback Connection/Items for Sale/Homo Safari
                 Re: XTC Tribute Cassette
                   Re: Chalkhills #187
                 Re: early 45s appraisal
                      Acoustic Tales
                 Re: Dukes of Stratospere

Date: Mon, 2 Dec 91 05:20:48 PST
Subject: Shriekback Connection/Items for Sale/Homo Safari

In Chalkhills #187, someone asked about the XTC/Shriekback connection.

The only direct connection I know of is that Barry Andrews was once
a member of XTC, but left after the GO 2 album was released in 1978.
Seems he wanted to have more of his songs appear on the albums.

* * * * *

I have several XTC CDs for sale, for those interested:

1. King for a Day crown-shaped, 3-inch CD. Includes two
   version of KFaD plus two demos, "My Paint Heroes"
   and "Skeletons." Austrian CD, UK packaging.

   I have two copies of this. Please write for price.

2. Mummer. Great condition. Please write for price.

* * * * *

Over the weekend I picked up a version of DEAR GOD/HOMO SAFARI
SERIES which is slightly different from another version of the
same disc.

This version comes with a thin jewel box, and is an insert
rather than a foldout. It's missing some of the artwork
the foldout has, namely the continents of Africa artwork
and the back cover of the foldout. Songs and size of
disc (5-inch) are the same. So basically it's the
packaging that's different.


Subject: Re: XTC Tribute Cassette
From: Desi The Three-Armed Wonder Comic <>
Date: Mon, 2 Dec 91 9:37:50 PST writes:
>With some of the interest in Chalkhills members playing XTC
>songs, and with the abundance of tribute albums floating
>around these days, it sort of makes me wonder if we could

I'm all for it!  I've got versions of Wonderland and Making Plans For
Nigel that are somewhat listenable.  Maybe I can twist John Relph into
strumming a little guitar for me...

Anyone else out there musical?

Jon Drukman (finely honed machine)              uunet!sco!jondr
With hungered flesh obscurely, he mutely craved to adore.


Date: Mon, 2 Dec 1991 17:45 EDT

oops that's Criddle, here at Miami U. of Ohio.  Let me tell ya, we're all
excited, or maybe def.#1 of chuffed, at the prospect of an XTC tribute tape
>from various Chalkhill-types.  Dave and I have a band and lots of musical
equipment between the two of us, and we always play lots o' XTC tunes,
including Ten Feet Tall,
Respectable Street, Melt the Guns, No Thugs in Our House, Traffic Light Rock,
Statue of Liberty.... well, you get the idea.  So we'll definitely do some
contributing to the project.  We can even do a little of the reproduction
of the cassettes (I have decent tape to tape facilities).  Keep us posted.

Later on, python-  Jude


Date: 3 Dec 91 11:13:48 EDT
From: "Jan Schiffman"  <>
Subject: Re: Chalkhills #187

I have a copy of GO 2 I bought some years (7 or 8) ago that has Are
You Receiving Me ? on it although it is not listed on the album cover
or on the label on the LP itself. Any ideas ?

                                        -Jan Schiffman
                                         The Wharton School
                                         University of Pennsylvania
                                         Philadelphia, Pa

Starvation is God's way of punishing those|
who have little or no faith in capitalism |


Date: Tue, 3 Dec 91 14:15:12 PST
From: "John M. Relph" <>
Subject: Re: early 45s appraisal

Bruce A. Belanger <> and his roommate were

>wondering about the worth of the following XTC 45's.

Here's their approximate worth (in MINT condition) as listed in the
Nov. 1990 issue of Record Collector magazine (all values are Pounds

>vs282		"Making Plans for Nigel"
#4 without gameboard sleeve, #7 with

>vs490		"No Thugs in Our House"

>vs201		"Statue of Liberty"

>vs553		"Great Fire"
#6 with outer plastic sleeve, #3.50 without

>vs365		Fold-out double single "Generals and Majors"

>vs482		"Ball and Chain"

>vs462		"Senses Working Overtime"
#5 with fold-out sleeve, #3.50 without

>vs231		"Are You Receivng Me"

>rso71		"Take This Town"

>va67004	"Ten Feet Tall"
not listed

>vs259		"Life Begins at the Hop"
#8 on clear vinyl, #4 on black vinyl

>vs407		"Respectable Street"

>k-8015(vs365)	"Generals and Majors"
>		NOTE: green vinyl
not listed


From: Marcus Deininger <>
Date: Wed, 4 Dec 91 08:06:13 +0100
Subject: Acoustic Tales


 here is a new item for the discography, a new bootleg, I picked it up
 on a local record fair last week:

     Acoustic Tales

     Scarecrow People; Mayor of Simpleton; Medley: Senses Working Overtime;
     Grass; Love on a Farmboy's Wages; also Blue Beret; Medley: Great Fire;
     Dear God; Big Day; King for a Day; Medley: One of the Millions; Hungry
     Heart Beats; Garden of Earthly Delights; Train Running Low on Soul Coal;
     Poor Skeleton Steps Out; Here Comes President Kill Again; King for a Day;
     Garden of Earthly Delights; Scarecrow People; One of the Millions; The
     Meeting Place; Earn Enough For Us.

     a. CD, Handmade Korea, HAM 06, ???? .

  Running Time is about 62 minutes.

  The first seven tracks (Scarecrow People to Garden of Earthly Delights)
  are from the acoustic radio tour, recorded at at KROQ-FM, Los Angeles,
  29 May 1989. The sound-quality is very good, I think it is mastered from
  the "Acoustical Oranges & Lemons" - you can notice some clicks and pops
  at the end of the tracks.

  Train Running Low on Soul Coal is the acoustic version of this song from
  the BBC Special "XTC Play at Home", 1983. The sound quality is good.

  The Remaining tracks are from several BBC Sessions:
  Poor Skeleton Steps Out and Here Comes President Kill Again: April 6, 1989
  King for a Day; Garden of Earthly Delights; Scarecrow People and One of
  the Millions: June 11, 1989
  The Meeting Place; Earn Enough For Us: January 1987.
  The sound quality of the sessions is rather poor, compared to the acoustic
  set, you can hear the tape hiss. The songs itself are very close to the
  lp versions (I think they use a drum machine instead of a real drummer, but
  I am not sure about this).

  All in all I think this one is only worth buying it for the acoustic set.

    bye Marcus


Date: Thu, 5 Dec 91 12:49:36 PST
From: "John M. Relph" <>
Subject: Re: Dukes of Stratospere

Timothy O'Connor <> is
> trying to get some info on the XTC experiment called the "Dukes of

>Is it similar to XTC, or a complete departure?

The Dukes of Stratosphear (as in "hear" the music) were originally to be
a one-off joke (a la Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band) perpetrated
by XTC.  They got together and recorded six songs in two weeks which
were released on April Fool's Day 1985 as the E.P. _25 O'Clock_.  The
success of the EP prompted Virgin to ask them to do another album, which
was eventually recorded and released in August 1987, entitled _Psonic

The music is fake psychadelic, as if it were recorded in 1967.  It
sounds like a strange combination of Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd, the
Hollies, the Beatles, Beach Boys, Byrds, and others, and of course, XTC.

>Were can I get a copy of their album? (Was there only one?)

The compact disc _Chips From the Chocolate Fireball (An Anthology)_
contains both _Psonic Psunspot_ and _25 O'Clock_.

>Is it worth getting?

Yes.  Buy it.  Now.

	-- John


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