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Subject: Chalkhills #185

                  Chalkhills, Number 185

                Tuesday, 19 November 1991
Today's Topics:
                       This Is Live
               "When You're Near Me" Chords
                   Title for new album?
                 CMJ quote, david dreams
                   Latest XTC sighting
                  possible new release?

Subject: chuffed?
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 91 7:40:14 EST
From: J Ross MacKay <>

John M. Relph <> says that Andy says in
"Return of Andy talks to WFMU":
> WFMU: How's your collection of toy soldiers?  Do you still have a
> passion for it?
> A: It's getting a bit crazy.  I had a letter yesterday.  It's right
> here on the desk.  A letter from the curator of The Uniform And Medal
> Collection of the Navy Museum, Washington D.C., and it's postmarked
> Arlington.  This chap is the curator of this museum and he says he's a
> big fan of the band and he saw us on MTV.  I mentioned I collected toy
> soldiers and he does too and can he find me any American ones?  I was
> really chuffed actually.
Well, Webster's says
        chuffed (chuft) adj.[Brit. Colloq.] 1) pleased, delighted,
        gratified, etc.  2) disgruntled, displeased, unhappy, etc.

Clear as mud, right.  From the context we must assume that he was using
meaning #1.  What a wonderfully versatile word.  Let's hope it turns up
in a poignant lyric sometime soon.


Subject: This Is Live
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 91 12:44:38 EST

  O.K., I have a few minutes so here is the scoop on _This_Is_Live_:


  Its made by MUSICHIEN, sarl, Luxembourg and bears the number
  91CD-0202.  The CD itself is blank except for the title, a small
  copyright disclaimer about the edge, the number, and the usual
  CD stuff like the compact disc logo etc.  It is also marked ADD (!)
  and "Made in EEC".  Elsewhere on the disc liner it reads

  The cover bears a picture of the four-piece XTC with Andy (with his
  strawberry-colored glasses) and Colin down front, and Dave and
  Terry in back.  The picture is boxed in purple with light blue
  lettering.  The liner folds open to a two-panel cut-out picture of
  the band being silly, with Colin in a big-backed wicker-type chair
  and Andy sucking in his lips with some scissors poking out of his
  jacket pocket ("Snipping, snipping, snipping, goes the ...").

  Finally the songs:

    1 Live Begins At The Hop                  3:40
    2 Burning With Optimism's Flame           4:26
    3 Love At First Sight                     2:55
    4 Respectable Street                      3:36
    5 No Language In Our Lungs                5:14
    6 This Is Pop                             2:15
    7 Scissor Man                             4:45
    8 Towers Of London                        5:05
    9 Battery Brides                          7:42
    10 Living Through Another Cuba            3:26
    11 Generals And Majors                    4:00
    12 I'll Set Myself On Fire                4:09


  (Yes, it says "Live" Begins At The Hop and "I'll" Set Myself
   On Fire and "Flame" is singular.)

  The levels are good, the mix could be improved, but it was great
  to hear what I never had the chance to see.  Most all the songs
  are played at live speed, i.e. fast, and it's neat to hear the
  audience take over for Andy in the quiet bit before Respectable
  Street ("It's in the order of their hedgero-o-ows...").  Andy also
  gets some words in before a couple of songs include a short bit
  about labelling bands before _This_Is_Pop_.  I haven't heard the
  other live discs, but I'm happy with this one.


  P.S. "schrey"'s just my login -- the full thing's Schreyer --
       but Schrey usually works just as well:-).
 Timothy M. Schreyer               
 Center for Advanced Information Technology  (215) 648-2475
 Unisys, PO Box 517, Paoli, PA 19301         FAX: (215) 648-2288

	[ Tim: My apologies for losing part of your last name -- John ]


Date: Wed, 13 Nov 91 12:55:46 PST
Subject: "When You're Near Me" Chords

Hi, musical Chalkhillians...this is my feeble attempt to
desribe the chords for:

*When You're Near Me I Have Difficulty*

(Strum G chord once, followed by solo in G maj scale)

G-G-D-G A-A-E-A (played as notes on the two lowest bass strings
[E,A], starting on 3rd fret)

When you're near me I have difficulty respirating
C           Bmin           G          Amin  C  Bmin  G  Amin

When you're near me I have difficulty concentrating
C           Bmin           G          Amin  C  Bmin  G  Amin


When you're near me I have difficulty standing upright
C           Bmin           G          Amin     C  Bmin  G  Amin

When you're near me I have difficulty sleeping at night
C           Bmin           G          Amin     C  Bmin

I used to stand proud like a sphinx
Bflt            F

In a noble, immovable state
Bflt          F

Then your heart nailed me under a jinx
Bflt                      F

Now I feel like a jellyfish
F min (arpeggio style)

Just a spineless, wobbly jellyfish

And it's great....
         (some weird [diminished?] chords here; just move
          one finger & see what you get!)

REPEAT (1.), then (2.) "I used to stand tall like a pine," etc.)

I used to be an ice man (ice man), living in an ice man town
F#min                              E

So I'm warning all you cool cool icemen

Better be prepared to be melted right down

Dow-own dow-own down down down down
D   A   G   A   G    D         A

Dow-own dow-own down down down down
D   A   G   A   G    D         A

then final verse simply changes key up one fret
(easier to understand if you play barre chords)


Date:         Wed, 13 Nov 91 22:23:14 EDT
From: Ben Zimmer <>
Subject:      Title for new album?

A while ago there was a posting on saying what the working title
 for the new album is.  Now I've forgotten it.  Anyone know?  I think it was
two words, the first one being "Wonder".
                                                     Ben Zimmer


Date: Fri, 15 Nov 91 18:04:05 -0800
From: (Kevin Carhart)
Subject: CMJ quote, david dreams

Ah, it's great to get chalkhills again..
- I saw an ad for the domestic RAG n BONE BUFFET in a college music journal,
in which andy says "THIS IS XTC PORNOGRAPHY."

- and taking advantage of this college radio station's vast libraries of
music, i heard the "3rd stone from the sun" cover by David Dreams.  I've
never heard the original, but I like it.  I saw the beefheart album in
a local record store as well.
- (I should be getting a show pretty soon, so I'll plug and support the


Date: Mon, 18 Nov 91 9:57:00 PST
From: "John M. Relph" <>
Subject: Latest XTC sighting

  A new compilation CD called _Ambition -- The Cherry Red Story
Volume One_ has been released.  The CD includes Andy Partridge's
"The History of Rock and Roll."  That track originally appeared
on the _Miniatures_ LP that was issued by Cherry Red in 1980.
(Cherry Red was also responsible for issuing Dead Kennedys LPs
in the UK.)  The CD has the catalog number "cd bred 95".  Of
course, "The History of Rock and Roll" is also available on _Rag
& Bone Buffet_ so there is no reason to go right out and buy
this compilation CD.

	-- John


Date: Tue, 19 Nov 91 12:17:59 CST
From: ST9960@siucvmb.bitnet (Alan Fink (Why!?))
Subject: possible new release

Hi. I am writing to this forum for the first time. I've been wondering if
there is an XTC studio album in the works. It's been quite a while since
Oranges and Lemons, and I'm getting rather impatient. Also, if there is
an album on the horizon, will it contain a song I heard and recorded from
a live set at the studios of WXRT in Chicago called Blue Beret? And last
but not least, are there any more albums floating around in the vein of
Rag & Bone Buffet? I really enjoy hearing some of my XTC favorites as
they were first sketched out.  thanks for the help.


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