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Subject: Chalkhills #182

                  Chalkhills, Number 182

                 Monday, 28 October 1991
Today's Topics:
                 New XTC-related rekkids
               Re: Geffen American Reissues
                        MTV's CDs
           Three Wise Men seen at record store
                      O&L Packaging
               Dave Mattacks on "801" Album
                     Fly on the Wall

Date: Tue, 22 Oct 91 14:01:49 PDT
From: "John M. Relph" <>
Subject: New XTC-related rekkids

Two new releases (for the American market) have been spotted!

The first is _Never Mind the Mainstream: The Best of MTV's 120 Minutes
Vol. 1_, which contains XTC's "Dear God".  The liner notes have this
to say about XTC and "Dear God":

      A time-honored theme addressed in innovative music -- a
    child asks God why he lets the world suffer, and XTC use
    their free will to write one of the most intelligent and
    compelling songs in their 15-year career.  Originally just
    a B-side to the single "Grass", "Dear God" pulled more
    airplay than the A-side and earned its place on the second
    pressing of the album _Skylarking_.

The liner notes also contain a previously unseen photograph of XTC.
Also on this compilation are tracks by They Might Be Giants, Sinead
O'Connor, Robyn Hitchcock, Julian Cope, Camper Van Beethoven, and many
others.  Volume Two is also available.

The second release is Cud's _The Cud Band E.P._.  (One of the stupidest
titles ever conceived by a record company marketing dope.)  This CD-EP
contains five tracks from Cud's album _Leggy Mambo_, including two (or
three) produced by Dave Gregory (yes, there's an XTC connection).
Highly recommended.

       -- John


From: hvlpb!dhgpa!
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 91 13:43 MET
Subject: Re: Geffen American Reissues

phaedrus@unkaphaed.uucp (James E. Hartman) wrote in #181:
> (By "domestic," I mean American issue.  Sorry, for anyone reading this
> overseas.)
> Either way, domestic or foreign - I LIKE IT!

Don't feel ashamed about using the term domestic!  For the 'rest of the
world', the term 'domestic' has become a synonym for 'US version'.
I even feel I have to congratulate you on discovering this strange behaviour
yourself (although I must say I don't like being called 'foreign').

Ob. XTC: How about 'Part 4 of 4' of the French paper stuff, Emmanuel?  I'd
         like to know about Andy's garden being a black hole!

	[ Emmanuel is preparing for exams, so be patient and
	  wish him luck!  -- John ]


Date: Wed, 23 Oct 1991 11:31:32 -0500
From: "Bird Rendell H." <>
Subject: MTV's CDs


Does anyone out there know the name of the song(s) that XTC will be putting
on the MTV "Never Mind the Mainsteam" CD(s)?

Dave Kendall help one of them up to the camera, and my eyes were instantly
drawn to the little 'XTC' in the middle of the list of artists on the

If it is an interesting track -- I *WILL* buy it(them). If not, I may
pass and hold onto my money awaiting the new album.



Subject: Three Wise Men seen at record store
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 91 13:35:05 EDT
From: J Ross MacKay <>

"Yesterdays and Todays", a used record shop in Rockville, MD, has a copy
of  _The Three Wise Men_ with Thanks For Christmas/Christmas Party Time
on a UK release 45 RPM. It says it includes "the original press release".
They want $15.00 for it.
If any collectors out there in Chalkhillian Land want it, I'll pick it up
and mail it (probably about $2.00 for First Class).


Subject: O&L Packaging
Date: Sat, 26 Oct 91 02:59:16 +1000
From: The Neuromancer <>

hi all,

I'm not at all aware of what went on in Europe and the US, but here in
Australia the CD of "Oranges and Lemons" was freely available in two distinctly
different forms.  The first was the common-or-garden CD format; the second was
as a trilogy of three-inch CDs, the album being broken up into thirds for the
exercise.  This pack of three came inside a squat cardboard box, devoid of all
but the most basic track information.

I have wondered whether the packaging might, given the album's nostalgic
flavour, have been an attempt to present this album like an old 8-track
cartridge of similar dimensions.

I'd be interested to hear anyone's thoughts on this.

Andre a.k.a


Date:    Sun, 27 Oct 91 15:35 EST
From: <>
Subject: chords

Does anyone on the XTC mail list play the guitar?  on the REM we exchange
chords to rem songs all the time.  Being a lousy guitarist with no ear for
chords i don't contribute much, but if anybody else has any chords let me
know.  email me first. if i get some songs i'll just post them together.

ps. i'm really interested in mayor of simpleton.

"She claims she's found a way to make her own light, all you
do is smile; you banish the night.  She says she's burning with
optimism's flames"  XTC

Martin Gutowski                       Bitnet: mjg8@psuvm
Graduate Program in Ecology           Internet:


Date: Mon, 28 Oct 91 07:52:27 PST
Subject: Dave Mattacks on "801" Album

Dave Mattacks, who is behind the drum kit for XTC's latest yet-to-be-
released album, also played drums with the band "801" on the
studio album "Listen Now," which was released in 1977.

I don't know if this was mentioned.

"801" is a band that I've recently caught up on, basically because
Brian Eno was in the band, and I was following his work outside
of his excellent four solo efforts from the '70's. "801 Live"
is a very good album, featuring a great cover of "Tomorrow
Never Knows." I'm not sure if Mattacks is on the "801 Live"
album; I have the tape of this.

Oh, does anyone need a copy of the "Mummer" CD? Please write for



Date: Mon, 28 Oct 91 15:47:36 EST
From: Shorts <>
Subject: Fly on the Wall

	This is my first time reading/posting on the XTC mailing list,
so I am not sure if you've covered this topic in the distant past.....

	Has any one seen any epsiodes of 'The Young Ones' (a British Comedy
shown on MTV about 5 years ago)??  For some reason when I heard 'Fly on the
Wall' I could of sworn that during one of the episodes Rik said "I wish
I could be a fly on the wall" and then they went into their music section
of the show - was that XTC playing 'Fly on the Wall'?  Back then I have never
heard of them and wasn't really interested in the musical breaks in the show,
I usually just fast-forward.

	Also - do they ever perform live??  I've heard a rumor that they've
played on David Letterman - but for some reason I don't believe that.

Hey - Thanks,


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