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Subject: Chalkhills #178

                  Chalkhills, Number 178

               Thursday, 19 September 1991
Today's Topics:
                Reports of XTC reviews ...
                    "This is the End"?
                   New XTC _Window Box_
       Newbury Comics as Source for ENB CD, Vol. II
                     New XTC goodies
                 French paper Part 1 of 4
                      XTC in Motion

Date: Mon, 16 Sep 91 13:44:23 EST
From: (Graeme Wong See)
Subject: Reports of XTC reviews ...

"Bird Rendell H." reports ...
"One again, a magazine I subscribe .."

Could people who are going to report on XTC reviews in magazines, rumours
or other info from magazines please at least give us the
name and issue of the magazine. Nothing more frustrating than wanting to
get the magazine and seeing no mention whatsoever which one it is.



ps by the way Rendell, in which magazine and issue did you see this review?


Date: Mon, 16 Sep 91 02:07:02 -0400
From: (lonely is an eyesore)
Subject: "This is the End"?

OK, obviously I missed something while I was away in Illinois all summer.
What is "The is the End"?  Where does it appear?  Who? Hah? Wha?

I picked up my copy of the "Dear God" CD5 for $2 new in a store in
Urbana, IL.  Nyeah nyeah.  I was shocked.

As for Andy's comments on "Officer Blue" and "Strange Tales"... I find this
truly odd, since those are actually two of my favorite tracks.  I could
understand "Strange Tales", I guess, since it does push the envelope on
the 'quirky' appelation; "Officer Blue" is just too cool though.  Andy, if
you ever get to read this, you're a dope.  They rock bells, dude!

Joe Turner                       |              
Practically every one of the Top 40 records being played on every radio station
in the United States is a communication to the children to take  a trip; to cop
out;  to groove.  The  psychedelic jackets on the record  albums have their own
hidden symbols and messages,  as well as  all the lyrics  of all the   top rock
songs, and they all sing the same refrain: it's fun to take  a trip -- put acid
in your vein.


Date: Mon, 16 Sep 91 20:39:13 PDT
From: "John M. Relph" <>
Subject: New XTC _Window Box_

Hi, it's me again, reporting on the XTC Convention '91.

  Of course you're all wondering about the special four-song cassette
that was to be distributed at the convention.  Well, it's true, a
ticket to the convention entitled one to receive a copy of the new XTC
release, entitled _Window Box_.

  _Window Box_ includes three songs by XTC and a fourth featuring The
Dukes of Stratosphear.  The first two songs, "Always Winter Never
Christmas" and "Rip Van Ruben", were penned by Andy Partridge, the
third song, entitled "Bungalow", was penned by Colin Moulding, and the
final track was written by Sir John Johns for a band called Chalk
Cigar Chief Champion, who have since vanished into oblivion.

  The songs were recorded in the respective writers' homes on their
own equipment, although judging by the superior sound quality I'd have
to say that since Andy's attic collapsed he has invested in better
equipment than that used recording the songs on _Jules Verne's
Sketchbook_.  (I did notice that in the "Down In The Shed" video that
Andy's recorder looked like an eight-track, but I couldn't be sure.)

  "Always Winter Never Christmas" has a great happy backing track, but
the lyrics are along the lines of "Snowman": I would love you as no
other could if only you'd let me in your door.  Great energy to this

  "Rip Van Ruben" is another out of love song: as Rip sleeped he
missed his love walking out the door.  Unlike "1000 Umbrellas",
however, there is no happy ending.  She is merely and truly gone.

  Jim Jefferson wrote that you could tell a song written by Colin by
checking for any of "a gentle, rocking waltz meter, overtones of
paganism, any reference to people named Nigel, fingerclicks, bonfires,
or having sex outdoors."  True enough, in "Bungalow" Colin sings "In
the gorse / You can be mine".  This song reminds me of a slower
Beatles song from the time of _The Beatles_ LP.

  And then The Dukes contribute "It's Snowing Angels", a fun
psychadelic song in the style of "everything The Lovin Spoonful did,
with big dollops of Donovan".  Wonderful nonsensical lyrics.

    I can't deny my toes
    The right to fresh air
    And the joy of poking through

  The cover of _Window Box_ has a pair of fold-out shutters which open
to reveal a robed figure with the face of the Sun seated on what
appears to be a very large poppy, growing out of the ocean.  A winged
fairy sits on a smaller blossom at his feet, a sailing ship on the
horizon sails towards the land in the distance, and ghostly images of
cherubim can be made out under the surface of the sea.  Behind this
picture is a picture of a pipe organ, captioned "Harmonia Nas Centis
Mvndi", very much in the style of world maps from the 17th century.
The cover also folds out to reveal the lyrics for all four songs, and
the innermost panel contains a reproduction of an  etching of three
well-dressed English gentlemen supported by hot air balloons, high in
the clouds and surrounded by birds, as they make their way to some
unknown destination.  Shades of "Chalkhills and Children"?

  All in all, a quality XTC experience.

	-- John


Date: Tue, 17 Sep 91 06:06:20 PDT
Subject: Newbury Comics as Source for ENB CD, Vol. II

Chalkhills people in the Boston area have another source besides
Tower Records to get a copy of Ernest Noyes Brooking, Volume
2, for the track "Rocket". I got a copy of this CD at Newbury Comics
in Burlington, which is at the little mall right across from the
Burlington Mall (Vinegate Plaza?) Right next to Taco Bell, where
you can get a Fiesta Platter for 99 cents.

I like, but don't love, "Rocket." (ooh, blasphemy!)

I actually prefer the more raw cut "Toast," by The Incredible Casuals.

I agree with John Relph, tho; this is a worthwhile CD. Sort of reminds
me of "Gong Show" rejects who, instead of tossing in the towel,
practiced their weird craft to a point of perfection. Howzat?



Date: Tue, 17 Sep 91 13:56:02 PDT
From: "John M. Relph" <>
Subject: New XTC goodies

Here are a few new XTC and XTC-related goodies you might be able to locate:

 20. In Motion
     Radios in Motion (BBC version); Cross Wires (BBC version); Let's Have Fun
     (BBC version); Fireball XL5 (BBC version); Science Friction (BBC version);
     I'm Bugged (BBC version); Newtown Animal in a Furnished Cage (BBC
     version); Hang On To The Night (BBC version); All Along The Watchtower
     (BBC version); She's So Square (BBC version); Making Plans for Nigel
     (demo); Wait Till Your Boat Goes Down (demo); 10ft Tall (demo); Officer
     Blue (demo); Disco (Looking For Footprints) (demo); Chain of Command
     (demo); When You're Near Me (demo).  bootleg, from BBC session recorded in
     1977 and original demo recordings.
     a. CD, RD? Germany, RD003, 1991?.  bootleg.

A new XTC bootleg CD, as yet unheard of on Chalkhills.  The first 10
tracks are all from BBC sessions in 1977, and are of fair to poor
quality.  There are better quality cassette recordings of these tracks
available from other XTC collectors.  The remaining tracks are all
demo recordings, of slightly better quality.  "Looking for Footprints"
was an outtake from _Go 2_ (with Barry Andrews).  The cover folds out
into a double-wide color picture of XTC at the time of _Drums and
Wires_.  The CD was pressed in Switzerland, but appears to be German.

 88. Peter Blegvad: Peter Who?
     45 minute promotional CD of poetry, music, and jingles by Peter Blegvad
     and Andy Partridge.
     a. CD, Silvertone UK?, ?, 1990.  promo.

Peter Blegvad and Andy Partridge went down to the bottom of Andy's
garden and recorded this CD of poetry, music, and jingles, in order to
promote Peter Blegvad's most recent LP, _King Strut_.  If anybody can
get their hands on this, I'll gladly trade or remunerate.

 93. Cud: Elvis Belt (Only You Can Take Me There)
     Dave Gregory, as Earl Ether, produces Hey!wire (the Stratospheric mix).
     a. LP, Imaginary UK, ILL 013, 1990.  unseen.
     b. CD, Imaginary UK, ILLCD 013, 1990.

Yes, it's true, Dave Gregory took another nom de disque when he
produced this remix of this Cud B-side track.  David Dreams becomes
Earl Ether, and adds a little psychadelic spice a la "Good Morning"
>from _Sgt. Pepper's_.  He should have been credited as Lord Cornelius
Plum, as this IS the Stratospheric mix.

	-- John


Date: Wed, 18 Sep 91 13:04:38 EDT
From: Emmanuel Marin <MARINP92@frecp12.bitnet>
Subject: French paper Part 1 of 4

  Here is the first part (of four) of a French interview of our favorite
songwriter, Andy Partridge.

  Thanks to John M. Relph for grammatical and spelling corrections...

  The paper is from '89.



    They were divers, papermen, railwaymen, clergymen.  Now
    made up by the flower-power parody, Andy Partridge and the
    hedonist clowns of XTC gorge themselves on the sweetness
    inside the musical nirvana of "Oranges and Lemons", a
    snakes-and-ladders album where madness and naiveness are
    combined, sobriety and exuberance, all blessed by England.
    A land of plenty where the children of the Monty Python
    become intoxicated.

Q: "Garden Of Earthly Delights" is the first track of your new album,
"Oranges and Lemons".  Where is it?  The place where you live, the room
where you keep your collection of little lead soldiers?

AP: It is the world.  The world is a fantastic place, in the same time
horrible and beautiful, with towns, jungles, forests, trash or splendid
things.  It is the world with all its facets, filled with ugly and nice
guys...  And that is all we have.  Many people are spending their lives
considering the Earth as the waiting room of the Garden Of Eden and are
wasting it: "Oh!  I cannot wait to die!  Afterwards, I will be happy,
it will be the Garden Of Eden..."  But the Garden Of Eden must be
awful!  Can you imagine yourself staying for eternity in a place where
you cannot even have a drink?  I am sure there is no alcohol in the
Garden Of Eden, it must be unbearable.  Most of people are wasting
their lives.  I do not think that they realize that the Garden Of Eden,
well, it is here.  The Garden Of Eden and the Hell, by the way...  It
is the same thing.  The whole song gives children, young children,
basic advice, so that they can make the most of life.  Because that is
all we have in life: pleasure.  Or should I say that is all we should
have.  But there is one rule, only one: do not hurt anybody.  If you
succeed in it, then you play the game of life perfectly.  The idea that
life is a waste of time, waiting for death to reach a better world, is
totally silly.

Q: Since when do you know that the Garden Of Eden and Hell are here,
on Earth?

A.P.: I think that this idea slowly spreads through the planet:
religion is a human invention.  All the religions have been invented by
man.  The truth is that there is no old Shakespearian actor sitting on
a little cloud, wearing a huge beard, who says: "Oh come!  Hurry to
die, the you will be able to visit all your ancestors!..."  What a
terrible thought!  I simply do not want to see my old uncles!  It
horrifies me.  A lot of people do not realize that life is wonderful,
until they are going to lose it.  When they grow old, they begin to
think "I'd better be on good with God, just to show him that I have not
forgotten him, that I go back to church".  Elderly people, near death,
go back to the church, thinking "God, sorry to have neglected you all
these years, but you see, I will soon come near You, then if You could
make a place for me..."  Absurd.  To live is to open one's head, one's
mind, and to let in the most you can of life.  Because that is all we
have.  There is nothing else.  There are no twilight zones, no other
dimensions filled with spectres.  There are no UFOs, no Gods, no giant
turtle carrying the world upon his back.  There is only what we have,
which is wonderful, so why are we looking somewhere else?

Q: Are you always so convinced or do you sometimes feel like ...

AP: Praying when the plane is caught in turbulences?  Yes and no.  When
the surgeon gives you an anaesthetic, when you begin to lose
consciousness, what are you thinking about?  First, the classic things
about death, your mother, your wife, your children, school...  Then,
more animal instincts, agony...  The idea of God, THE figure of the
Father and the Mother together, helps only to put your mind at ease.
In fact, you try to cool down by praying, it is like instant
meditation, "God, please help me", but all we do, is to take fresh
heart, "Come on, pull yourself together".  And you do not need religion
for that.

Q: You talk about the pleasure of being on Earth.  You have the
image of being an ecologist band, close to Nature...

AP: I think it is for a great part one of the ideas that people project
onto us.  Had they stopped to project these ideas, they would realize
that we are just an empty screen.  We think we are honest musicians,
songwriters... bastards, anything you want.  Honesty is not to claim to
be what you are not.  I think we are as honest as possible.

Q: Do you feel close to nature?

AP: Absolutely.  I prefer by far Nature to anything man do.  Or woman.
I have always thought you can trust animals, but not humanity.  For
example: take two cages.  In the first, you put the director of a big
petrochemical company, seated behind his desk, with a phone.  Now it is
your turn to enter the cage with this... human.  I do not think you
could trust him.  In the other cage, a tiger.  You can trust it in an
implicit way because, at least, you know what you can expect.  The tiger
says to you "Step back, I'm gonna eat you", but you ask yourself what
the director can think, if he tells you the truth, if he smiles or if he
just takes you for a fool, you see what I mean?  Then I prefer animals
to people.  Humans are so pompous, and violent.  Pretentious enough to
suppose anything, for example "Well.. Let's see... Well, okay, someone
has created us, and since we are perfection, this someone must look as
we do.  Then, he made us to his image, because he is like us and we are
like him..."  People are so puffed up with self-importance that they
have never imagined that the incarnation of life could be a cockroach.
Why should the Maker of the Universe not look like a cockroach, making
everything to his image?  Man would be only a mass of flesh, a sort of
big joke, like a failure, well designed but a failure.  Humanity has a
ludicrous self-importance.  You cannot trust it and it is superficial:
you can see through, permanently, and that is rather funny to observe.



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From: Marcus Deininger <>
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 91 07:35:10 +0200
Subject: XTC in Motion

Last week I've got a new bootleg CD; as it did not appear
on the discography, it maybe also new to you:

  4. XTC in Motion, (No label, only the number "RD 003" on the disc
     and "Multi Media Masters Switzerland" on the inner ring of
     the CD).
     Running time is about 54 minutes, containing 17 tracks.

     The first ten tracks are:

     Radios in motion; Cross wires; Lets have fun; Fireball XL5;
     Science friction; I'm bugged; Newtown animal; Hang on to the
     night; All along the watchtower; She's so square.

     Acording to the sleeve, these are recordings of a BBC session
     1977. It is a live recording and the sound is not so fantastic
     as you would expect it from this sleeve note, but it is still
     quite good (Andys guitar sounds even great!).
     "Lets have fun" is a track I don't know (the same as Bags of Fun
     which I don't know ether ??), nice piece.
     "Fireball XL5" is indeed the title song of the TV-serial and it
     is indeed great.

     The last seven tracks are:

     Making plans for Nigel; Wait till your boat goes down; 10ft tall;
     Officer blue; Disco (looking for footprints); Chain of command;
     When you near me I have difficulty.

     Acording to the sleeve, these recordings are demos.
     Making plans for Nigel and When you near me I have difficulty
     sound like rough mixes of the released songs (maybe different
     Wait till your boat goes down, 10ft tall (US single version)
     and Chain of command are only slight remixes (if at all).
     Officer blue is a completely different version, no overdubs,
     total different voice (I think the lyrics are also altered).
     Disco (looking for footprints) is the instrumental version
     of  Looking for footprints, heavily remixed (no organ and a
     little solo drumming of Terry) extended to nearly 5 minutes.
     Sounds like another part of Homo Safari.
     The recording quality except for "Disco" isn't that good as
     you would expect it from demo-outtakes.

bye Marcus


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