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Subject: Chalkhills #177

                  Chalkhills, Number 177

                Friday, 13 September 1991
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               Re: Third Stone From The Sun
                   Re: Chalkhills #176
                 Japanese The Compact XTC
                   RE: Chalkhills #176
      King For A Day in the spiffy crown-shaped box
                     More XTC Reviews
              First news from the Convention

Subject: Re: Third Stone From The Sun
Date: Mon, 9 Sep 91 7:04:09 EDT
From: J Ross MacKay <> writes
> I heard that XTC anonymously covered Third Stone From The Sun on what
> would have been an otherwise boring montage of various artists.  I forget
> the name they used, but I beleive it was released in Europe.  What is the
> story on this?
>From our own John Relph's exhaustive discography comes:

 79. ``If 6 Was 9''
     A Tribute to Jimi Hendrix.  compilation album, produced by Alan Duffy.
     includes David Dreams: Third Stone from the Sun.  Dave Gregory plays all
     a. CD, Imaginary UK, ILL CD 800, April? 1990.
     b. LP/CT/CD, Communion USA, COMM LP/CS/CD 18, May 1990.

And for all of you crossover Deadheads (of which there are many, I'm sure;-)
here's a listing from the Grateful Dead discography:

If Six Was Nine - Alan Duffy and others (Imaginary Records COMM 18CD, The
        Communion Label, P.O. Box 95625, Atlanta, GA 94117) this album of
        Jimi Hendrix cover versions includes "If Six Was Nine" by The
        Obsequious Cheese Log, which includes Bob Weir on vocals and rhythm
        guitar. [and Henry Kaiser on guitar]


Date: Wed, 11 Sep 91 1:28:48 PDT
From: "John M. Relph" <>
Subject: Re: Chalkhills #176

In an amazing show of cosmic unconsciousness, Wes Wilson
<>, Nou Dadoun <>,
and Dan Weir <> all note that ``the line
`Go Fuck Yourself With Your Atom Bomb' is taken from a poem
called `America' by Allen Ginsberg dating from the

It is interesting to note that the version of the poem that was
boardcast and subsequently recorded by John Leckie and then
used on _25 O'Clock_ was probably sung by Tuli Kupferberg, who
has recorded an album containing that song.

	-- John


Date: Wed, 11 Sep 91 05:13:34 PDT
Subject: Japanese The Compact XTC

Here's one for the discography: there's a Japanese CD of The Compact
XTC: The Singles, 1978-85. I have it. Catalogue number is VJD-28114.

The tracks on it are the same as on the UK version; however, it is
much cleaner sounding than the UK version, and includes the album
version of Senses Working Overtime instead of the edit.

It also includes _lyrics- for all of the songs, and a discography, but
the drawback is it's in Japanese only.

The lyrics are definitely amusing. It appears that someone rather
hastily attempted to write them out, with the following results:

This is Pop?

In a new bar, and feeling last
Drinking sodas that are colder sast
Someone looks in my direction
Quizzing on my jury selection

There are more examples, but I don't have the disc here with me.

It's also amusing to note that in the lyrics they include every
"O-O-O-O-O" in Statue of Liberty, and generally every utterance in the
songs. A different approach...definitely worth the extra money
I had to pay for it, I think.

I also bought the Japanese version of _Chips from the Chocolate
Fireball_. Will provide that number when I get a chance. That
one reprints the lyrics from the UK Virgin release, _and_
includes the color (not the US black & white) photos in the

The Japanese CDs are very good quality; makes me want to order
the whole catalogue!


Date: Tue, 11 Sep 90 08:13:48 -0500
From: ms_jackson%swfact.dnet@swfunx (Mike Jackson)
Subject: RE: Chalkhills #176

Another endless groove is at the end of some copies of Peter Gabriel's second
album (I have the British import on Charisma Records).  The song is "White
Shadow", which also features another fantastic Robert Fripp guitar solo.


Date: Thu, 12 Sep 91 19:11:28 EDT
From: (Void where prohibited by law.)
Subject: King For A Day in the spiffy crown-shaped box


Months on this mailing list and only *now* am I finally posting to it
for the first time.

Tower Records has just opened a branch in Ann Arbor.  I was just over
there checking the place out.  I think I've found heaven.  :-)  I
picked up a copy of "King For A Day" in the crown-shaped box for
$6.99.  They also had "Dear God" backed with the Homo Safari series
for about $7.99 or $8.99.  I could only afford the one.  If anyone
wants either of these they had two copies of each (only one copy of
"King" left though.  :-) )  I'm willing to buy and send stuff through
the mail for the cost of the CD plus mailing costs.

     "Coincidences are a spiritual sort of puns."  -- G.K. Chesterton
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Date: Fri, 13 Sep 1991 15:00:43 -0500
From: "Bird Rendell H." <>
Subject: More XTC Reviews


Once again, a magazine I subscribe to has reviews of the XTC re-issues.
This one is much more positive. I will include my comments in brackets
[like this].

Also note: The XTC reviews are the first ones (in the rock section)
one reads the magazine. I appreciate the fact that XTC gets the place of honor.

XTC: Drums and Wires
8/8    [performance/sound quality]

XTC: Black Sea

"A decade before XTC began polishing their _Oranges and Lemons_ with
a Beatlesque, retro-psychedelic sheen, the English band injected a
hard punk kick and an art-rock density into new wave pop. Many listeners
are probably unaware of anything the group did before 1987's _Skylarking_,
simply because nothing has been available on CD. Until now. Geffen has
finally re-released five early XTC albums on CD for the first time in the U.S.

[This should put to rest all the horay over _Big Express_ since it doesn't
even get "an honorable mention" here; or anywhere else in the article]

[For the humor-impaired:     ;-)        ]

The reissues include a pair of XTC albums from 1978, _White Music (with
a whopping 7 bonus tracks), and _Go 2_ (with a modest one), as well as
1983's folkier _Mummur_,  [Hey!!, they can't even spell the titles correctly!,
and this is just about my favorite XTC album, too.  Doubly insulting.]
a transitional recording (with 6 bonus tracks) that followed the exit
of drummer Terry Chambers. (XTC subsequently turned into a studio-only
band, due to singer/songwriter/guitarist Andy Partridge's stage fright).
In fact, the only one of XTC 10 albums still not on CD is _Waxworks:
Some Singles 1977-1982, and some of its songs have been transferred to
these CD releases.

Most essential among the five reissues is 1979's _Drums_ [I am going to
start shorting things...too much typing; and we *know* what they are
talking about] and 1980's _Black Sea_, back to back watermarks
produced by Steve Lillywhite (who would later with the U2 and The Pogues)
and engineered by Hugh Padgham (later with Genesis). Each has three
bonus tracks. But with the exception of _BS_'s "The Somnambulist",
the bonus songs are merely supplements to already established classics.

_D&W_ is sequenced in the order of its British release, which means it
opens with the gem "Making Plans" (bonus tracks include "Life Begins",
which was on the U.S. LP instead of "Day In Day Out"). Highlights
in a poppier vein also include the nervous, tuneful "When You're
Near me" and "Outside World". But the terse, shifting "Roads Girdle
the Globe", and off-kilter "Millions" hinted at the harder art-rock
that would arrive on XTC next release

_BS_ upped the ante with a denser production wallop, especially in the
cold war romp "Living Through Another Cuba" (driven by a snappy
timbale-like beat), "No Language in Our Lungs" (over-derivative
in its _Abbey Road_ build-up), and the Armageddon-like rumble
"Travels in Nihilon". But the album also featured the sprightly anti-war
hit "Generals and Majors". One of bassists Colin Moulding's tunes (he
wrote most of XTC pure pop stuff), "Generals" sports upbeat whistling
over a bouncy beat.

Obvious care went into the digital remastering of these CDs, both of
which boast sharp, defined presence and hefty punch, especially in the
bottom end occupied by the rhythm section. The sound of _BS_ is
more in-your-face, appropriately corresponding to the album's heavier
style. To put it simply, a log discs made and release 1991 don't sound
as good as XTC early albums, and that a lot for these 12-year-old
[Has anyone listened to the new rereleases side-by-side to see if
there is any appreciable difference in sound quality?]

                                 -Paul Robicheau

[good Cajun name, slightly mispelt]

Well, that is the greater portion of it...whatcha think?  There is like a
"P.s." about the band also including David Gregory.

Rendell (The Man with the HUGE .sig file)
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Date: Fri, 13 Sep 91 16:40:55 PDT
From: "John M. Relph" <>
Subject: First news from the Convention

I am writing up a report from the XTC Music and Friends Convention
1991, but in the meantime, here are a few interesting bits from the
program for the Convention.  These were some videos which were shown:

    Down In The Shed
	An acoustic set recorded in Andy's home studio for
	the 1990 Convention, 5 songs, some of which may
	appear on the new album.

    Up To The Kitchen
	Andy, Colin & Dave talk about life in general
	around the kitchen table.  (Guest appearances by
	Harry Partridge & Charlie Parker!)

Chalkhills gets a mention in "Up To The Kitchen".

    The Latest From The Greatest!
	Filmed at Chipping Norton Studios July 28 - Aug 10
	1991 with producer Gus Dudgeon behind the camera.
	The following letter from Dave gives a few details.

Here's Dave Gregory's letter:

      By way of explanation, I'll give you a brief run-down of
    what you will see -- the video was shot over six random
    days here in the studio as basic drum tracks were being
    prepared for the songs.  As you will see (and hear), this
    can be a laborious, tedious process that can take forever,
    even with a talented musician like Dave Mattacks behind
    the kit.  However, I think it gives a pretty good insight
    to what happens to the music way before it reaches your
    record player!  And it's only just begun!!

      DAY 1 (28-7-91) -- the tape starts with Andy & Dave
    Mattacks preparing a rhythm guide to a song of Andy's
    called `Then She Appeared.'  The guy in the blue shirt is
    the studio engineer, Barry Hammond, who is the album's
    secret weapon -- he's doing a brilliant job, he's working
    harder than anybody else, he's always cheerful -- what
    more can I say?  Incidentally, we're recording this album
    digitally, which means that there's no analogue tape
    involved, all the sounds are as `real' as it's possible to
    hear -- no tape hiss, no extraneous noise -- the finished
    album is going to sound incredible!  (Trust me!)  Gus
    takes a walk around the studio, where Dave Mattacks' drums
    are either set up or strewn everywhere.  At one point he
    counted no fewer than 17 snare drums scattered about.

      DAY 2 (29-7-91) -- Dave trying the part on his small kit
    in the `studio' area, followed by Andy preparing a guitar
    `loop.'  He plays two bars of the basic guitar riff, which
    is then `sampled' and made into a perpetual `loop' which
    will provide the basis for the rhythm track of this song.
    Then there's some clowning about, involving an imaginary
    list of Indian song-titles, as compiled by A.P.  Well,
    you've got to do something to break the monotony!  Next,
    we see Dave M. back in the `live' room on his big kit,
    repairing his drum track.

      DAY 3 (30-7-91) -- This is as close as you're likely to
    get to a live gig from XTC this year.  Here we are in the
    studio running through another of Andy's songs, `The
    Disappointed,' again for the benefit of establishing the
    rhythm track.  Two takes of this, the second with an
    audible vocal!  Gus takes you round the studio towards the
    end of the song, showing the mixing console, digital
    mastering machine, then walks into the live drum area --
    what a bloody row!

      DAY 4 (1-8-91) -- Features Colin & Andy on acoustic
    guitars, rehearsing Colin's `Didn't Hurt a Bit' -- note
    Mattacks drumming on a drum case for a part of the song.
    Playback in control room, followed by Colin over-dubbing a
    guide bass part.

      DAY 5 (6-8-91) -- Running through Andy's `That Wave,'
    followed by playback in the studio.  Don't worry, the
    guitar solo will be fixed!  Actually we re-cut the track
    to a different tempo, as you can see Andy & Dave are there
    sorting it out with the drum machine.

      DAY 6 (10-8-91) -- The briefest of brief `hello's' to
    the conventioneers, put together rather hastily in the
    studio kitchen.  I apologise for the rather impersonal
    nature of our vote of thanks . . .  hope you'll forgive us
    for the brevity of the message, but at this stage we've
    very little to say except it's all going well, and we're
    hopelessly behind schedule, but we're working very hard to
    bring you something worth listening to in the new year.

Unfortunately, I missed much of the videotape that Dave has written
about, as it was getting late and we were getting tired.

Stay tuned!  (No pun intended.)

	-- John


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