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Subject: Chalkhills #16

                  Chalkhills, Number 16

                  Wednesday, 10 May 1989
Today's Topics:
        Here we go again (where life begins on CD)
                       re: dear god
                     ...and children

Date: Tue, 9 May 89 22:06:03 EDT
From: Mike Godfrey <>
Subject: Here we go again (where life begins on CD)

I was at the record store today, and I happened to have looked at
the Canadian CD release of "Drums and Wires" and guess what ....
"Life Begins at the Hop" is on it!!  This is contrary to what
anyone else has said so far (i.e. tha LBATH is only available
in CD form on the "Compact XTC").

The Canadian CD is the same as the Canadian LP -- that is "Day In,
Day Out" is absent (but on the original UK LP and CD release) and
LBATH appears in its place as the third cut.

Like the Virgin UK CD, the Canadian CD has catalogue number CDV 2129,
but unlike the UK CD, it does *not* contain "Limelight" or "Chain of
Command" (or "Day In, Day Out").  The Canadian CD is from Virgin, but
I couldn't tell by looking at the package if it was Virgin Canada or
if it's imported from somewhere else (my "domestic" version of
"English Settlement" was made in France).

This is the only XTC CD I lack, but I think that I'll wait to find
a copy with the other three songs on it.  I have DAW on vinyl.


Date: Wed, 10 May 89  19:12:26 EDT
From: jsd@umass.bitnet
Subject: re: dear god

(acting in my capacity as lyrics manager)

I have replaced the one line that was blatantly incorrect in
the "Dear God" lyrics, but I would advise those who write in with
requests for other corrections to forget it, unless it's really
nasty, because messing with the lyrics database is a chancy operation
at best, and should be avoided if at all possible.  This time I
felt intervention was warranted because somebody who I won't mention
screwed up big time.

 !   !\             BITNET: jsd@umass
\!on !/rukman      ARPANET:
management by ian reid global domination co.

	[However, if you send your changes to the lyrics to
	 chalkhills-request, they will be saved here.	-- John]


From: sco!
Subject: ...and children
Date: Wed May 10 16:52:15 1989

>Who is (are) the child(ren) singing on "Dear God" and the vocal excerpts
>in PSONIC PSUNSPOT?  How did the members meet up with him/her/them?

The spoken bits on Psonic Psunspot are by Lily Fraser, a girl whose
family lived above the studio.  Andy wrote a bunch of Lewis Carrollish
nonsense and had her read it.

The vocals on "Dear God" are, as I recall, by the daughter of one of
the engineers or something; I remember Andy saying in an interview that
he thought the voice was the wrong gender and the wrong nationality,
since he thought of it as himself as a child.  I don't think the
gender of the singer is that obvious, though.

-- Stewart


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