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Subject: Chalkhills #159

                  Chalkhills, Number 159

                  Wednesday, 15 May 1991
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                   Re: Chalkhills #157
                   Re: Chalkhills #158
                        Dream Down
                  Canadian Skylarking CD
               the Good Lord (as in David)
                   Re: Chalkhills #158
                     Blank Mail Note
                     XTC Music Books
                 an end to pink thing[s]
              The Great "Pink Thing" Debate
                       Sickie Pink

Date: Tue, 14 May 91 21:53:03 PDT
From: John M. Relph <>
Subject: Re: Chalkhills #157

Barbara Petersen <> gets excited:

>In Chalkhills #156, John M. Relph <> writes:
>> In an interview with SFX Magazine (see the Discography) Andy talks
>> about how he loved comic books and TV shows like _FireBall XL-5_,
>> and in fact Andy wrote a song about that show.
>Ooooh!  Which song is that, pray tell?  That was my favorite TV show
>when I was about five....

Sorry, folks, I must retract that.  In fact Andy did NOT write a
song about the show.  However, XTC used to perform the theme song,
"Fireball XL-5", and recorded a version of it for _White Music_.
They also recorded a dub version.  Neither version made it onto the LP.
The dub version was XTC's first dub remix.

                                . . .

Robert R Reall <> asks some questions:

>1.  I just bought the Geffen CD's for White Music, Drums and
>Wires, Black Sea and Mummer.  The CD booklets have pictures in
>them that are not on the sleeves of the albums I have.   My
>vinyl copy of White Music is in just a plain white sleeve.  My
>question is:  where did these pictures come from?  Were they
>on singles or something?

Are you asking about the cover art?  Or the inner sleeve?  As far as
I know, the extra pictures included in the CD booklets are bonus
pictures taken around the time of the release of the original LPs.
The pictures included with _Mummer_ are definitely from the photo
sessions for the cover.  The booklet for the UK CD of _Drums and
Wires_ has no pictures.

>2.  Why is the CD for Drums and Wires not like the ones for
>White Music, Black Sea and Mummer, i.e. why should it be
>yellow and purple when the other ones are black and white?

Tell me more!  Yellow and purple?

>3.  Are the booklets for the UK CD's the same as for the
>American versions, specifically, are the covers cropped?

Cropped?  You mean the black strips across the top and bottom?  Only
_Black Sea_ and _White Music_ have the cropped covers.

        -- John


Subject: Re: Chalkhills #158
Date: Wed, 15 May 91 8:24:30 EET DST

> [Obligatory XTC tie-in:  Dave Stewart and Barbara Gaskin do a great
> cover of "Roads Girdle the Globe" on _Up From the Dark_.  Their

  Yes, it's a great version, very unlike the original. However, I haven't
heard anything about a record called _Up From The Dark_. I suspect it's
the American name for _As Far As Dreams Can Go_, which has the
aforementioned song. They have 3 records out here in Europe on the German
Line Records label, _As Far As Dreams Can Go_, _The Big Idea_ and
_The Singles_.

  And back to XTC: how many different versions of "Drums & Wires" exist
on CD? (I suspect this has been discussed before, please forgive my


Date: Wed, 15 May 91 00:16:52 PDT
From: (Kevin Carhart)
Subject: Dream Down

You're going insane, John.
legitimacy:  I bought Thomas Dolby's "The Golden Age of Wireless" the
other day (along with the new Julian Cope and the new Joe Jackson..
and there's an Elvis Costello, too!  Wow!)  for the sake of Andy's
contribution to "Europa and the Pirate Twins".. I didn't realize
I'd heard that song before, all those years, but I knew what it
was right away.  The Boys apparently play harmonica, or something?
Anyway,it's a good worthwhile album.
..does $20 for "skeletons" and "my paint heroes" in the crown-shaped
box sound like a good deal to you?...


From: telly!masnet!rose!
Date: Tue, 14 May 91 15:38:00 EST
Subject: Canadian Skylarking CD

After a six month absence Virgin Canada has decided to once again make
the Canadian version of the Skylarking CD available.  It was
re-released a couple of weeks ago as budget priced item (in Canada
that means it sells for $18-19 instead of $21-23).

For those not familiar with this version: it consists of the original
pre-"Dear God" version of the album with "Mermaid Smiled" in its
original position and as an added bonus it includes Dear God tacked
onto to the end.  Canada is the only country to release this CD with
both "Mermaid Smiled" and "Dear God".

**** John, I don't know how you feel about arranging sales through
**** Chalkhills, so if you are against it then please delete the
**** following paragraph.

If anybody would like to obtain a copy of this CD and you aren't
planning a trip to Canada this summer and you don't have any friends
up here to send you nifty CDs then I may be able to help you out.  I
could mail copies of this CD to US residents for about $18-19
(US funds) including postage costs.  E-mail me for more information if

Mark LaForge
p.o. box 156, adelaide st., toronto, ontario, canada  m5c 2j1
Reply to: lsuc!canrem!
      or: telly!masnet!rose!


Date: Wed, 15 May 91 10:13:11 EDT
From: Mike Godfrey <>
Subject: the Good Lord (as in David)

From: (Duane Day)
>RUSHER writes:
>>I supposed the producer(s) of `Big Express' caused me
>>to  be  confounded.  But I don't know of David Lord's works.
>The only other album he produced that I know of is Peter Gabriel's fourth,
>sometimes called _Security_ (at least in the U.S.; I don't know how it's
>referred to in Japan.)  I know he's done at least a few other things, but
>I don't remember the titles or artists.

David Lord also co-produced the "Three Wise Men" single (to be found on
"Rag and Bone Buffet").  He was credited as "The Good Lord".

>From the Chalkhills Enquirer department:  David Lord also had a
well-publicised affair with Peter Gabriel's wife, at roughly the same
time Peter was having it off with Rosanne Arquette.  Peter's authorized
biography actually goes into some detail about this.

Mike Godfrey


Date: Wed, 15 May 91 10:36:57 PDT
From: John M. Relph <>
Subject: Re: Chalkhills #158

Duane Day <> writes:

>> But I don't know of David Lord's works.
>The only other album he produced that I know of is Peter Gabriel's fourth,
>sometimes called _Security_

David Lord also produced Peter Blegvad's _Knights Like This_.

				. . .

Broadcasting live from Santa Cruz, here's Dances With Voles <>:

> (Bird Rendell H):
>>_Skylarking_ sound quality  -- sounds pitiful in headphones, easily
>>the worst sounding CD in my XTC catalog. Sonics are over-bright, bass
>>is non-existant.
>I think maybe a survey is required to settle this.  I've listened to my
>disc several times since this debate has started.

Have you got the USA CD of _Skylarking_, Rendell?  I have the UK CD
and it sounds fine.  It is possible that Geffen did a bad mastering
job on the USA CD.  And you, Volemaster Jon?  Which CD do you own?

>It seems to me that The Big Express is a love-it-or-hate-it album.  I
>haven't seen too many "well, it's just OK" kind of posts on it.

Oddly enough, _The Big Express_ was ranked as the number two album in
last years Chalkhills Reader Survey.  _Skylarking_ came in fourth.

				. . .

Some person claiming to represent Mad Rabbit Productions <mrp@polari> asks:

>Many thanks to and for the "Bags
>of Fun with Buster" information.  Anyone know where a copy might be found?

I believe this single is now out of print.  It was originally
available only through VIZ Comics in the UK.  You'll probably have to
trade for a copy.  You might try looking in the classified ads in _The
Little Express_.

	-- John


Date: 	Wed, 15 May 1991 11:08:39 PDT
Subject: Blank Mail Note

Hi everyone,

I just recently joined this mailing list and I thought I'd send something out.
I only became an XTC fan a few years ago with the release of Oranges and
Lemons.  I had heard some of the XTC hits prior to O&L but had never really
considered buying anything of theirs.  But after "Mayor of Simpleton", "Merely
a Man", and "King for a Day" (which were all played pretty regularly on the
station I listen to here in Los Angeles) I told myself that I had better check
these guys out a little more closely.  Well, 5 albums later I'm a big XTC fan
now.  I have bought all of the albums that I can find locally (Big Express,
O&L, Skylarking, English Settlement, The Compact XTC).  I'm happy to see that
it appears that Geffen is releasing some albums locally that I thought that
I'd have to special order (at least the discography makes me think that).

Is Rag and Bone Buffet the name of the new upcoming XTC album?

Any recommendations on which of the older XTC albums I should get next
(assuming I can find them)?

I think the discussion on Big Express is interesting in that I had some
problems with it too.  The first time I heard it, I hated it.  I think it may
have been a year before I listened to it again, only to discover there are
some great tunes on it.  "This World Over", "Seagulls Screaming Kiss Her, Kiss
Her", "I Remember the Sun" come to mind.  I've never understood though why
"This World Over" was mixed so low; even with my CD player I always have to
turn that tune up to hear it.

RUSHER brings up an interesting point.  XTC does have some tunes that are very
"jazzy".  I come from a jazz background myself and while I wouldn't be happy
if XTC only did jazz-like tunes, I do really like the ones that they do.  What
do you think of those tunes ("I Remember the Sun", "The Man Who Sailed Around
His Soul", "Miniture Sun"?  Are there anymore that I haven't heard yet?



Date: Wed, 15 May 91 11:25:59 MDT
From: John Purlia <>
Organization: Titan Linkabit Corp.
Subject: XTC Music Books

Okay fellow XTC'ers,

Could anyone please give me information about XTC music books?  Ideally I'd
like to find something like "XTC Complete" for keyboards, but would gladly
take Skylarking or Oranges & Lemons.  So, what's available?  Domestic?
Import?  I want XTC I can play along with!


-- John Purlia


Subject: an end to pink thing[s]
Date: Wed, 15 May 91 15:01:00 PDT

For the record--I asked "did a debate rage?" over pink thing's subject matter,
NOT "wot does it mean?"  So far as I can ascertain, no one has answered my
question! only berated me for my ignorance.  The question stands.


Date: Wed, 15 May 91 16:10:48 PDT
From: John M. Relph <>
Subject: The Great "Pink Thing" Debate

Well, in answer to Liz's original question, "Did ever a debate rage
over the song `pink thing'?", the answer is "yes", but the debate took
place in the "" newsgroup.  Chalkhills had just been
formed and there were more XTC fans in the newsgroup at the time.

This message originally appeared in the "" newsgroup, on
Tue, 4 Apr 1989 11:50:26 PDT:

  ---- Forwarded message follows ----

For those who were following the great _Pink Thing_ debate
raging recently -- BABY ... PENIS ... BABY! ... PENIS !! -- yesterday
(Mar 19) on national Public Radio's _Fresh Air_ program, the music
reviewer (forget his name now) was discussing the latest XTC
recording and mentioned _Pink Thing_.  While I did not hear it
straight from Partridge's mouth, I believe this to be the definitive
resolution to the _Pink Thing_ debate:

                      IT'S BOTH!!

(Artsy, eh...?)  Actually, the way it was explained was that Partridge
(who describes himself as 'agressively mundane') recently fathered a
child, and this was the primary inspiration for the song in question.
But like many artistes, he was some time later delighted to discover the
double meaning possibly gleaned from the song.  Hence, it was first
written with a baby in mind, but the author doesn't rule out the penis
interpretation either.  (How about a camp rooting for the more esoteric
Baby Penis theory....?)

I don't know how _Fresh Air_ is distributed, but I wholeheartedly
recommend this installment for XTC fans, especially for those (like
me) who enjoy a deeper glimpse into Mr. Partridge.  Other esoterica:
Partridge loathes touring, and has fainted in mid-song from stagefright
(and I always thought that Pgh concert at CMU back in 1982 was cancelled
because of his hepatitis!!!).  There's also a great story behind _Dear
God_, which evidently aroused the ire of some Christian fundamentalists.

One last rave:  _Fresh Air_ is an excellent program, notwithstanding its
content -- it's always good.  Terry Gross, its host, shames such glitzy
interviewing hacks like Baba, Geraldo, even the Ted Knight soundalikes
on CNN, CBS, and the other biggies.  She really *knows* what she is talking
about, and when she doesn't, isn't afraid to say so (and like a good
interviewer, often uses this tactic to prompt another revelation from
her guest).  You can probably find _Fresh Air_ broadcast on your
local public radio station.  If it isn't, find out why!

Charly Rhoades (not Chris Dresden)


Date: Wed, 15 May 91 19:03:27 PDT
From: John M. Relph <>
Subject: Sickie Pink

I was listening to an album by one of my favourite artists, and
something Andy Partridge said about _Oranges and Lemons_ came to mind. . .

    The kids are a great inspiration.  I never thought they
    would be 'cos I didn't want to write any of those `sickie'
    songs, you know -- someone has a baby and they go writing
    all these . . . [strums guitar, Dmaj7 and Gmaj7 chords,
    and sings]

       Yeah yeah
       Oh Lucy-belle
       You are the pinkest fluffiest
       coochiest little puppy dog

    Arggh!  [makes sounds of vomiting]  I didn't want to write
    songs like that so I put the old editorial self-control on
    and thankfully didn't, but the kids still snuck into the
    songs.  You have kids and they're going to change your
    life. . .

I was listening to the song "Butterfly" from Lenny Kravitz's latest
album, _Mama Said_.  "Oh Lucy-belle", indeed.  The song "Flowers for
Zoe" isn't much better.  (Which is not to say that there aren't some
good songs on the LP.)

	-- John


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