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                  Chalkhills, Number 147

                  Tuesday, 9 April 1991
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               those skylarking musicians?
               Look Look / Studiosongs 1-11
                   RE: Chalkhills #146
                      Dave Mattaxtc
                   Re: Chalkhills #146
                       Re: Drummers
                       Re: B-2 Unit
                   Re: Chalkhills #146

Date: Fri, 5 Apr 91 20:21:42 PST
From: (Kevin Carhart)
Subject: those skylarking musicians?

Does anyone have any information or knowledge about the musicians on
Skylarking, or the multitudes of thanked people?  I have just asked the
t0dd list about Mingo Lewis and prairie prince from the tubes.  I am
especially curious about the Beech Avenue Boys.  Do they have albums of
their own?  Or any other individual performers who really added to the
style of Skylarking?


Date: Sat, 6 Apr 91 01:02:24 -0700
From: (Chris Donnell)
Subject: Look Look / Studiosongs 1-11

I just got the XTC videotape.  Pretty good.  A little pricy (38 bucks) but
all in all enjoyable.  Favourite videos This Is Pop, Towers Of London,
Respectable Street and Senses Working Overtime.  The rest are a little cheap

And Andy looks like he could have made a pretty good "Joker" in Batman
(Making Plans For Nigel video)

My least favourites are Making Plans For Nigel and Life Begins At The Hop (i
didn't like Andy in Nigel and too many Babes in hop...)

Towers is a pretty slick looking video...

   chris donnell

(I also bought Black Sea, only listened to half of it so far, not too sure..
havent really been paying attention to it... it's weird hearing longer vers.
of songs I'd heard before (on Compact XTC, which I've had a while)..)


Date: Mon, 8 Apr 91 10:14:44 CDT
From: (Bird Rendell H)
Subject: Dukes

Hey Folks!

I was in New Orleans the other weekend (at Tower Records to be precise) and
I found a copy of the Duke's CD for $11.99.  I had not read that it was
being released with all the other XTC albums but it has a big Geffen label
on the back.

Has anyone else seen it at their local CD stores?


p.s. The Dukes are definately an acquired taste; but so was XTC in the
beginning. I heartily encourage anyone with an open mind to get a copy.


Date: Mon, 8 Apr 91 12:40:01 EST
From: (Stefano Carra)
Subject: RE: Chalkhills #146

Toby writes
>>-producers Lillywhite & Padgham have temporarily lured away
  to work with Genesis...

I can't believe Lillywhite is going to work with Phil Collins & C.
Besides XTC, Lillywhite produced some of the best albums of the
eighties; I'm certainly disappointed too see that XTC have to stop
their work, but I'm also kind of curious to see what it will come out
>from the new Genesis.. (to me is a little bit like Jonathan Demme-
Silence of the Lambs- directing the new Rocky). But I am even more
curious to know what reasons pushed XTC to go back to their old



Date: Tue, 9 Apr 91 15:38:33 EDT
From: Mike Godfrey <>
Subject: Dave Mattaxtc

toby <> writes:
> - drummer for new album is Dave Mattacks

For those who don't know, Dave Mattacks has been the drummer of Fairport
Convention since roughly 1970 (with a break or two).  FC is the band that
can be said to have invented British folk-rock.  He's a wee whisp of a fellow
but a rilly triffic drummer, much in demand for sessions.  He's played with
more people than I could possibly mention or remember (Richard Thompson,
Albion Band, the Proclaimers, Kate & Anna McGarrigle).

I look forward to this one.


Date:         Tue, 09 Apr 91 16:18:19 EDT
From: Mark Hessman <>
Subject:      Re: Chalkhills #146

     Dave Mattacks drums on the new (forthcoming) album?  Great!  For
those who don't know, he's a longtime member of the English rock/folk
band Fairport Convention (which, by the way, have a new album out and
seem to be doing some touring... can't remember if Mattacks is still
part of the band, though).

                                         -- Mark


Date: Tue, 9 Apr 1991 16:48:38 PDT
From: John M. Relph <>
Subject: Re: Drummers

Paul Arthur <> says:

>I just picked up the Black Sea CD (it's playing as I type this) and am
>looking to expand my collection of XTC stuff.

Get _The Big Express_.

>Since the subject of drummers has been brought up, can someone post a
>list of drummers that have worked with XTC, and what albums they
>played on? Also, does XTC have a high turnover rate in drummers, or is
>it my immagination? We all know why Spinal Tap has this problem ;-)
>but I am unsure what the problem is with XTC.

Terry Chambers was the drummer for XTC from time immemorial (that is,
before the band took the name XTC) until the album _Mummer_ was being
recorded.  He drummed on "Beating of Hearts" and "Wonderland".  Peter
Phipps drummed on the remainder of the songs on _Mummer_, and he
drummed on _The Big Express_ as well.  Prairie Prince (drummer
extraordinaire with The Tubes) was featured on XTC's next album,
_Skylarking_.  And on _Oranges and Lemons_, the sticks were handled by
Pat Mastellotto, from Mr. Mister.

The Dukes of Stratosphear featured Dave Gregory's brother Ian on the
drum kit.

> Also, does XTC have a high turnover rate in drummers, or is
>it my immagination? We all know why Spinal Tap has this problem ;-)
>but I am unsure what the problem is with XTC.

Actually, once Terry Chambers left XTC, the remaining trio decided not
to bring a new drummer on board to replace him.  After all, a drummer
is only active when recording or touring, and since they don't do the
latter at all and only do the former infrequently, a drummer would get
bored.  Just as Terry did.  So instead they have hired drummers just
for the album recording sessions.

	-- John


Date: Tue, 9 Apr 1991 16:53:20 PDT
From: John M. Relph <>
Subject: Re: B-2 Unit

Ben Zimmer <> reports:

>Also, I just recently picked up a copy of Sakamoto's "B-2 Unit."  Very strange
>stuff.  Andy's is first in the list of musicians on it, but I really can't
>hear much of his influence on it.  The discography says he contributes guitar
>and vocals, but damned if I can much of either.

Actually, I believe the discography says Andy contributes guitar only.
In fact, Riuichi Sakamoto mixed out most of Andy's contributions, so
they are very faint to inaudible.  I have a tape of Andy's demo
version of one of the tracks and his guitar is right in the
foreground, but Mssr Sakamoto didn't like it I suppose.

	-- John


Date: Tue, 9 Apr 1991 17:01:03 PDT
From: John M. Relph <>
Subject: Re: Chalkhills #146

Stefano Carra <> says hello, and asks:

> a friend told me that couple of weeks ago
>a radio in DC broadcasted a long program with rare songs, interviews
>and so: did anybody of you listen to it?

I believe there was a report in Issue no. 123.

				. . .

toby <> brings us up to date:

>	- AP is still putting music to Peter Blegvad's poetry

Great!  I really enjoy most of Peter Blegvad's music, and his lyrics
are especially good.  He's a gifted storyteller.

>	- 3rd XTC convention will be in Ontario on 7 Sept 1991

Yes!  I'll be there.  I hope.

>	- (one for the discog). Paul tells me there was a 99p 4 track
>	  lim ed sampler CD released last week with Sgt Rock on it,
>	  to launch Virgin's mid-price series (includes Skylarking).

That wasn't this little item, was it?

 78. Virgin Value 9
     limited edition sampler compilation CD-3 includes XTC: Sgt. Rock (is Going
     to Help Me) (different fade).  number 9 in a series of 10.
     a. CD-3, Virgin UK, VVCS 9, April? 1990.

If it's a different CD sampler, please let me know, otherwise it's
been available for almost a year.

	-- John


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