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Subject: Chalkhills #146

                  Chalkhills, Number 146

                   Friday, 5 April 1991
Today's Topics:
                From the T0dd mailing list
                       Thanks John!
              My first time,favos etc,etc...
                   **** Newsflash ****
                    _Explode Together_
                    Beefheart article

Date: Tue, 2 Apr 91 23:16:33 PST
From: (Kevin Carhart)
Subject: From the T0dd mailing list

The following mention of Skylarking comes from the Todd Rundgren
mailing list:

>  Side two - the "difficult" side follows the "easy" side.  Lyrics
>  become more serious and the run of pop songs moves to a couple
>  ballads and a couple rockers.
>  BREAD.  Todd with a clear social statement on poverty and
>  homelessness.  I say clear because Todd tends to shy away from
>  material which makes direct social or political comment.  (Yes,
>  there are a couple of exceptions).  He prefers to alude to such
>  topics with general statements.  This is why he chose to omit
>  "Dear God" from XTC's excellent _Skylarking_ production.


Date: Thu, 4 Apr 91 11:14:43 PST
From: (James McGowan)
Subject: XTC Acoustic Radio Tour Tape

Got the Acoustic Radio Tour tape yesterday, destined to be a fixture
in my cassette deck for a long time!  I'm very surprised at the
intricacy of it -- it's clear you put a lot of effort into making
it.  Here's a plug:

	My advice to all Chalkhillians:  Order yours today!
	This is the sure cure for all of you who've griped about the
	overproduction of recent albums -- a couple of acoustic guitars (a
	soft drum in Senses, perhaps a mandolin in there, too), slightly
	rough singing, and some hilarious studio banter.  Andy even
	muffs a few lines in one song...

Thanks Again..


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Date: Thu, 4 Apr 91 14:03:45 EST
From: (Stefano Carra)
Subject: My first time,favos etc,etc...

Hello everybody,
this is my first post to the group. My name is Stefano, and I come from
Italy; I have to say I like the messages very much up to now, and the
subscribers look all quite hard core fans. The first time I heard XTC
was about 7 years ago, on the italian radio.. the dj played "This Is
Pop", and, as he emphasized the similarities between XTC and another
beloved band, the Kinks, I run to the record shop to buy D & W...
In Italy XTC is a typical cult band; good success among the critics,
but pretty much underrated among the audience. Well, this are my
personal tastes:
1. Drums and Wires/Black Sea/Skylarking  A+
2. White Music/English Settlement/The Big Express  A
3. Go 2/Oranges and Lemons/Mummer   A-

Nothing more to say as introduction; that I'm enjoying my brand new cds
in these day, as I run as many of you to buy domestic releases (I'm in
US, now); and something more: a friend told me that couple of weeks ago
a radio in DC broadcasted a long program with rare songs, interviews
and so: did anybody of you listen to it?



Date: Fri, 5 Apr 91 09:28:18 BST
From: toby <>
Subject: **** Newsflash ****

Having received his XTC newsletter, last night I spoke to Paul Wilde (XTC
fan extraordinaire, and organiser of the last 2 XTC conventions in
Manchester).  The news is as follows (this guy talks to AP on the phone!):

	- drummer for new album is Dave Mattacks

	- producers Lillywhite & Padgham have been temporarily lured
          away to work with Genesis on their new album, so the XTC project
          is delayed until May. AP is said to be very pissed off about this.

	- AP is still putting music to Peter Blegvad's poetry

	- AP is collaborating with Terry Hall (Specials, Fun Boy Three,
	  Colourfield). Possible release in offing.

	- Paul Wilde and Chris Toomey (freelance rock journalist) have
	  contract with Omnibus Books write book on XTC! For the latter,
	  Paul wants as much help he get get from Chalkhillians. Why not
	  write to him:

		Paul Wilde
		47 Wycombe Close
		Manchester M31 2WD
		United Kingdom

	  with any ideas, anecdotes, facts -- ANYTHING to help with his
	  book.  Everyone will be acknowledged.

	- 3rd XTC convention will be in Ontario on 7 Sept 1991

	- One-day XTC convention in Manchester (UK) on 5 October 1991.

	- (one for the discog). Paul tells me there was a 99p 4 track
	  lim ed sampler CD released last week with Sgt Rock on it,
	  to launch Virgin's mid-price series (includes Skylarking).
	  AP said it came as a surprise to him!

That's it for now. WRITE TO PAUL and say hello!



Date: Fri, 5 Apr 91 04:16:36 EST
From: (Hangnail Whipperwill)
Subject: _Explode Together_

   I'm sure this has been hashed out before, but it's nagging me.  Did
anyone ever compile a list of what dubs on _ET_ correspond to what
songs?  I've been able to pin down the _Go +_ stuff, and it seems that
"Shore Leave Ornithology" is a dub of "Pulsing Pulsing".  I KNOW
"Madhattan" is a dub of something...maybe "That Is The Way"?  Thanks in


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Date:    Fri, 5 Apr 1991 12:57:13 CST
Subject: Beefheart article

The May 14, 1970 issue of Rolling Stone has an excellent 5 page article
on Captain Beefheart. It is written in the old RS typefaced (i.e. a
crapload of words per page) and has examples of his poetry, free verse
and even a picture of one of his sculptures.


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