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Subject: Chalkhills #144

                  Chalkhills, Number 144

                  Sunday, 31 March 1991
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                   Re: Chalkhills #143
             Re-Releases & The Little Mermaid
                 reply to Chalkhills #143
                   Re: Chalkhills #143
                      Various Things
                     XTC CDs for Sale
                   The New XTC Reissues
                       Go 2 - Go +

From: jon drukman <>
Subject: Re: Chalkhills #143
Date: Tue, 26 Mar 91 19:38:52 PST

I have personally seen Geffen reissues of ALL the early discs (yes,
Mr. Relph, that includes Go 2 and Mummer).  Maybe I'll even BUY the
first two now.  The packaging does seem to indicate that they finally
straightened out "Drums and Wires" (including _Life Begins..._ and
putting it and the other extra two tracks in between sides one and

And hey, the boxes are made of recycled cardboard, so buying XTC is
not only proof of good musical taste, but it will SAVE THE PLANET.

Do it.



Date: Tue, 26 Mar 91 23:57:24 EST
Subject: Re-Releases & The Little Mermaid

On topic of rereleases:  I've seen both _Mummer_ and _Go 2_ here in Princeton,
so they have been released by Geffen as claimed.  No worry.  Doesn't make a
damn bit of difference to me, tho, since I bought them as imports already...

On topic of _The Little Mermaid_:  It hit me a while back that though the
lyrics are different, though the music has nothing to do with it, the subject
matter of the song "Kiss The Girl" from Disney's _The Little Mermaid_ is
_exactly the same_ as the subject matter of "Seagulls Screaming Kiss Her Kiss
Her."  Also interesting to note that Sebastian the Crab starts the song in
response to Scully the Seagull doing just that.  Probably just a coincidence,
but makes you think, don't it?

--Eric Wilson Muhlheim (


Date: Wed, 27 Mar 91 06:52:10 PST
From: "answers - $1.00  27-Mar-1991 0944" <>
Subject: reply to Chalkhills #143

>>	Barry Andrews went on to form
>>	Shriekback in his post-XTC days.

Speaking of Shriekback, et all, has anyone heard the new KING SWAMP
(with ex Gang of 4/Shriekback bassist Dave Allen)?  If so, would you
recommend it?

>>	210 of the subscribers are most likely from the United States of
>>	America.  At least 7 subscribers are from The U.K.  At least 7 more
>>	hail from Canada.  And following that, one subscriber from each of the
>>	following countries: Australia, Finland, France, New Zealand, Norway,
>>	Sweden, Switzerland, and The Netherlands.  And one subscriber is
>>	somewhere else in Europe, but we don't know where.  (Chuck Membrino,
>>	where are you?)

                  Right here, where I have always been!

        Actually, right here is at ZKO in Nashua, New Hampshire, USA.
I have been following chalkhills for a while now, but this is my first posting.

    Hello to all of my fellow XTCfanatics.  Maybe I'll run into some of
          you during the new XTC tour (I know, wishful thinking).


                           Chuck Membrino


Date:         Wed, 27 Mar 91 12:23:07 EST
From: dbryk <>
Subject:      Re: Chalkhills #143

jeez. you're right. mermaid smiles IS on the original vinyl. i haven't
even listened to the record in 3 years or so... i figured it'd become a
"valuable collectors item" or something like that.

so Big Express HAS been US catalogue for some time. Interesting. Is White
Music going to be released in the states? it may give some of you newer
fans your first opportunity to hear the contents of the "3D EP" (particularly
She's So Square, which is godlike!)

someone asked about barry andrews? not only did he join shriekback,
but he put out a couple of singles as Barry Andrews. I have one EP
entitled "Town & Country" which features 4 tracks including "Me and
My Mate Can Sing" which was popular on the local FM/Prog Rock station
back in '79. It was produced by Martin Rushent (and interestingly enough,
engineered by Hugh Padgham..)

He also thanks Colin Moulding for his Mighty (Short Scale) Mustang
[for those of you not attuned to the Queen's English, "Short Scale"
means Matchbox/Hot-Wheels sized..]


Date: Wed, 27 Mar 91 08:39:23 PST
From: (Paul Arthur)
Subject: Various Things

I saw a CD of Mummer last night at Tower Records in fabulous Campbell
California. I also got the last copy of Black Sea. This stuff is
moving fast! Forget about next month's rent, complete your collection

I just picked up the Black Sea CD (it's playing as I type this) and am
looking to expand my collection of XTC stuff. Any reccomendations on
what to buy next, and more importantly, what to avoid? I already have
Skylarking and Oranges and Lemons. I don't want to start any flame
wars here about the merits of various albums, so maybe responses
should be sent directly to me.

Since the subject of drummers has been brought up, can someone post a
list of drummers that have worked with XTC, and what albums they
played on? Also, does XTC have a high turnover rate in drummers, or is
it my immagination? We all know why Spinal Tap has this problem ;-)
but I am unsure what the problem is with XTC.




Date: Wed, 27 Mar 91 12:20:43 PST
From: "WES WILSON, PKO3-2/T12, 223-4891" <>
Subject: XTC CDs for Sale

I have two XTC CDs for sale:

The Compact XTC (UK Version)

The Loving CD-3 (in a strange mix-up, ending up with an extra copy)

Please send me E-Mail if you are interested.



Date: Wed, 27 Mar 91 15:51:23 CST
From: oconnor!siouxsie! (Joe Lynn)
Subject: The New XTC Reissues

Our fearless leader writes:

> Hot off the presses!  Geffen USA releases entire XTC back catalog on CD!

There was some confusion as to the catalog numbers of these CDs.

It was such a nice day here in Chicago that I decided to take a walk
to one of the downtown record stores and check the discs out for
myself.  (I have an order in with Noteworthy for these discs, so I
won't get to actually hear them until this weekend.)

Here are the catalog numbers, all of them verified:

	White Music	GEFD-24373
	Go 2		GEFD-24375
	Drums & Wires	GEFD-4034
	Black Sea	GEFD-24376
	Mummer		GEFD-24374

The CDs have been issued in full-color recycled-board longboxes, with
the album covers reproduced on the front and back (except _D&W_, which
has the same "type" effect, but not the cover art on the back).

This also marks some of the first Geffen releases to come
out under MCA's ownership:  the Geffen label is now distributed
by "Uni Distributing", which as many of you might guess is
an MCA organization.  Geffen is still listing their address
as Sunset Blvd.

(As a sidenote, there's an interesting article in the latest
_Spy_ magazine about David Geffen.  True to _Spy_ form, it's..
well.. less than flattering, but hilarious.)

Joe Lynn


Date:      Fri, 29 Mar 91 16:53:44 EST
From: "Thomas Keays (Syracuse University)" <LIBHTK@suvm.bitnet>
Subject:   GEFFEN

 >slightly in error.  The actual catalog numbers are as follows:
 >    GEFD-24373   White Music
 >    GEFD-24374   Mummer (not verified)
 >    GEFD-24375   Go 2 (not verified)
 >    GEFD-24376   Black Sea
 >    GEFD-4034    Drums and Wires
 >If anyone sees _Go 2_ or _Mummer_, please let us know!

I've seen all five in Syracuse, NY.  Mummer had all the extra songs
(including "Gold" -- a topic of much recent discussion -- so I presume
the U.S. release is pretty much identical to the Virgin release).


Date: Sun, 31 Mar 91 05:04:19 -0700
From: (Chris Donnell)
Subject: Go 2 - Go +

Well, I just got the CD of Go 2.. (White Music too)

I like it (I like both, Go 2 better) the only problem is I got Explode
Together a while ago and instead of listening to that and having some of the
songs sound like the Go 2 tunes, some of the songs on Go 2 remind me of the
tunes on Go +, kinda annoying.

Anyway... what songs on Go + are what on Go 2.. I've made a few guesses and
I know a few (or am pretty sure)...

Here's my gusses...
Dance With Me, Germany - Meccanic Dancing (hard one, huh..)
Beat The Bible - Jumping On Gommorah
A Dictionary Of A Modern Marriage - Battery Brides (????)
Clap Clap Clap - I Am The Audience
We Kill The Beast - My Weapon (?????)

I've only had Go 2 for a day so I haven't had a lot of time to listen to it..

No I have to decide as to wether to buy 1967 (with Colin's Hermits: Strawberry
Fields) or Alvin Lives In Leeds (with Robyn Hitchcock: Kung Fy Fighting)
                                                                     that is.




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