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Subject: Chalkhills #142

                  Chalkhills, Number 142

                  Sunday, 24 March 1991
Today's Topics:
                   RE: Chalkhills #141
                  New XTC release rumour
                       dub/ explode
            Dukes Of Stratosphear -- who's #4?
                 Whatever happened to...?
                    Re:  silent lurker
                  Patridges & Pear Trees

Date: Thu, 21 Mar 91 00:32:57 PST
From: "Materials Program Mgmt., Ayr 823-3189" <>
Subject: RE: Chalkhills #141

  RE : "Making Plans For Andy" CD boot

  Folks, someone who had reserved a copy has just mailed me to say that they
  have no money at present, and so I should offer their copy to others in
  the "chalkhills" community.

  Is there anyone else interested in owning a copy of this rare and highly-
  desirable item?  The price is $30 + $5 postage, and the discs will most
  likely be shipped from The Netherlands.

  Dougie Robb, Ayr, Scotland


Date: Thu, 21 Mar 1991 1:11:28 PST
From: John M. Relph <>
Subject: New XTC release rumour

I heard a rumour from a CD store employee that a new XTC release had
been scheduled for May but now the release date wasn't known.  He said
he didn't know if it was an EP or album.

Very spurious rumour indeed.

	-- John


From: on the eve of distraction <>
Subject: dub/ explode
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 1991 10:58:54 -0800 (PST)

    From: Jones Rutledge <>

    Can anybody tell me what the XTC CD "Explode Together" is about?

See below.

    What is the name of the new "dub experiments" cd?

"Explode Together".

    Does it have any material
    that was/ was not on "Take Away" by Mr. Partridge?

Yes/yes.  It includes all of "Take Away/The Lure of Salvage" and the
"Go+" EP.  It doesn't include "Cockpit Dance Mixture", which John
Relph thinks it should have (I agree).

-- Stewart
"I'm proud to live in a country where even our national product
 is gross."
            -- Pat Paulsen
/* Stewart Evans, alias stewarte@sco.COM, aka uunet!sco!stewarte */


Date: Thu, 21 Mar 91 16:00:41 EST
From: (MEEP)
Subject: Dukes Of Stratosphear -- who's #4?

This may have come up already, but does anybody know the identity of the fourth
Duke Of Stratosphear?  Every cover of theirs shows four people, but they're all
post-Terry Chambers, so . . .

The only person I can think of would be John Leckie (the Dukes' producer), but
then who does the drumming?

Any help out there in Chalkhills-Land?



Subject: Whatever happened to...?
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 91 12:27:46 -0800
From: Doug Nonast <>

XTC fans,
	Does anybody remember XTC having a fourth member (a drummer, I believe)
when they first started out that they canned after just a few albums? If so,
who was he? Is he selling insurance now? Did he even exist, or is this a
hallucination I dreamed up when I put "Chips from the Chocolate Fireball" on
endless repeat the other night?
	Any help would be appreciated. I feel kinda bad for the seems
like the old Pete Best/Beatles thing all over again.
	Also, in response to the request for the titles in the Homo Safari
series, they are as follows:
	No. 1 Homo Safari
	No. 2 Bushman President
	No. 3 Egyptian Solution
	No. 4 Mantis On Parole
	No. 5 Frost Circus
	No. 6 Procession Towards Learning Land

Doug Nonast                       


Date: Sat, 23 Mar 91 02:44:35 -0700
From: (Chris Donnell)
Subject: 1967

Okay, I believe there was a little confusion as to wether 1967 existed or not

Fortunately I was bored today and my friend decided he wanted to look through
the soundtracks section of my local record store.  I being bored decided (for
no reason) to plod though the compilations section.   Well, I was about ready
to go search through the vinyl section (really bored, looking for some good
Soft Boys vinyl) and I saw a cd called "Through The Looking Glass: 1967" and
I looked at the song list and was amazed to see "1. Colin's Hermits: Strawberry
Fields" (it didn't say forever... I don't know why not..)

It was on imaginary records or something, t'was an import and I DIDN'T BUY
IT BECAUSE I'M BROKE SO DON'T ASK ME HOW IT IS... it cost $26.99 or so A LOT
OF MONEY (my bank account has $6.00 in it and I don't have a credit card and
I lost my check guarantee card... bummer huh... well don't send me money to buy
it for you, I'm going to buy it for myself (and I don't have a tape deck, phtt)

Well, if I see an other one and this is really as elusive of a disc as I think
it is I'll but it for people...

           ^^^ those of you who also subscribe to the REM mailing list will
               not the continued use of the word 'but' as a synonyn for 'buy'

   C  H  R   I    S    D     O    N   N  E  L L


Date: Sat, 23 Mar 91 12:55:45 PST
From: (Karen Schipper)
Subject: Re:  silent lurker

>It was nice to hear from a woman on the last newsletter.
>How many other silent females are out there?

>		-- Betsy

another one here.  are we that rare?  what's the breakdown
look like John?

i love to hear the latest about what is going on with the
guys, and all the insights the other readers have.   i don't
have time to read the music rags to keep up with the latest.
so this is my only source of info.

anyone who hasn't obtained the XTC Acoustic Radio Tour through
this alias yet, should!  The way the 3 interviews (l.a., chicago,
boston)were put together is great. you get a feel for the personalities
and sense of humor, along with some great acoustic XTC



Date: Sun, 24 Mar 91 15:20:21 EST
From: "d. brykowski -- uses and endorses heroin" <>
Subject: Patridges & Pear Trees

Someone asked about "mermaid smiled" being on the british CD of
Skylarking. Well us lucky Canadians have the best of both worlds,
as both "Mermaid" and "Dear God" are on the Virgin Canada domestic
disc. When it came out, I bought the domestic vinyl, which didn't
have either. Then I bought the Geffen CD (in Buffalo) which had
Dear God. Then the Canadian CD came out with both.

I suppose you could say I'm a collector. It's really strange that
Big Express is finally coming out on CD in the US. It was the VERY
FIRST cd I ever bought. (This was 1985, of course... Express was
one of the first CDs I ever saw, and the prospect of extended
releases with B-sides, etc. influenced my purchase of a CD player
soon after.)

Hugh Padgham & Steve Lillywhite producing the new LP???
It's about time! Considering how little I liked Skylarking
or Oranges & Lemons... this could be a return to
far better days. (Personal opinion expressed here. I'm a
long time fan. I can remember Making Plans for Nigel being
played on the local FM station when it came out. I rushed
out and bought the album.... about a decade later, I think
I'm entitled to value judgements..)

d. brykowski


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