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Subject: Chalkhills #14

                  Chalkhills, Number 14

                    Monday, 8 May 1989
Today's Topics:
                   A Sense of Discovery
         Child on "Dear God" and PSONIC PSUNSPOT

Date: Sat, 6 May 1989 11:33:22 PDT
From: John M. Relph <>
Subject: A Sense of Discovery

Thanks, Colm, for the article.  Here's an excerpt I
think you'll all like.
	-- John

      [Andy Partridge] says, "I very much feel that my
      favorite music in the past has been that which I had
      discovered, whether it be in a discount bin or albums
      in a junk shop or something from a friend's collection.
      Maybe accidentally hearing something on the radio...
      It was always music that was like a treasure sensation.
      You are just digging around, not even looking for
      something and them "boing," there it is.  It didn't
      have to be a precious thing, it could be like a little
      plastic toy.  Because you found it in an unsuspecting
      place, because it struck a chord with you, it became
      the richest treasure on earth.  I very much like people
      to approach our music like that.  I don't care where
      they find it, as long as they find it for themselves.
      I don't want to push ourselves.


Date: Mon, 8 May 89 10:07:36 est
From: (Bobby Maruvada)
Subject: Singles

	I noticed something in a local newspaper (help me,I'm in
Boston !)  that listed "The Loving" as a single in the top 20. Is it
really out as a single ? What's the B-side ? Also, an interesting
note, Todd Rundgren will probably be at this year's Macintosh
Developers Conference (he writes operating systems folks, no joke !)
....if anyone is going why not ask Todd what he thinks of Oranges and

"plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose"

Bobby Maruvada

[It's true, I saw Todd at the NeXT introduction last year -- John]


Date: Mon,  8 May 89 11:48:51 CDT
Subject: Child on "Dear God" and PSONIC PSUNSPOT

Who is (are) the child(ren) singing on "Dear God" and the vocal excerpts
in PSONIC PSUNSPOT?  How did the members meet up with him/her/them?



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