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Subject: Chalkhills #122

                  Chalkhills, Number 122

                 Monday, 17 December 1990
Today's Topics:
                new stuff (and other thin
                 Deficient Big Express CD
                    fall of Lumiere ?
                 Little Express arrives!
                       Cud and 1967

From: canremote! (Mark Laforge)
Date: 11 Dec 90 (23:00)
Subject: new stuff (and other thin

A few new XTC items have been released in Canada lately.  Both of the
new compilations (Rag & bone Buffet and Explode Together) have been
imported by Virgin Canada for release at domestic prices.  The Look
Look video collection has also been released in NTSC format but for
some strange reason they are being imported from England.  A couple of
months ago Virgin Canada put out a bunch of domesticly-produced CDs
that were previously being imported.  These CDs are the first of
Virgin Canada's new budget line.  XTC's White Music (new catalog
number: CDVM 2095) and Go2 (CDVM 2108) are part of this series.

More items for the diskografi:

      Old Gold have a new series of 80's compilations called A Kick Up
      The Eighties (???) and XTC have so far appeared on Volume 1:
      Senses Working Overtime (LP:OG 1520, Tape:OG 2520, CD:OG 3523)
      with the track Senses Working Overtime and on Volume 4: Talking
      Loud & Clear (OG 1523/OG 2523/OG 3523) with Love on a Farmboy's
      Wages.  The title of each disc is stolen from one of the tracks
      on each disc.

      Virgin Canada budget CD releases of White Music and Go2 (see

      The catalog number for the Canadian version of Skylarking with
      Mermaid Smiled AND Dear God should be CDV 2399@ (that is an at
      symbol at the end to differentiate it from the original release)

      This number is on the spine, booklet and the CD.  If you don't
      already have this disc then you are fresh out of luck.  Virgin
      Canada has decided within the last two months, when the supply
      of CDV 2399@ ran out, that they couldn't justify doing another
      batch.  They are now once again importing the British version of
      Skylarking which does not include Dear God.

      I might have miss 'em but I didn't notice any mention of the
      Colonel and 3 Wise Men CD singles in your diskografi.  I recently
      spent $75 (Canadian) for these two Japanese 3" CDs. Both have the
      same track listing as their 7" counterparts.  The 3 Wise Men CD
      has the catalog number VJPR-1 and the Colonel is VJPR-2. I've
      been told by a couple of sources that these discs were issued in
      a limited edition of 1000 copies each.  I find this a bit hard to
      believe as I have seen them advertised 5 different times (always
      at highly inflated prices).

In an attempt to complete my XTC CD collection (latest count: 59) I
would like to obtain a copy of the Big Express that is MISSING the 3
bonus tracks.  If any body has a copy that they would like to part
with please email me.  In exchange I can offer a copy of the Big
Express WITH the 3 bonus tracks, White Music AND Go2 (see above again)
or The Look Look video.  If none of these excite you then send a list
of what you would like in exchange for your copy of The Big Express
(Without Them Bonus Tracks).

Mark LaForge  (mark.laforge@canremote.uucp)
 ~ DeLuxe}ab #6402 ~
Canada Remote Systems.  Toronto, Ontario
NorthAmeriNet Host


Date:         Sun, 16 Dec 90 17:26:01 EDT
From: Emmanuel Marin <MARINP92@frecp12.bitnet>
Subject:      Deficient Big Express CD

So here there are, all you should know about the Deficient Big Express CD :

'XTC The Big Express'            Note : this may be specific to the
Virgin                           French release...
(P),(C) 1984
CDV 2325 (19801011 06 %)
          These signs are not on the bootleg, only on the recorded side
          of the CD.. (I do not know at all if they are the same eveywhere)

This CD does not contains the 3 additional tracks that were not on the LP
(Red Brick Dream, Washaway, Blue Overall),...
thought they are mentioned, SO KEEP AWAY |
(Or buy it if you are a mad collector :) )



Date:         Sun, 16 Dec 90 17:35:46 EDT
From: Emmanuel Marin <MARINP92@frecp12.bitnet>
Subject:      fall of Lumiere ?

This line just to tell you that seemingly the French Fan Club Lumiere
(mentioned on the Skylarking inside sleeve) does not exist any more...
At least they do not answer to me last year...


Date: Mon, 17 Dec 90 19:13:19 -0500
From: MC Police Brutality <>
Subject: Little Express arrives!

I got the latest issue of The Little Express on Saturday, and thought
I'd share some news with you all...  I usually don't post things from
TLE but this is really interesting news, and hopefully it will
encourage you all to subscribe, because they really do a great job and
need your support.  This issue came with a nice christmas card -
they've done that in past years as well.

Anyway, here's the news from Dave's mouth and edited a little by me:

"The last guy to be approached was Stephen Lipson... he's a fantastic
engineer and apparently a really good musician as well.  He works as
Trevor Horn's sidekick, and I think he does most of the donkey work...
After hearing our demos, he's got some reservations, not about the
music so much, but he can't understand a lot of the lyrics!  Obviously
his brief is to produce a hit record and he said the lyrics are just
too indiosyncratic, and he was looking for something a bit simpler in
the lyric department, a lot more straight forward, which of course XTC
never is [thank god he added that! - JD].  Andy's a bit depressed
about it; he just feels it would be playing down to people writing
bland lyrics... Steve Lipson actually asked Andy how he saw the band
in the context of modern music and Andy compared us to Steely Dan in
the seventies; just a couple of songwriters making records, not
touring, not doing any publicity or anything like that.  Lipson's
reply to that was that we had sort of condemned ourselves because
Steely Dan would not be allowed to happen in music today.  It's tragic
but today's music industry doesn't allow for that sort of luxury; you
have to do the whole package... and it's just not what we're about at
all...  "King for a Day" was a step in that direction and that was a
dismal failure; I think we should have learned a lesson as a result of

Stephen R.J. Lipson, for those who don't know, is indeed Trevor Horn's
co-conspirator, and responsible for quite a lot of the huge ZTT sound
- bands like Frankie Goes To Hollywood and Propaganda.  Personally, I
can't imagine XTC sounding like that, but I think it might be a neat
experiment.  Personally, I think they should hook up with Thomas Dolby.

+---------------------- Is there any ESCAPE from NOISE? ---------------------+
|  |   |\       | | ZIK ZAK - We make everything you need, |
| \|on |/rukman | -Fight The Power- | and you need everything we make.       |


Date: Mon, 17 Dec 1990 16:55:49 PST
From: John M. Relph <>
Subject: Cud and 1967

Toby Howard <> says:

>In this month's Q there's a review of a new album by a band called (I
>think) Cud, produced by former (sic) XTC guitarist Dave Gregory.

Can you find out the catalog information for this CD?  And anything
else relevant, of course.  I couldn't find the review, but _Q_ is
probably a month behind over here in the States.

Oh, which reminds me, has anybody seen the _1967_ album?  It's
supposed to have Andy and Dave doing "Strawberry Fields Forever" but I
just haven't found this CD anywhere.

	-- John


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