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                  Chalkhills, Number 120

                 Friday, 7 December 1990
Today's Topics:
                      XTC in France
              lyrics, bootlegs, discography
                Trumpet solo on Extrovert
           Re: Drums and Wires and Homo Safari
           Ghost titles (are going to kill me)

Date:         Wed, 28 Nov 90 11:30:52 EDT
From: Emmanuel Marin <MARINP92@frecp12.bitnet>
Subject:      XTC in France

OK First of all hello everybody, and First hello of France, since
I think I must be the first French to join this list.
I thought you might like to know what XTC means in France...

First, let's start with a point. Though I think I know what to look
to see what  I want on TV, the only image I 've ever seen of XTC
was Andy Partridge's 'One Two |' on a video , during a Suzanne Vega's
interview (she's a great fan of her)... I mean I just had the time
to recognize his glasses and unable to identify the song : it features
Andy with an electric guitar on a white background with an amp near him.

So : XTC is TOTALLY unknown in France. For the large audience, of course,
but also for people who listen to something else.
I've for the moment met only 3 or 4 ppl knowing XTC (except the ones who
know I am listening XTC of course).

XTC's doing no marketing, mo advertising here in France, and I must
confess that I 've not understand yet why they had a two days
interview on a radio show in 88 (The Day When I Met XTC).

So I am here reading all kinds of titles that I 've never heard of
(let's say I am proud of my live 'Nigel', but I am unable to find
BeeWAX or Jules Verne etc.. I even do not know what they are|), hearing
about videos..(The French system is SECAM, The English PAL, and US again
something else no?)

Of course I am unable to participate to the 'What are they saying?' questions:
I am not English native speaker. (BTW, When you don't understand the lyrics
I can told you Travels in Nihilon is the worst XTC song ever)

Before to end just a question : In Paris , I have seen a strange little box
Oranges & Lemons being sold. I dont know what it was : it has the size
of a large playing cards box ,and i first thought it was a tape
as in the mid-60's (I mean not a tape as now but a large wheel -shame
I don't know the word).Can someone help me ?

Good Bye.

PS : Do you know if XTC ever toured in France ?


Date: Wed, 28 Nov 90 18:48:47 EST
From: <>
Subject: lyrics, bootlegs, discography

Hi!  I'm relatively new to the band and to the lyrics and I was wondering
what's available on the list as far as lyrics, discography, and bootlegs are
concerned.  Any info on these would be greatly appreciated.  Did anybody record
them when they played in the studio at WBCN in Boston last year.  I've been
looking for a tape of that for awhile.  Anybody who has it, would you be
willing to trade it for something else?  Thanks!  Hope to hear from someone!
						Tom Paluzzi


Date: Thu, 29 Nov 90 11:45:52 PST
From: (Duane Day)
Subject: Trumpet solo on Extrovert

>The trumpet solo on Extrovert is probably Todd Rundgren on a sample
>player.  Just a guess.

I'd have to listen to the solo in question again - it's been awhile
since I heard "Extrovert".  If it sounds distinctly like a sample, then
perhaps it is Todd.  However, an acquaintance of mine named Dave
Bendigkeit is credited on _Skylarking_; Dave's a really great jazz
trumpet player.  I believe it's him that we hear on "The Man Who
Sailed Around His Soul" and it might easily be Dave on "Extrovert"
as well.

He and I were in one of the University of California at Santa Barbara
jazz bands together, far longer ago than I care to mention.  He's got
at least one jazz CD under his own name on some smallish label, as
I remember...


Date: Wed, 5 Dec 1990 11:44:45 PST
From: John M. Relph <>
Subject: Re: Drums and Wires and Homo Safari

Geoff Poole <> has some Questions re Drums and
Wires and Homo Safari:

>	First, I have what appears to be an early US release of Drums and
>Wires.  It has a Virgin Records label and is listed as being distributed by
>Atlantic Records.  The running order is also different from other copies I've
>seen.  Its LBOTH, Helicopter, Making Plans, Ten Feet Tall, When You're Near Me
>I Have Difficulty, That is the Way (end of side 1), Real by Reel, Millions,
>Outside World, Roads Girdle the Globe, Scissor Man, Complicated Game.  My
>question is:  Is this relatively rare
>so that I tape it rather than play the album, or is it common?

It's fairly rare, but is in no way the intended running order for the
LP.  Virgin International was trying to capitalize on the popularity
of "Life Begins at the Hop" by including it on the album.  The first
15,000 copies of this album also included a three-song single with
"Limelight", and edited version of "Day In, Day Out", and "Chain of
Command".  If you have the single you might want to keep the two
fairly new, but otherwise...

>	My second question is about the Homo Safari tracks.  The CD packaging
>itself is amazingly unhelpful.  What exactly is it?

The CD-single is actually a _Dear God_ single, and it also contains
the six Homo Safari Series songs.  Originally the Homo Safari series
was a joke, as the song Homo Safari, B-side to _Life Begins at the
Hop_, was credited on the label as being "No. 1 in a series of 6".
But then other instrumentals started becoming Homo Safari songs, until
the sixth was released on the _Wake Up_ EP.  It's great to have the
six songs on one CD.  See the discography for more details on what
came from where.

	-- John


Date: Thu, 06 Dec 90 23:44:40 EDT
From: Emmanuel Marin <MARINP92@frecp12.bitnet>
Subject: Ghost titles (are going to kill me)

This morning I have bought 'Big Express' on CD.
I have had it already on tape (recorded on a LP from a friend-hopefully-
see later why) but on the sleeve there were 3 more titles that I have never
heard of before.
it was like this.
          5. This World Is Over
            6.RED BRICK DREAM
              8.BLUE OVERALL
      9.The Everyday Life Of Smalltown
I open the box.okay it is written too on the CD.
I open the boolklet. okay there are the lyrics of these three songs.

(Anyway now I have the CD of Big Express)

I should have see something was wrong because there was not written
'3 additional tracks that were not on original LP' on the CD.
(as there is for Mummer (Toys is a great number), and White Music)

So now the questions :
-Am I unluncky or is it systematically a failure of Virgin ?
-What are the other CD bonus tracks ? (Go 2 on CD is there something more,
etc etc...)

Thank you (and Good Night :) )



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