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                  Chalkhills, Number 118

                 Sunday, 25 November 1990
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                    XTC Consumer Tips
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                   A.P. picture on O&L
               Something old, something new

From: (Robert Krajewski)
Date: Sat, 17 Nov 90 16:23:15 EST
Subject: XTC Consumer Tips

R&BB is available at Tower for $17.99 -- that's a pretty decent price.

That XTC video collection is probably a bootleg, a dub of the Japanese
videodisc _Look Look_.  I bet there's a telltale ``Side 1'' or ``Side
2'' frame in there...


Date: Wed, 21 Nov 90 20:08:28 EDT
From: Emmanuel Marin <MARINP92@frecp12.bitnet>
Subject: XTC

aaahhhhh||||| It 's GREAT to :

1st - having an answer... though we have got a lot of computers here well
it seems no one really mattered about make them work... this is the first
mail sent to USA that arrives...
(oh, btw sorry for poor english, but when you write it is even harder than
when you speak so...)

2nd - to speak of XTC without being answered 'XT Who?'.(In French, XTC
means nothing)(I mean, the letters mean nothing, and the band too :) )


Live 'Nigel' comes from..oh it is a long story..

2 years ago I was listening every night a radio show (1h30 long) about
what you may call 'alternative music'. And for the releasing of
'Oranges and Lemons' MM. Partridge and Moulding were interviewed by
the two DJs (I cannot imagine other words though they are not really DJ, u c
what I mean? )

And on the music background they passed :
'King for a day', 'Merely a Man', 'The Loving' and
'Vanishing Girl' and 'Nigel' Live.

I think they had said it was a somehow Peel Session but they are in a totally
different style than 'Scissor Man' live on 'Rag and Bone Buffet' for instance.

I mean : the sound is far more 'rough' (there is no echo on Andy Partridge's
voice, and the 'ouh-ouh-ouh-..' well you 'imagine' them), and above all you
have got the sound of an AUDIENCE. And the Thank You Very Much of the band
when the music is over. I prefer the record version, but this live one
is worth being heard.

Alas, I did not put the interview on tape, only the music ('cause by the way
at this time I simply did not know XTC). But what I remember is about
Andy Partridge simply not wanting to be on stage again, and
on Colin Moulding disagreeing a lot with Andy Partridge about the
lyrics of 'Here comes President Kill again'.

Bye Emmanuel.


Date:  Fri, 23 Nov 90 13:49:26 EST
From: (Graeme Wong See)
Subject: A.P. picture on O&L

On booklet for the O&L CD there is a picture of A.P. with a hat and a
knife and fork on the brim of the hat. Does this mean anything in
particular? I seem to recall the same "symbol" somewhere else but it
escapes me at the moment.



Date: Sun, 25 Nov 1990 22:10:43 PST
From: John M. Relph <>
Subject: Something old, something new

Hello Chalkhills Friends!

  Ok, it's nearly THE END of the voting period for the Second
Chalkhills Survey, and only EIGHT PEOPLE (out of over 200 mailing
addresses in the list) have responded.  That's DAMNED POOR.

  So.  Go back Chalkhills Digest #115, and take a few minutes to read
the survey and compile your answers.  Or take a few hours as you go
back and listen to all those XTC albums, singles, CDs, and watch the
videos as well.  But however you choose to attack the problem, FILL


  Remember, if you don't have an opinion on a particular question, leave
it blank or put "none" as your answer.  Our wetware can handle it.

                                . . .

Peter Blegvad's new long-player has just been released, Andy Partridge
had a hand in the proceedings.  Here's the XTC Discography entry:

 80. Peter Blegvad: King Strut & Other Stories
     King Strut; Gold; Meantime; On Obsession; Not Weak Enough; Swim; Northern
     Lights; Chicken; Real Slap In The Face; Shirt & Comb; Stranger To Myself;
     King Strut (Reprise).  Andy Partridge produces Gold; Chicken; King Strut
     (Reprise); co-writes the music to King Strut; King Strut (Reprise);
     contributes backing vocals on Chicken; and contributes everything but
     vocal, acoustic guitar & harmonica on King Strut (Reprise).

     a. CD, Silvertone UK, ORE CD 511, 1990.

I really like this album, and his previous albums are very good as
well.  This is his fourth as far as I know.  Peter Blegvad is a great

                                . . .

David Snowden ( talks about _Drums and Wires_:

>Something else I noticed when checking the above - some variation in
>the spelling of "Re[ea]l by Re[ea]l".  The jewel box and booklet
>call it "Reel by Reel", the cardboard box calls it "Reel by Real",
>but the vinyl sleeve and label call it "Real by Reel".

The Chalkhills discography, the discography in the article _X-plaining
XTC Part 2_ (from _Aware_ magazine), and the XTC Discography (from
Bremerton, WA) all list the name of the song as "Real by Reel".

                                . . .

  Chalkhills is working on a CD Booklet for _Rag & Bone Buffet_,
seeing as the level of detail is lacking in the booklet included with
the CD.  And no lyrics were included either.

  As you might know, Chalkhills has been compiling the lyrics for all
of the songs by XTC, The Colonel, and The Three Wise Men.  However,
the lyrics of some of their songs have proven difficult to decipher.
Those songs include the following:

    I Need Protection
    Officer Blue
    Pulsing Pulsing
    Strange Tales, Strange Tails
    Take This Town
    Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen

  Andy sings so darned fast on "Take This Town".  And the lyrics to
"Looking For Footprints" and "Punch and Judy" are suspect.  If you've
recently picked up your copy of _Rag & Bone Buffet_, you might want to
help figure out the lyrics to any or all of these songs.  So sit down,
grab your pencil, spin that disc, and write down those lyrics!  Of
course, if you don't have _Rag & Bone Buffet_, but you do have the
original albums and singles, give those a spin instead.  Any way you
can, get those lyrics down on paper (or in bits) and send them in to

  The booklet is almost done, and it awaits final formatting and lyric
correction, and then it will be available to Chalkhills subscribers.
Hacking PostScript is a different kind of fun.

                                . . .

Here are some questions that I haven't been able to answer:

    What was the original track order of the album that was to
    eventually become _Mummer_?

    What happened to the other Homo Safari tracks, "Jazz Boy"
    and "The Art of Siege Warfare In The Age of Elizabeth"?

    What are the words sung by the background vocalists in the
    second chorus of the song "The Loving"?

    When and where did XTC play in Washington, D.C., on their
    _Drums and Wires_ tour?

    What are the lyrics to the last verse of "Gangway Electric
    Guitar is Coming Through"?

    Who played the trumpet solo on "Extrovert"?

Any ideas?

Waiting to hear from you all,

	-- John


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