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Subject: Chalkhills #106

                  Chalkhills, Number 106

                Tuesday, 18 September 1990
Today's Topics:
                   Rag 'N Bones Buffet
       XTC CD imports (imports from my perspective)
                     Chalkhills #104
                    New Lilac Time LP

Date:    Tue, 4 Sep 1990 13:47:07 CDT
From: "THOR::GJJ5315"
Subject: Rag 'N Bones Buffet

Does anybody have a more specific release date for "Rag 'n' Bones Buffet"
other than 'coming soon"?

	I bought "Explode Together" yesterday for the whopping sum of
$20.00.  But it was worth it to hear the opening of "Work Away Tokyo Day"
without any popping or stylus friction.  I was not as impressed with
'Go+' as 'Take Away/Lure of Salvage', but then I wasn't expecting anything
as impressive.



Date: Thu, 6 Sep 90 08:35:23 PDT
From: Alan F. Perry <>
Subject: XTC CD imports (imports from my perspective)

A couple of weeks ago, I stopped at 'Digital Ear', a CD store in Tustin, CA
and they had a copy of _Black_Sea_ (in addition to the US releases).  After
thinking about it, I decided to put off getting it.

Well, I went back last weekend and the XTC CDs multiplied.  They had a copy
each of _Black_Sea_, _Mummer_, _Drums_and_Wires_, _White_Music_, the singles
collection CD (I can't remember its name) and _Explode_Together:_The_Dub_
Experiments_'.  They also had the "King For A Day" 3-inch CD.  I broke down
and bought the first four of the ones I listed.

Unlike when I first listened to _Go_2_ (which I now love, despite initially
having problems getting into it), I like most of what I heard on the CDs
that I just bought.

One other thing that has changed is that I no longer have a favorite XTC CD.
I really like them all and will listen to different ones depending on my

alan perry


Date: Sat, 15 Sep 90 16:44:32 BST
Subject: Chalkhills #104

Hi XTCers

I was talking to Paul Wilde the other day and he asked me to tell you not
to forget about the 1990 XTC Convention. I went to last year's and it
really was GREAT. It was amazing to meet so many XTC enthusiasts -- talk
about a mixed bunch! Anyway, Paul is working his butt off to get the 1990
covention together, and has had a *lot* of hassles getting things in shape.

So even if you can't make it, please support him, even if you just drop him
a line and say "Well done!"  He deserves it! Or I can pass any messages on
if you email me.

As they say in Manchester, "Ta very mooch!"

Paul's address is 47 Wycombe Close, Manchester, M31 2WD, UK.

Best wishes


Date: Tue, 18 Sep 1990 11:51:11 PDT
From: John M. Relph <>
Subject: New Lilac Time LP

  The Lilac Time have just released their third album, _& Love for
All_.  Seven of the twelve tracks on the album were produced by Andy
Partridge of XTC.  The album has a lazy pastoral feel to it, even when
Stephen Duffy sings about his hopes for world peace in the song ``Let
Our Land Be the One.''  Mr Partridge's touch is obvious in the
swirling psychadelia on tracks such as ``Fields (Reprise)'' and the
overall sound of many of the other tracks.  One might just be reminded
of XTC's under-appreciated _Mummer_ LP.  Mr Partridge also contributes
understated guitar solos to two of the songs, and one might just
wonder if he played the short harmonica tribute to The Beatles in the
song ``All for Love & Love for All.''  The song continues the theme of
love begun by The Beatles in ``All You Need Is Love'' and continued
much more recently by XTC in their song ``The Loving.''  Long-time XTC
associate John Leckie produced the remainder of the tracks on the
album with singer Stephen Duffy and helped mix the Partridge-produced
tracks.  Mr Leckie also produced The Stone Roses' well-received
retro-psychadelic debut album.

  At least two singles are available from this album.  The CD-single
of ``All for Love and Love for All'' contains three non-album tracks,
having quite interesting instrumentals.  The ``It'll End In Tears''
CD-single contains two non-album cuts.

	-- John


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