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Subject: Chalkhills #102

                  Chalkhills, Number 102

                   Friday, 20 July 1990
Today's Topics:
                  Rumor of new recording
                   Re: Chalkhills #101
                   Latest XTC goings on

Date: Thu, 5 Jul 90 03:09:55 PDT
Subject: Rumor of new recording

	From a friend: a person mentioned on the liner notes of Oranges and
Lemons (Mike Kenely, sp?) said something to the effect that the group,xtc,
is recording some new material this summer. i don't know when any of this
was going to happen, but i do seem to remember L.A. mentioned.

	Anyone hear anything more about this?

	--Robert Dagnall & Mike Wallace


Date: Mon, 16 Jul 90 03:07:26 -0400 (EDT)
From: Chap Godbey <>
Subject: Re: Chalkhills #101

Re the Intro-Bust--if Mitch has cool stuff, send it to us at
WRCT!  It's also an open invite to all the folks out there
who want to have their stuff considered for airplay.  Email
me for more info, and voila'!
John, good luck on the aftershocks of moving;we are too-house burned.
I'm going to be in the market for all the XTC stuff out
there again, now that my collection is a lump on the floor--
I guess that's a chance to see what it COULD have been
worth, eh?
By the way, where are the dub and B-side CD's coming out?
I'll pay hard cash for those in a heartbeat, boyo!


Date: Fri, 20 Jul 1990 12:40:04 PDT
From: John M. Relph <>
Subject: Reminiscence

Here's a short bit from the latest issue of _Q_ magazine.  (XTC actually
got their name in small letters on the cover.)

	-- John


Did The Earth Move?
_Q_, July 1990, pp. 36, 38.

  You'd read about it.  You'd dreamed about it.  Your mother said you
shouldn't do it 'til you were a bit older.  But that one unforgettable
night, you threw caution to the wind and surrendered -- trembling --
to that overpowering, primitive desire. . . to see your first rock
concert.  We asked Q's readers: how was it for you?

  XTC -- Barnstaple Chequers Club -- 1978

  It was in Jaunary/February 1978.  After one blow-out (they'd
ostensibly gone down with the flu) XTC's prestigious UK tour was about
to reach Barnstaple Chequers Club.

  XTC were hardly premier division stuff but when you're a wide-eyed
16-year-old living in the country, anyone who's appeared on the cover
of a music paper acquires a Jacksonesque aura overnight.  Barnstaple
Chequers may as well have been Wembley that day.

  I remember going to WH Smith's, flicking through the X section of
the LPs and finding a copy of White Music.  As I stared at the band's
picture on the cover it scarcely seemed possible that I would be
seeing them _in person_ in just a few hours.  No-one else in
Barnstaple seemed quite as excited at the prospect as me.

  Paul Carpenter and I were heading the queue by the time the Chequers
doors opened at 7.30.  There was no sign of XTC by 9pm so I approached
the house DJ to ask him when they would be coming on.  He didn't know
but assured me that they had already soundchecked.  I wasn't sure what
he meant but concealed my ignorance.

  A group of anti-punks from outside town were causing aggro amongst
the crowd.  One bloody-lipped victim of the battle was screaming
hysterically at his misguided assailants.  XTC weren't ``punk'', he
assured them, they were ``power pop''.  In those days the difference
seemed cavernous.  I was thankful the rain had returned my carefully
spiked hair to its naturally curly state.  XTC finally made it on
stage around 11.  It was then that my nightly vigils at the John Peel
show really paid off.  I recognised almost everything they played.

  Sadly by 11.30 (as agreed) my dad was waiting outside to take us
home.  As I opened the car door he moaned something about XTC being so
loud they could be heard halfway across Devon.

Chris Twomey, Long Island, New York.


Date: Fri, 20 Jul 1990 12:40:23 PDT
From: John M. Relph <>
Subject: Latest XTC goings on

Rich <rlanthie@ducair.bitnet> says:

>  What's up with the band these days, John?

My sources tell me that Dave is over at his brother Ian's house every
day because Dave is bored.  Dave and Colin really want to tour (they
need the money).  Andy is busy producing other groups and apparently
is making some money.  XTC is currently looking for a producer and
they hope to begin recording this fall.

Funny that we have been discussing the producer question so recently.

	-- John


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