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Subject: Chalkhills #1

                   Chalkhills, Number 1

                  Friday, 21 April 1989

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                    Chalkhills Changes
Date: Fri, 21 Apr 1989 18:04:12 PDT
From: John M. Relph <>
Subject: Chalkhills Changes

A few words having to do with Chalkhills.  I've changed the mailing list
to a digest format, so it won't be clogging up mailboxes quite so often.
It's partially automated, but don't be surprised if your posting doesn't come
through as quickly as before.

Sorry to anyone who received bogus test messages, my mistake.

And the latest song in the lyrics transcription enduro is "Officer Blue."
I am having a lot of trouble understanding the third line of the chorus.
Anyone interested in what I've got so far, drop me a line.  If you're
interested in the finished product, all these lyrics will be eventually
posted to the Lyrics Server (Hi, Joe!) at UMass.  Send a message to
Lyrics@umass.bitnet, no subject, body of message the one word "Help", for
more information on how to access the Lyrics Server.

	-- John


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