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xTc Mega-Medley 1~ "I Have Difficulty Praying All The Week Thru"
This ponderous project was begun just months after "Nonsvch" was released.
"The Most Obscene Sinner" was originally 24:12 minutes long, and "Fly Upon The Bones" ( which came swiftly after in an uproar of "how could I leave of so many ?!" ) was a mere 13:18.
Even well beyond a little session of "insertion-edits" to bring in some "Apple Venus", they had been & remained an audio work. . . . until late spring of '08 when a video-version for OurTube was undertaken.
"Wasp Star", "Fuzzy Warbling" and even a few more astoundingly omitted items pointed us towards 5 segments in YouTube size sections of "10 minutes".
Some of my most joyfully proud work, sure . . . and even if I, who spent so long on each mini-movie, can't imagine what all 5 in a row would do to one's happy noggin, I certainly hope you come back till you've "made it thru" the whole batch !!
I seem to think they get better n' better as they go, w/ some a' the "best bits" in #'s 4 & 5.
And yes, every single xTc song isn't included . . plus, a good deal of the videos came from YouTube quality, so even tho' they were indeed run thru multiple effects to smooth 'em out n' clean 'em up, they are supposed to be heightened and the end effects are more then a necessary evil . . they're part of the cool fun !
Oh ! . . . and ya' know ? . . . with all the interview "quote-bites" woven thruout that many of you may have never heard, on some level your hungry widdle brains will register that "New XTC" has been received !!
Hooray I say.

-=Dave Roberts
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26 September 2009 | Feedback