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outside their luxurious backstage accommodation, Le Touquet, France, 1980
John Morrish: “I've just discovered an extraordinary cache of photos of the boys, taken at their gig in Le Touquet in 1980 and the next day at the Chateau de Montreuil. There are several dozen b&w negatives and colour trannies, shot with nice SLR cameras and very entertaining. This was the proper line-up, with Terry, and they all look like they were having a lot of fun.”

“OK, a few of those 1980 Le Touquet pics I mentioned. I should have looked after the negatives more carefully. There are some more, but these are nice. The colour one and the one of Dave are immediately before the gig. The others are in the grounds of the Chateau. Most of them taken by my friend Nick Ingram on his Nikkormat. I took the colour one.”

[These photos were taken for a story John Morrish wrote for Sound International]

(photo by Nick Ingram, thanks to John Morrish)
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