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Testimonial Dinner cover reverse
Jim Zittel says, “The plaques pictured in Testimonial Dinner were created by the organizers of the 1993 XTC Music & Friends Convention in Princeton, Illinois. . . XTC was, of course, not present at the convention so they had to be mailed to the band. I believe plaques were also given to Pete and June Dix who run the Little Express, and to a fan from England [Peter Kitchen] who has been to all 4 XTC conventions (2 in England, 1 in Canada, plus this one).”

Photo by Amy Dix, about whom Peter Murray says, “. . . one of Peter Dix's daughters who accompanied [him] on a trip to Swindon where the photo was taken, I believe at the Moulding residence.”

Jeff Day tells us that the plaques say, “Presented To: (Dave, Andy, Colin) To show our appreciation and to thank you for all the great music and memories you have helped create through the years. Presented at the 1993 XTC Music and Friends Convention. May 30, 1993.”
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