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Good Soldier Andy
Orit Friedland writes, “I believe I have already told this story on IDEA, but in the spirit of sharing XTC treasures, here's my most cherished item.

“Back in November 2002, having learned that my friend Mitch Friedman was able to deliver fans' mail and birthday gifts to AP, I sent him a rare hardcover edition of Jaroslaw Hasek's The Red Commissar, a collection of The Good Solider Svejk's further adventures, knowing it was was among his favourite books (left). A few weeks later we got this fax (center), which has been promptly framed and hung on my study's wall (sorry for that angle ...).

“I just remembered that it was actually even doubly exciting, as our fax was always turned off to avoid receiving huge quantities of spam (remember this is more than a decade ago). So Mitch Friedman had to email me to tell me ‘somebody’ was trying to send us a fax for weeks and not getting through ... I rushed to turn on the ancient fax machine, and soon after that awful shrieking sound began (remember that?), the image started to appear, with AP's letterhead and number! A moment of sheer bliss which brings tears of joy to my eyes as I write this now. Soppy, but who cares? Thank you AP for taking the time (and thanks Mitch for making it possible).”
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