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Jon Drukman's "Train Running Low Buck" and autographed The Big Express CD cover
Jon Drukman: “Andy was going to do an in store appearance at Tower Records in San Francisco, 1991, to promote Nonsuch. On the car ride up, John Relph and I got into a debate about whether the drums in Train Running Low were real or programmed. He bet me $1 that they were Linn. I said no way, real human (@Pete Phipps!) After signing my Big Express CD, Andy settled the bet (I was right). John pulled out the dollar to pay me, Andy said ‘I'd better sign the evidence!’ And here it is.”
Jon Drukman: “And yes I'm aware there are Linndrum sounds in the intro, but we were talking about the big rolls in the main part of the song.”
Pete Phipps: “I did take after take after take to get the rolls Andy wanted...I was shreaded by the end of the session but it was well worth it!”
Don Device: “Wow! Today that's worth like... A DOLLAR!”

(thanks to Jon Drukman)
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