P. Wilde, 47 Wycombe Close, Manchester, M31 2WD, England

Welcome to this our second convention newsletter bringing you up to date with progress and information regarding the event and other XTC news. I am sorry for the delay in sending out merchandise ordered from the first newsletter but, because of the problems caused these are NO longer available. Also, the planned cassette fanzine has had to be put back due to the fact that the convention takes priority and is very time consuming. What with trying to cope with a full time job and young family I'm sure you will all understand. I would still appreciate your audio contributions because Andy Partridge is keen to see this get off the ground and the project will be launched early 1991. Please send no money regarding this item until a revised release date is announced. Money already received will be held over. Every effort is being made to make this year's event very special indeed because it may well be the last for a while. This does not mean that everything will cease, because I want to put my efforts into other XTC projects such as the cassette fanzine.

Recently I made a visit to Swindon and chatted to Andy, Colin and Dave about the event and once again they are really pleased with the news. I can reveal that a new song from The Dukes of Stratosphear will be given free to all at the convention along with the programme which will be edited by Limelight's Mark Fisher. Also the band will allow me to conduct another interview on video with them hopefully while they are in the studio recording the next album. This will be seen during the video show along with a rare pilot episode featuring Andy Partridge as quiz master in a childrens television show that never developed into a series. Very amusing, very Andy Partridge!

Andy made a suggestion regarding the fancy dress on the Saturday evening. He thought it would be a good idea if people dressed as a XTC or Dukes song. And so be it, but don't worry, fancy dress is not compulsory. Fans will be given the opportunity to send a recorded message to the group via our Video Box while at the event and those artists amongst us can submit XTC artwork for display in the Convention Gallery. Prizes will be awarded and if you would like to bring your subject along with you on the day write and let me know so that I can allocate it space. Once again, XTC Home Videos will be greatly appreciated for inclusion in the video show and all efforts will be rewarded (VHS UK PAL FORMAT ONLY and please send before 15 September 1990).

I have been promised a copy of the TV Show `XTC At The Manor' by its producer Tony Stavacre who may well attend the convention.

Canadian radio station CIUT will be present at the event in the form of DJ Dave Bookman who will be interviewing fans for his show back home. Dave is an artist in his own right and may well perform for us.

Also, I recently spoke to an old friend of the band's from their touring days, Steve Warren. He has plenty of tales to tell and some rare home movies. All being well Steve will be with us over the weekend with his rare collection.

I have made contact with Barry Andrews who is keen on all the news regarding our activities and a letter has been send to Terry Chambers in Australia keeping him up to date. Any messages received will be relayed at the convention.


The above company are now supplying a variety of XTC t-shirts, many for the first time. If you would like details please send an SAE to the address for an application form. They apologise for delays caused by sudden demand and every order will be sent out as soon as possible.

P.S. The best shirts are 'English Settlement' and 'Senses...' GREAT! Also, P.P. will be supplying a variety of XTC merchandise at the event so be well prepared.

No sooner had I announced the ticket price when suddenly we were hit with an increase in everything imaginable, including poll tax! My first thought was to cancel but as commitments had already been made I decided to wait for the response. I have been surprised how few even questioned the amount and the positive reaction to a three day event with orders received so well in advance! The band themselves wondered how much interest could be sustained over the three days. Had they recorded enough material on vinyl and video and did they warrant a convention even? Well, after a long discussion I convinced them that the event was long overdue and that enough variety would be packed in to make it an XTC event not to be missed. As I have already stated this one could be the last for some time and so I hope as many fans can attend as possible.

To help you secure your ticket I will accept payment as follows. 15-00 Pounds Sterling deposit immediately and the balance paid by installments (post dated cheques accepted) or due before 1 September 1990 when the ticket will become available again if not paid in full. I hope this is of some help and that it alleviates the worry of missing out.

Fans from America and Canada have already committed themselves and a letter from the Japanese Fanzine 'Ecstasy' suggests one or two of their members may well be making the journey to celebrate with new friends, and all brought together through the musical genius of XTC!

Overseas fans please ensure that when making payment it is in Pounds Sterling. Owing to the high bank charges for currency transfer it is not possible to accept any other form of payment. Alternatively, fans have sent cash by registered mail exchanging currency in their own country which seems a very good idea.

ACCOMODATION: I can obtain a variety of self-catering dwellings at a fraction of hotel cost. Although this will mean sharing I am willing to co-ordinate accordingly. Please contact me if you are interested. Also if you think it will be warm enough I can probably find somewhere for a tent to be pitched!

The latest issues of LIMELIGHT and THE LITTLE EXPRESS are now available and both feature reports on last year's convention. You can obtain copies from the following:-

LIMELIGHT, 14 HIGH STREET, TWEEDALE COURT, EDINBURGH, EH1 1TE, ENGLAND. Enclose 1-50 Pounds Sterling for each issue (includes P & P)

THE LITTLE EXPRESS, P.O. BOX 1072, BARRIE, ONTARIO, L4M 5E1, CANADA. Enclose SAE when writing.

I would like to thank both parties involved with producing these fanzines. The contents are excellent and a lot of voluntary time and effort is put into each issue. Well done, keep up the great work and a big thanks for help in publicising the conventions.

Those of you at last year's event will remember The Miracle Workers who played XTC songs throughout the evening and entertained us so well. The lads are now out on the road playing all over the country and I urge you all to look out for our adopted band. Lead singer, songwriter Gary O'Donnell tells me a single is due shortly and those wanting to know more about the group can write to Gary c/o my address. We wish them all the best and hope to see them at this year's convention.

Well, I hope I have included everything up to date and look forward to hearing from you very soon. Sorry again about the merchandise not being available but there are many reasons and it will give me the opportunity to deal with your many enquiries promptly. Another Newsletter will be produced late July informing you of further developments. Thank you for your patience - Paul Wilde

STOP PRESS: Listen out for the new single from THE LILAC TIME produced by Andy Partridge. Great! "All for Love and Love for All"

ATTENTION! I am pleased to announce that the venue for the event caters for the disabled.

STOP PRESS: A Canadian TV crew will be present at the convention to record the event and interview fans for broadcast.

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