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"Apple Venus Volume One ranks with XTC's best." - ROLLING STONE

"A buoyant, beautiful album" - NEWSWEEK


* Disc Will Tide Die Hard Fans Over Until Apple Venus Volume 2 Arrives Next Year *

New York, NY, September 20 - XTC fans may have to wait until the spring for a new album, but they'll get an early Christmas gift from the band on October 5 with the release of Homespun - The Apple Venus Volume One Home Demos on TVT/Idea Records. The 11-track disc collects the demo versions of the songs from the latest XTC studio record that was released on February 23. Containing the same track sequence, Homespun also features copious liner notes for each of the songs by Andy Partridge and Colin Moulding as well as the complete lyrics, which were not included in AV1.

"We put together Homespun because everyone likes to be voyeuristic," said Andy Partridge. "And XTC admirers more than anyone else seem to have a voyeuristic streak. So we thought we'd treat them to a look at our sketches for Apple Venus Volume One - though most fans probably already have them in tenth-generation bootlegged cassettes. The spooky thing is it doesn't sound all that different from the finished product. Does this mean that we are 8-track demogods?"

The acoustic and orchestral based Apple Venus Volume One - which may have initially seemed a risky project for XTC to take on - has become one of the most critically-acclaimed albums of 1999, with raves coming from Rolling Stone, Spin, Entertainment Weekly, USA Today, Newsweek and countless other publications in the U.S and internationally.

XTC is currently hard at work with producer Nick Davis on Apple Venus Volume 2 in the new Idea Studio in Swindon, England. The album promises to be a return to the plugged-in, abstract pop sound that made the band a rock legend.

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