Todd Bernhardt talks to Ian Gregory

Ian Gregory talks about contracting “drum malaria”, his influences and ambitions, the importance of performance, and more. His alter-ego E.I.E.I. Owen reviews the songs of The Dukes Of Stratosphear, and discusses their influences and recording techniques.

by Todd Bernhardt
A Chalkhills Exclusive

In the summer of 2001, Wes Long contacted me to tell me he'd asked Ian Gregory (aka E.I.E.I Owen) to do an interview for the Optimism's Flames web site, and Ian had graciously agreed. Because I'd already interviewed other members of the band for Modern Drummer magazine, and because Ian just happens to be a drummer, Wes thought it might be a good fit if I interviewed Ian. I enthusiastically agreed.

Ian was gracious, friendly and informative, and as this Psychedelic Psnippet pshows, a helluva good sport as well.

The interview ended up being the one and only all-audio interview I've done so far. I stuck with print after that because, as much of a PITA transcribing and writing up the interviews can be (conducting them is a pleasure, of course), it's still easier than doing audio editing, which for me is very time-consuming to do right.

I hope you enjoy listening to the interview as much as I enjoyed doing it. Remember, if you want to pick up the newly remastered and expanded versions of 25 O'Clock and Psonic Psunspot, just visit The APE House. You won't be sorry — the sound quality is phantastic.

  1. How Ian Gregory got “drum malaria.”
  2. Influences and ambitions.
  3. Why Ian could never be a record producer.
  4. On the importance of performing.
  5. How the Dukes came to be.
  6. Why the drummer has the hardest job in the group.
  7. The search for vintage drums.
  8. Reviewing the Dukes' songs, influences, and recording techniques (25 O'Clock).
  9. Reviewing the Dukes' songs, influences, and recording techniques (Psonic Psunspot, side one).
  10. Reviewing the Dukes' songs, influences, and recording techniques (Psonic Psunspot, side two).
  11. “It's so nice to be totally anonymous.”
  12. On the advantages of being “the brother of a named musician.”
  13. Playing on XTC's videos.
  14. “I was very lucky, wasn't I?”

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